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Publication numberUS3110508 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 12, 1963
Filing dateFeb 1, 1961
Priority dateFeb 1, 1961
Publication numberUS 3110508 A, US 3110508A, US-A-3110508, US3110508 A, US3110508A
InventorsMortimer S Sendor
Original AssigneeMortimer S Sendor
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Composite catalog and method of making
US 3110508 A
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M. S. SENDOR COMPOSITE CATALOG AND METHOD OF MAKING Filed Aug. 1, 1961 Nov. 12, 1963 A-r-roRNE y;

United States Patent O 3,110,508 CMPSITE CATALOG AND MEHD F MAKNG Mortimer S. Sandor, 80--30 ZZlst St., Queens Village, Filed Feb. 1, 196i, Ser. No. 86,344 2 Claims. (Ci. 233-1) This invention relates to a method of indexing catalogues Without the use of page numbers.

It is the object of the invention to provide a method by which composite catalogues can be compiled more economically. As an example of the use of the indexing system, when a new composite catalogue is made, the publishers may Want to omit some of the pages included in an earlier catalogue and may Wish to include some new pages. Another example can be Where a publishing company may have on hand advertising pages of a multitude of manufacturers and a distributor wishes only to choose some but not all of the manufacturers and have these pages appear in an ordered sequence which can be indexed without reference to page numbers no matter which manufacturers are chosen.

In order to eliminate the expense of having to print completely new catalogues, the pages of the catalogue are not numbered and the desired page for a particular component is found by reference to the manufacturers or distributors name printed along the margin of the page at a location where it can be perceived as quickly as would a page number. This makes it possible to omit parts from a subsequent catalogue, or to include new parts without affecting page numbering.

When making up a new catalogue7 the desired pages from the earlier catalogue are used in the new composite catalogue. The only new printing required is a new index, and any new pages not included in the earlier catalogue.

In the preferred construction,the index lists all of the components described in the catalogue; and then set forth under each component the names of the manufacturers or distributors in the catalogue who market that particular component. The catalogue descriptions of the components are found quickly by turning to the name of the manufacturer or distributor in accordance with the alphabetical order of the pages of the catalogue on which the components are described in the index. In the preferred construction there is a second index including a list of Vall the manufacturers and distributors included in the catalogue.

The larger manufacturers and distributors have a number of pages in the catalogue but there are not sufiiicient pages for any particular manufacturer and distributor to make the Finding of a component difficult. The catalogues for which this invention is used are catalogues Where a large number of different manufacturers or distributors are included with one or a relatively small number of pages for each manufacturer or distributor.

Other objects, features and advantages of the invention will appear or be pointed out as the description proceeds.

In the drawing, forming a part hereof, in which like reference characters indicate corresponding parts in all the'views:

FIGURE 1 is a View of a partially open catalogue made in accordance with this invention;

FIGURE 2 is a detail view showing a page of the catalogue with components described thereon and with the name of the manufacturer or distributor displayed along the margins of the page;

FIGURE 3 is a detail View showing one of the indexes of the catalogue; and

g'y 1035 Patented Nov. l2, 19%.?

FIGURE 4 is a detail View showing one of the index pages on which the components are listed.

FIGURE 1 shows a catalogue it) having a front cover il and a back cover l2 with pages bound between them.

These pages include a rst page 14 which describes components distributed by the Alpha Wire Company. The letter A7 is displayed in letter spaces 16 at the corners of the page. The manufacturers name is printed across the top and bottom margins of the page and also along the vertical edge 18 of the page which is opposite the bound edge. The manufacturers name along the vertical edge i3 is preferably in a direction to be read when the book is tilted on its side and to the right, that is, with the binding away from the reader; but the letter ing can be the other way, to be read with the binding toward the reader; or the lettering can be vertical, though this last is less desirable.

The book has a second page 2t) on which are described components distributed by the Atlas Sound Company. This page has the 'rst letter of the name in the letter space 16 and has the name printed along the margins of the page in the same Way as on page 14.

If the number of components -distributed by the Atlas Sound Company requires more than one page of the book, it is continued on another pagel 22, which also has the manufacturers name along .the margin. The next page 24 describes components made by the Budd Radio Company and .subsequent pages describe components sold by still other manufacturers.

At the bac-k lof the book there are index pages including an index page 26, shown in detail in FIGURE 3. This page merely lists the naines of the manufacturers represented in the catalogue.

Another index page 28 lists the components described in the composite catalogue. The names of the components are in alphabetical order and a number of them are indicated Iby the reference characters 3) in FIGURE 4. Under each of these component names Si) there are names 32 of the manufacturers in the catalogue who sell the Various components.

The index includes no page numbers, sin-ce the catalogue has no page numbers. A person using the catalogue, and wishing to read descriptions of aluminum panels, for example, would find the names Atlas Sound Company and Glinn & Bro. under the aluminum panel designation on the index page. In order to nd the descriptions of the aluminum panels in the catalogue, a person using the catalogue merely turns -to the page having Atlas Sound printed along the margin, or the page having Glinnrdc Bro. listed along the margin. Thus, the components can be found with substantially the same convenience as if the book had page numbers.

When a particular manufacturer has a large number of pages in the catalogue, this group of pages can -be numbered, if desired, since in the preparation of a subsequent catalogue the entire group would be omitted if that particular manufacturer `were to be dropped from the cornposite catalogue. Similarly, a new manufacturer, having a large number of pages, may number the pages of his own group, if -he so desires; but the advantage of the invention is the facility with which subsequent editions of a catalogue can be assembled from pages, most of which were previously prepared and used in an earlier edition, or to choose a selected few of a large number of available pages.

An important advantage of the invention is that manufacturers can save the expense of preparing and distributing their own small catalogues and can have the much greater advertising which results from inclusion in a composite catalogue of wider distribution. The organization `publishing the composite catalogue periodically can prepare the catalogues at low cost as a result of this inven- 3 tion, which marev possible the omission of previously included manufacturers and the inclusion of new manufacturers with a minimum of new printing for the subsequent catalogue.

The preferred embodiment of the invention has been illustrated and described, but changes and modifications can be made and some `features may lbe used in different combinations without departing from the invention as defined in the claims.

I-What is claimed is:

1. In the manufacture of catalogs for distributors that handle produ-cts of ldifferent groups of manufacturers but `with some manufacturers common to 'both groups, the improvement lwhich comprises preparing catalog pages irnpressed with .the products of different manufacturers, the Iproducts of each manufacturer being disclosed on a dierent page or pages from those of each other manufacturer and impressing on each page the name of the manufacturer whose products are disclosed on that page and impressing on the ymargin of each page as a substitute for a page number, the -rst letter of the name of the manufacturer, whose products are disclosed on that page, preparing an index, in alphabetical order, of the products that are included in a first catalog, placingy under each product listed the name of any manufacturer who supplies that product and who is to be included in the first catalog but without page numbers for the manufacturers, making a corresponding index for a second catalog, with the names of manufacturers who are to fbe included in the second catalog and including some that are in the index of the first catalog, and again listing .the names of the manufacturers without reference to page numbers, then binding together in the rst catalog the previously prepared pages for all of the manufacturers listed in the index `for the iirst catalog and with the pages in alphabetical order of the letters that are used as -substitutes for page numbers, and binding Itogether in the second catalog the previously prepared pages for all of the manufacturers listed in the index for the second catalog and with the pages in alphabetical order of the letters that are used as substitutes for page numbe-ns. i

2. In the manufacture of'catalogs as described in claim 1, the improvement of placing on the margin of each page not only the first letter but the entire name of the manufacturer whose products are disclosed on the page whereby the pages of any selected manufacturer may be located Without fully opening the catalog.

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