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Publication numberUS3104851 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 24, 1963
Filing dateDec 29, 1960
Publication numberUS 3104851 A, US 3104851A, US-A-3104851, US3104851 A, US3104851A
InventorsPierre Portal
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US 3104851 A
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Sept. 24, 1963 P. PORTAL 3,104,851

' SPOOL Filed Dec. 29. 1960 fllr I INVENTOR. BYPIERRE PORTAL fP/CHD, MNF/V/V) 5! FARR/NGTO/V ATTORNEYS United States Patent 3,104,851 SPOOL Pierre Portal, Bologne, Haute-Marne, France Filed Dec. 29, 1960, Ser. No. 79,227 Claims priority, application France July 16, 195i 1 Claim. (Ci. 242-11862) This invention relates to the construction of dismountable spools, more particularly textile spools.

These spools are made of a tube and two side plates screwed on to the latter.

During repeated fillings with yarn, owing to the service tension on the side plates, a certain amount of play occurs between the tube and side plates, which involves defects in weaving and more particularly, jamming (known in the trade as burying) the yarns in the existing play.

This invention has the principal purpose of obviating these disadvantages.

One of the purposes of this invention is to do away with the play existing between the tube and side plates of a spool, more particularly of a spool for the textile industry.

Another purpose of the invention is to fill in the space situated between the tube and side plates with a prestressed material which enables, by freeing the internal tensions contained by said prestressed material, to take up the play occurring progressively with the extension caused by the wear of the spool.

Other purposes and advantages will be revealed by thefollowing description and the attached drawing.

The single FIGURE is an elevational view in crosssection of the spool.

The invention consists in particular of placing at the assembly joint, an elastic material which is prestressed when the spool is manufactured by a load exceeding that when utilizing a full load, so that on the resulting stresses under load, there is no space whatever at the joint, even a few hundredths of an inch, enabling a yarn to pass.

The spool is made, for example, of two side plates 1 and 2 which are manufactured by stamping, moulding, machining or any other method. :The side plates can be made in one or more parts. Each of the side plates (as shown) comprises an outwardly extending disc and a cylindrical portion extending therefrom and having a diameter equal to the diameter of the external surface of the tube 4. :The cylindrical portion terminates in an end face which extends inwardly to an externally threaded portion 3. The tube 4, at each end thereof, has internal threads and an end face extending radially outwardly between the internal threads and the outer surface of the tube.

3,194,851 Patented Sept. 24, 1963 A washer 5 of nylon, Rilsan or any other material capable of supporting compression into elastic distortion, is placed between the end faces of the side plates and tube. The two side plates are screwed on to the tube so that the washer is elastically compressed to reduce its thickness by an amount exceeding the extension that the joint may undergo through the tension stresses of the yarn.

The side plates 1 and 2 are pinned to the tube 4 to prevent unscrewing when warping.

The spool is dismountable and enables a defective part to be replaced or the conversion of the spool into a shorter or longer model according as to whether the tube 4 is shortened or replaced.

It is quite obvious that the invention is not restricted to the example previously described above, from which alternatives can be provided without going outside of the scope of the invention for that purpose; this also applies to the side plates made in several parts.

What I claim is:

A spool comprising a main tube having a cylindrical external surface, first radial end faces and internal threads at its ends, a one piece side plate at each end of said main tube, each side plate including an outwardly extending disc and a cylindrical portion extending therefrom having a diameter equal to the diameter of said external surface, said cylindrical portions terminating in second radial end faces extending inwardly to an externally threaded projection, said externally threaded projections being threaded into opposite ends of said tube thereby positioning associated first and second end faces in an opposed relationship, and an annular washer of elastically deformable plastic material positioned between each associated first and second end faces, said side plates during assembly being turned relative to said main tube by torque forces applied therebetween until the threaded interconnection places the entire threaded projection in tension and said washer in compression between said end faces whereby the compression of said washers and tension in said projections is maintained after the release of said torque forces.

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U.S. Classification242/118.62
International ClassificationB65H75/14
Cooperative ClassificationB65H2701/5122, B65H75/14, B65H2701/31, B65H2701/5136
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