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Publication numberUS3103032 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 10, 1963
Filing dateDec 12, 1961
Priority dateDec 19, 1960
Publication numberUS 3103032 A, US 3103032A, US-A-3103032, US3103032 A, US3103032A
InventorsWalter Brenne
Original AssigneeWalter Brenne
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Container devices for cosmetics
US 3103032 A
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Sept. 10, 1963 W. BRENNE CONTAINER DEVICES FOR COSMETICS Filed Deo. l2, 1961 C. EN

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4 rrolusy United States Patent O 3 103,032 CONTAINER DEICES FOR COSMETICS Walter Brenne, 5 Schluterstrasse, Hamburg 13, Germany med Dec. 12, 1961, ser. No. 158,745 Claims priority, application Germany, Dec. 19, 1960 Claims. (Cl. 15-523) 'Ihe invention relates to a closure cap for cosmetics containers, such as, containers for nail polish, eye-lash colour, eye-shadow and the like which are designed for receiving a lipstick.

Nail polish containers whose closure caps contain a miniature-lipstick are already known. This lipstick is rigidly connected with the closure cap and protected against unintentional contact by another cover cap which may be put upon the closure cap. For use, the lipstick is freed from its protecting cover cap and the closed container, e.g. a small bottle, is used as a handle for the lipstick. As the miniature-lipsticks are especially used -for correcting and outlining of the make-up, it is important to be able to hold and to move the lipstick, with ease. 'Ihis was impossible with .the known closure caps and lipsticks because the containers were too heavy and too clumsy.

It is the object of this invention to obviate the above mentioned disadvantages and to provide a cosmetics container-lipstick combination which can be handled in a more comfortable and safer manner.

According to Ithe present invention, a container device is provided comprising a cap and a sleeve-like or tubular casing, said casing having an open end to receive the lipstick, and the cap has an opening into which said open end of the casing can be plugged. Such an arrangement has the advantage in that the lipstick can be handled easily without the additional weight of the whole container.

Furthermore, the closure caps with a lipstick known heretofore have another disadvantage, that is, the lipsticks are used up quickly and mostly faster than the other content of the container, e. g. the nail polish. Additionally it happens very easily that the fingers and also the closure cap get dirty while removing and lreplacing the lipstick because the lipstick compound is unprotected.

In order to avoid the above disadvantage, it is proposed according to the invention to use the lipsticks which are retractable by turning or pushing whose sleeve-like inner casing which surrounds the lipstick in the retracted position, can be completely plugged with its open end into an appropriate bore of the closure cap. The rear end of the inner casing can be provided with an ornamental button such as `a 1big fashionable stone for the Ibetter handling of the casing and for a better appearance.

The front end of the casing is designed cylindrically or is somewhat tapered and placed rmly into the bore of the closure cap. AXially extending ribs at the outer surface of the casing may improve the rm engagement.

If the cosmetics container is a nail polish container with its little brush connected with the closure cap, the lipstick arrangement may serve as a continuation of the stick of the brush for better handling the brush.

Further details and features of the invention will be understood from the following description of preferred embodiments shown in the drawing by way of example.

In the drawing:

FIGURE l is a View in elevation of a closed nail polish container, the closure cap of which is partly shown in section, and

FIGURE 2 is a view in elevation similar to FIGURE 1 of a modied embodiment of the invention.

For closing the bottle 1 shown in FIG. l there is provided a closure cap 3 which is made, for example, of plastics of some other synthetic material. The cap 3 is provided with a threaded opening 2 for accommodating 3,103,032 Patented Sept. 10, 1963 the threaded bottle neck. For improving the seal, a gasket disk 4 can be placed at the bottom of the threaded opening 2 in the closure cap which engages the rim of the bottleneck.

If, as assumed, a nail polish container is concerned, a brush 5 is placed Iin Ithe centre of the cap 3 and the brush 5 as shown in the drawing is glue-d into a smaller bore 6 of the cap.

At the upper end of the cap 3 is provided a funther coaxial bore for receiving a lipstick 9 which is connected with a sleeve-like casing 8. This casi-ng 8 can be of the same material as the closure cap 3. The lipstick 9, which is designed so that in closed position it neither can be damaged nor engage the walls of the bore 7 is placed into the open end of the casing 8. The depth of penetration of the cylindrical or somewhat tapered casing 8 is limited by `a steppedpontion 10 of the bore 7.

It is obvious that the casing 8 together with the cap 3 can serve as a handle for the fbrush 5. The casing 8 alone enables an easy and safe handling of the lipstick 9 without the additional weight of the cosmetic bottle.

In the embodiment 1according to FIGURE 2 elements which are `also to be found in FIGURE l 'have the same reference numbers, to which however an -index hvas been added. Further description of these similar elements therefore is unnecessary.

In the lembodiment `according to FIG. 2 the bore 7 receives a lipstick of known design which is projected or retracted by rotation. It consists of a sleeve-like or tubular inner casing 12, and a short tubular base 13, which yactually takes up the lipstick 14. and, by a rotation of the turn-button 15 in relation to the casing 12 can be ldisplaced axially. The special helical guide way, designed in -a manner known per se is not shown in detail in the drawing.

For ornamental purposes the turn-button 15 carries a modern stone 16. In this Way the cap 3 attains a tasteful effect. Besides, the ornamental stone 16 improves the handling of `the rotatable lipstick.

As may be seen from the drawing the lipstick is supported iby the tum-button '15 at the free edge of the cap 3. As the lipstick 14 is covered by the sleeve-like casing, it can no longer soil the hands or the cap while being taken out or put back.

To improve the rrn engagement of the lipstick in the cap 3', the bore 7' may be somewhat tapered. Furthermore it is possible to arrange small tapered ribs 17 at the outer surface of the casing 12.

The ania'lly extending outer ribs 18 of the cap 3 which converge in upward direction mak-e it easier to take ofi` the cap 3.

This invention is not restricted to the shown and described embodiments; thus instead of the automatic turnstick `a push stick may be used. Besides synthetics other materials, especially metal, could be used `as well. This invention is applicable to nail polish bottles as for containers for eye-lash colour, eye-shadow and the like. This is especially true for small containers for these cosmetics to tit into ladies hand bags.

What I claim is:

l. In combination, `a cosmetic device comprising a container adapted to hold a cosmetic liquid and provided with a threaded neck portion, a cap having one end provided with a threaded bore for engaging with said neck portion, a brush secured to and depending from said one end lof the cap the other end :of said cap being with Aan ornamental element at the `other end of said tubular casing.

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