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Publication numberUS3100950 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 20, 1963
Filing dateSep 6, 1961
Priority dateSep 6, 1961
Publication numberUS 3100950 A, US 3100950A, US-A-3100950, US3100950 A, US3100950A
InventorsHeuer Hans H A
Original AssigneeHeuer Hans H A
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Portable plant protector
US 3100950 A
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rlllltllll Aug. 20, 1963 H. H. A. HEUERv PORTABLE PLANT PROTECTOR 2 sheets-sheet 2 Filed Sept. '6. 1961 l INVENTOR. HANS HAHEUER N United States arent 3,100,950 Patented Aug. 20, 1963 ice PORTABLE PLANT PROTECTOR Hans H. A. Heuer, General Delivery, Miami, Fia. Filed Sept. 6, 1961, Ser. No. 136,267 1 Claim. (Cl. StD-51) The present invention relates to a portable cover or further includes second portions 40 which arearranged `at right angles with respect to the rst portions 38. There 'are further providedthird portions 41 which "are arranged at right angles with respect 'to the second portions 40,J and the :numeral 42 indicates :fourth portions which are.

arranged at right angles with respect to the third po'rtions roof, and more particularly to such a roof or cover which l is particularly or especially suitable for horticultural usage. C l if An object of the present invention is to provide a portab-le roof which `is adapted to be usedfo-r conveniently protecting plants, crops or the like, so that damage to such plants or crops from harsh weather'condition's will be eliminated or minimized.A

Another object is to provide a portable roof |for horticultural uses, wherein the portable roof of the present invention can be readily extended` or collapsed as de?` sired or required. i

Another object is to provide a device of the character described that may be utilized speedily and with precision by even inexperienced operato-rs.

i Further objects and advantages are to lprovide inn-V proved elements and arrangements thereof in a device of thec'haracter described that is economical to produce,A

durable in form, andV conducive to the most economical use of' materials and uniformity of members Iformed therefrom. i

Still further objects and advantages will Ibecome apparent trom the subsequent description and specilication.A

In the drawings: i

1FIGURE 1 is an end elevational view showing the portable roof or" the present invention in use over `rows of plants, shrubs, trees or the like.

FIGURE 2 is a fragmentarytop plan View, with the parts in the position ofEIGURE 1.

positioned 41, and there. is provided a fth portion 43 which defines a cross member, and the cross member 43 :interconnects the fourth portions 42togethe-r.

Each rider 36 further includes a drawbar` 44 whichis shaped to include spaced parallel lirst sec-tions 45 thati are swivelly` connectedas at 46 to the rst portions 38 of the body piece 37, and;` the draw bargain!-furtherin` cludes a cross element 47;.which interconnects thelrstf,` sections 4S together. Y i

The numeral 48 indicates the covers which are made i of a suitable flexible material,` and there is provided. on

edge portions of the covers 43 eyelets or rings 49"which` are pivotally connected to *an intermediate portion `of a corresponding cross `element 47. As `shown in FIGURE 7, weighted members or elements 50 are mounted inin-` FIGURE 3 is `a sectional viewtaken onthe line 3-37 i OFIGURE 2. i

- FIGURE cover. l y i "FIGURE, Sisa :sectional view taken on theilineiSLLS of FIGURE-.2.: i w y .l

FIGUREN-se view similar teFrGURn'S but showing the cover arranged `in aparti'ally-adjusted or col# lapsed position. i

FIGURE 7 is a fragmentary perspective view illustrating the slots and weighted members in the cover. ntary elevational view showing FIGURE Siis a fragm the rollers which engage a-rail.

FIGURE 9 is `a of FIGURES.

sectional view taken on the line .9-9

Referring `in detailjto the drawings,` the niimeral 30* indicates the roof or `structure offthefp-resent [invention in its entirety, and wherein it Will :beseen thatfthere is provided] a Vplurality of spaced rparallel verticallyf-disposed posts 31, 4and these posts are arranged in rows'gand the lower ends of `the lposts'l are suitably mountedor embedded in thegroundj32. f As shown in`the'idrawings`, there is provided horizontally disposed spacedparallel beams or bars 33 which 4 is a fragmentary perspective view of 40 tei-mediate portions of the covers 48, and these weighted members 5t) lare mounted between layers 51 and 52'of; the cover 48, so that the cover consists of a double thickness or double layer arrangements as indicated by the: numerals 51 and 52. j

Intermediate portions .of the coversv fareprovide'd with spaced apart slots 53, and there are provided web portions 54 which are interposed between the slots 53, FIG-` URE 2. The covers are urther provided with a plurality p of spaced apart cords 55 which are suitably embedded in the cover, the cords 55 can be conveniently embedded` between the layers 51 and SZduring the fabrication of' the cover. The cords 55 have rin-gsorloops` 56 on the` outer ends thereof and `these rings 5 6Scanbe conveniently.- manually gripped in order to tacilitatepmovement of the;

cover as desired or required.; y

, In FIGURE l the numeral 57 indicates plants, bushes, trees or thelikehgrowing :from the `ground 32; 'and in` FIGURE the numeral 58 i ndicates an individualsuch` -L was a workman perlo-rming varioustypes of horticulturalindicated by the numeral 61..-

vided a plurality of spaced apart lin or cables 34 whichV i lCates each of the plurality of spaced are connected to the cables 34. Asfshown in FIGURE `3,ith`ere are providedriders whicharfe'indicated 4 generally by `the numeral 36, and` each i of the riders `36 yhas the sameconstruction and eachemi*V bodies the body 'piece ffwhichl is'gsh'aped to include op# posed Vfirst portions 3 8 whichdeiine axles `on which lare i the ground 32.

are suitably secure-d tothe upper 5o portions of `the posts 31, FIGURE 2, and there is proactivities beneath the covers in conjunction withA the plantsA 57, and as shownin FIGURE 1 gutterse59 -are'dug in;

Asshown FIGURES "1, s, and 4, when eine present. inventionis being-,used` the 'cover-hangs downwardly at". i the'intermediate portionthereof due to the: provisions.

of the weighted members `50 anddue tothe-action ot gravy.

ity, soi that wgithlthe,` cover being used the cover has "a 50` -1 lower crease line orbody edge portion of` the cover isf substantially V-shape in `crossQsection `and wherein the itine covervitd also bei:

moved to a position which causes the formation offolcl lines `62.

y lfhe cords A55 Ywith the loops, orrings 56 Vonythefende` thereof provide 1a means wherebythe ring56 can be many.L

ually gripped in order to `move 4the parts toa position. .i

` such as that "shown FIGURE 6. Also, thering i515 can `be used as an attaching means Vso that a plurality of the units or covers can befastened togetherin th-e vicinity of the ring 56 so that length can be made.

a structure or roofaorf any desired Theslots and 'apertures 60 permit` `rain wateror the like todrai. therethroughand such water'is collected like. l The posts'3l1'are stationary and are arranged so that their lower ends are suitably anchored in the ground 32 and these posts 31'1have the beams 33 aiiixed thereto in 'l'lhus, it willbe' seen thatithe present invention consists 1 VofvV*-shap'edirocJfs or covers'whichare pliabl'e,and where:v l there'a'r'e no'ribs andv wherein ythe roofs are not yiig e`l.t`o 'a'ny unyielding.framework.'The material maybe plastic, i .Y

Y 3 which might have a tendency to form beneath the cover, but there will be less likelihood of damage to the parts, and this is especially advantageous and in tropical countries or the like where violent storms such as typhcons, monsoons'or the'like sometimes occur. The cover 4S is made `oi-any` suitable material and in addition the cover 48- may be impregnated 'or coated with a suitable chemical such as a paint `and for example aluminum paint may be used to coat the cover 4S in order to help reilect excessive heat from the sun, and the cover 4s is made so that .it has a double ply fasindicated by the numerals o Grand 52.`

It is to' be understood that the various parts can Vbe made'of any suitable material and the parts can be made paper, fabric or the like. The attached weights 50 or the force of gravity take the place of stiff ribs, and the present invention has an economical construction and an efficient operation as well as a unique and eicient securing means. The inverted riders 36 which carry the weight of the sheets or covers 48, rung'on rails or strips 35 by means of two rollers or balls 3-9. The rails 35 are susjunction with trees, bushes, plants or the like as indicated Y Vby, lthe numeral 57, and the device may be made large votherwise `gain access to the growing members 57; Or, i the device may be made of a relative-ly small size ytor use shrubs, plants, growing Vegetables or theo with. smaller any suitable manner, as Afor example by means of nails Y or ythe like, and thelines 34 are suitably aflixed to the beamsu3i3, and' these lines 34 serve to support the inclined Vrails 35. As shown in IFIGURE l a plurality of the covers 48 may be used ldep'ending'upon the size oftheV acreage being worked, and one row of posts 31 can function to supportv a Apair of beams 33 as `shown lin F'EGURE 3, whereby adjacent covers 4SA ca-n be readily-and convenientlysupportedoin the desired and proper manner. The Y Vriders 36 serve to operatively-connect'the outer edge portionsfof the-covers ,-48 tol the-rails 35,-'and the riders 36 includeA the rollers 39 whioha're adapted to travel alongv :the rails 3S wherebynthe parts can ber-adjusted onnioved tof their proper location with: a minimum amountof friction.v Also,the riders 36 are constructed so` that vacci-l dental separation 4thereof Vtlrornfthe"l rails will bel prevented,

1' andthe rollers 39 are spaced from each other and theportions 4.0" as 'well as the adjacent'elementsfor portions of thebodypiece 3:7l are'constructed so that thereV willfbe `44isfswivelly connected as at 46'to the body piece 3,7 so asfto permit theswi'vel action at this point. Y Y

pended from the posts' 31 which are set in the ground. The sheets or covers 4S have slits or slots 53 for drainage and to allow unrestricted folding. The slots 53 may be in the middle of the sheets or else they may be inthe form of openings as indicated by the numeral `6) and such openings'can bearranged ot to one side on a slope, FIG- URE 4. Ylhe sheets or covers may be solid for shading and frost'and rain protection, or they maybeperforated for shading,:and such perforations orfopeningsil'in FIGURE V4 may function for this purpose. The strings orcords 55 may be embedded in the material for strengthV A and convenienceiin handling. yFIGURE 6 illustratesY the cleara`nce'v between thev portions 40 in order to permitth'e iriders36' to -travelforjfmoye along the rails without4 i interference 'from'thfelines 34. lIn addition, the-draw ba'rV 34.` The cover48"canbe made'of-'a snitablefmaterial' I..

device in a partially'folded position.

Minor changes in shape, size and rearrangement of details coming within the scope` of the invention claimed may be resorted to in actual practice, if desired or re- Y. quired.

i What is claimed is:

a ground surface, aV plurality of riders mounted on each rail, each of said riders including a pair of'opposed first portions delining axles, second portions each arranged at a right angle with respect to each of said first portions and having one end formed integrally with oneend of Y said rst portion, third portionsV each arranged at f a right angle with respect` to each of said second portions and having one end formed'integrally with one end of said second portion, fourth: portions each arranged at a right angle with respect to each of said;third portions. and having one end formed integfyally with one end of said 'third portionya iifth portionrproviding: a crossime'mber connecting'the other endsofjsaid fourth portionstogether, 1

and a roller mounted'on each axle andrrollably engaging the adjacent rail, a U-shaped draw bar having the'legs thereof swivellyconnected to the parts lof slaidiirstpon` tions exteriorly of said rollers, and a ileXi'hlefcover .exf tendingfbetween said rails and' havi'ngthefedgesv thereofv 'Y securedto the bights of said`n draw bars, whereby"said" I cover may be drawnlalongbetween'saidrails to..: shield plants Vtherebetween or withdrawn to anested and folded position adjacent-"one, orfthe otheradjacent ends Yof said` rails.` f f .'gf'jReferenteoneri'in`V meinte 'of disparait Y A UNITED-"STATES VPATENTS l y fj' 642,370.-ne11ns -Jaai. 3

1,081,482!! i Barrot i 1,335,702 Reeder '1,688,211 Lafoon 2,051,643 Morrigan;

,21,143,659 Morrison yIn a plant protector assembly includinga pair of horizontally disposed spaced parallel railsk supported above

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