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Publication numberUS3106799 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 15, 1963
Filing dateApr 7, 1961
Priority dateApr 7, 1961
Publication numberUS 3106799 A, US 3106799A, US-A-3106799, US3106799 A, US3106799A
InventorsGawthrop Asa D
Original AssigneeGawthrop Asa D
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Data sheet holderr
US 3106799 A
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Oct. 15,A 1963- A. D. GAWTHROP 3,106,799

DATA SHEET HOLDER Filed April '7, 1961 States atet y iflf CC 3,106,7 99 DATA SHEET HOLDER Asa D. Gawthrop, R.F.D. 3, Box 268, Bridgeport, W. Va.

l Y ,Fired Apr. 7, 196i, ser. No. 101,539

Y s Claims. V(ci. fis-sz) This invention relates to a `data sheet holder and has for an object to provide a data sheet holder particularly useful in service shops along with various kinds of appliances, particularly including electrical appliances, such as radio and television sets, whereby the service technician may readily store and also hold data sheets such as blueprints, dia-grams, drawings and other schematics in a convenient position `for being observed While leaving his hands free for service on the appliance.

A further object-of this invention is to provide a data sheet holder having a means for securing adata sheet .in observable position on the forward face thereof and having additional means for storing addi-tional data sheets on the rear surface ofthe same sheet holder.

A further object of this invention is to provide a data sheet holder particularly intended for standard data sheets and schematics providing service information such as is available with all types of appliances and '-machines, so that the service technician or the machinist can have his data in readily viewable position, -free from the necessity of handling the same, once it is in position, while be provides the service called for thereby.

Still a vfurther object of this invention is to provide a data sheet holder which may be mounted at a desired angle either on an adjustable tripod or floor stand or a conventional design of bench clamp, so that the service 2 against the face of plate v12 or against the upper edge of the data sheet whose lower edge is supported in the groove 20.

To enhance the clamping effect of the clamping member 24Y on the dat-a sheet, the rear surface 28 of the clamping member 24 is provided with aV resilient rubber strip 30 so as to positively grip the upper edge of the data sheet therein and thus securely hold the data sheet against Vaccidental dislodgment therefrom, yet permitting ready removal when desired.

Secured to the back of the data sheet supporting plate 12 is a storage pocket 32 which as shown includes three edge flanges 34 thus of a height to provide a storage space between the pocket member 32 and :the back face of the plate member 12,` the top edge 36 of the pocket member 32 extending slightly above the top edge of the plate 12 technician or operator can readily observe the same whenever desired while providing Ithe service or the Work that is being performed. y

With the foregoing andV other objects in View, this invention comprises the combination, construction and arrangement of parts hereinafter set forth, claimed, and disclosed in the accompanying drawings in which:

FIG. `1 is a perspective view of the data sheet holder of this invention.

PIG. 2 is a section view on line 2 2 of FIG. 1, showing the data sheet holder mounted on an adjustable floor stand.

FIG. 3 is a section view on line 3 3 of FIG. 1.

FIG. 4 is an elevation view of a bench clamp which may be substituted for the licor stand of FlG. 2.

There is shown at `10` the data sheet holder of this invention. This data sheet holder itl' consists or a plate 12, having a supporting flange 14 extending rearwardly from the bottom edge thereof and iat an acute angle thereto, whereby when the supporting flange 14 is main-tained in a horizontal position, the main body of the plate 12 extends upwardly at an acute angle to the horizontally supported flange i4.

Adjacent the bottom edge of the plate 12 and secured thereto across the front surface thereof, is a ledge 16, the ledge 16 being secured to the front lface of plate 12 in any conventional manner, depending on the material of the plate 12 as well as the material of the led-ge 16. Obviously, any suitable material may be used, such as cardboard, aluminum sheets, high impact plastic sheets, etc. Preferably, the upper edge 1S of the ledge 16 is tapered as shown so as to provide a groove 20 between the ledge 16 and the face of plate 12, into which groove 20 the bottom edge of the data sheet will extend and be held thereby. The height of the plate 12 will be appropriate to the type of data sheet for which it is usually intended, and at the upper edge y22 of the plate 12, a clamping member 24 is hinged 'thereto'as by spring loaded hinges 26 for resiliently urging the clamping surface 28 so as to `facilitate insertion and removal of data sheets therein. It will be furthe-r observed that the depth of the pocket within the pocket member 32 is slightly less than the distance between the inside of the groove and the top edge of the plate 12 so that the data sheets for which the particular data plate holder is designed which will lit snugly between the groove Y20 and be hel-d by the clamping member 24 against the top of plate 12 will lit within the pocket member `32 yet extend suciently thereabove to be readily removable when desired.

The supporting flange 14 is intended to be maintained in horizontal position whereby the plate 12. will be held at an acute angle thereto so that the data sheets placed thereon are readily 'observable by the mechanic or service technician. This supporting llange 14 is provided with an aperture for receiving a bolt 40 to be secured thereto by -a nut 42, the flange being held between washers as at 3S. The head of the bolt 40 is apertured and shaped like a disc or hemisphere complementary .to a similar disc or hemisphere `it to which it is adjustably secured by a bolt 46 and wing nut '48, the disc yor hemisphere 44 being inte-grally for-med on thetop of a supporting post 50. This post S0 is adjustably secured -in an aperture in a supporting stand 52 by means of a knurled thumbscrew 54. The stand 52 represents any conventional oor stand or tripod so that the plate holder 1t) can be supported at any desired location, at any desired height by adjust-ing the post 50 and at any desirable angle by manipulating the ring nut 48 on the bolt 46.

This is particularly useful when working inthe eld, that is, working at the location of a television or radio in a home rather than in the shop. When working in a sho-p, it may be more 'desirable to use a bench clamp 555 provided at one end 'with an upstanding arm 56 apertured to receive the post end 58 of an apentured disc 60, the apertured disc :oil corresponding to the apertured disc 44, the post end 58 corresponding to post Si) and the upstanding end S6 corresponding to the stand 52, the post end 58 being secured by a knurled nut 62` corresponding to the knurled nut 54. The bench clamp `55 is bifurcated at its other end as at 64 for extending overthe edge of a bench and a knurled thumbscrew 66 is provided through one of the bifurcations 64 `for securing the bench clamp 55 through anyy suitable location on the bench in the Shop where the work is being done.

While the device has been shown and the structure described in detail, it is obvious that this invention is not to be considered as being limited to the exact form disclosed and changes in detail and construction may be made therein within the scope of what is claimed, without departing from the spirit of this invention.

Having thus set forth and `disclosed the nature of this invention, what is claimed is:

l. A data sheet holder comprising a sheet holding plate, a plate supporting flange extending rearwardly integrally from the bottom edge of saidrplate at -an angle thereto, a. sheet supporting grooved ledge secured to said plate across the bottom of theforward face of said plate, a sheet clamping member resi'liently hinged to said plate along the upper forward edge thereof, resilient sheet gripping means on the clamp surface `of said clamping member, and a data sheet storage pocket member secured on the back orf said plate, said angle between said plate and said supporting flange being an acute angle whereby the `forward face of said plate is supported at an obtuse angle to the horizontal when said supporting flange is maintained in a horizontal position.

2. The sheet holder of claim il, said supporting ange having `an aperture therethrough, a sheet holder plate supporting standard, and angular adjusting means-on said standard secured to said ange through said aper-ture.

3. The sheet holder of claim 2, said angular adjusting means including a post, and means for adjusting said post on said standard.

4. The sheet holder `of claim 2 and bench clamping 'means on said standard.

5. A data sheet holder comprising an elongated sheet holding plate and a plate supporting ilange integrally eX- tending horizontally rearwardly from the bottom edge of said -plate at an acute angle thereto thereby supporting the forward face of said plate at an obtuse angle to said ange, a sheet supporting Aledge secured to said plate across the bottom of the Aforward Iface thereof, the upper rear edge of said ledge being beveled to provide a sheet receiving groove between said ledge and said plate, a lat clamping bar, resilient gripping means on the rear face Aof said flat clamping bar, and substantially spaced apart spring loaded hinges securing said at clamping bar to the top edge of said plate and biasing said flat clamping bar to urge said resilient gripping means on its rear face toward the upper portion of `the front face of said plate, a data sheet storing pocket comprising a flat sheet member and forwardly extending bottom and opposite side flanges secured to the back face of said plate with said bottom ange spaced above said ledge, said opposite side flanges of said pocket being located between said spaced apart hinges and the upper end of said at sheet member extending above the upper edge of said plate, whereby the depth of said pocket `from said upper edge of said plate is less than the distance between said ledge groove and said upper edge of said plate.

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