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Publication numberUS3111321 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 19, 1963
Filing dateMay 9, 1961
Priority dateMay 9, 1961
Publication numberUS 3111321 A, US 3111321A, US-A-3111321, US3111321 A, US3111321A
InventorsGeorge A Hormann
Original AssigneeGeorge A Hormann
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Combined game board and dice agitator
US 3111321 A
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Nov. 19, 1963 G. A. HORMANN COMBINED GAME BOARD AND DICE GITATDR 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed May 9, 1961 F/G. Z

INVENTOR. fA//eAM/m BY Z fraz/Veys Nov. 19, 1963 G. A. HORMANN COMBINED GAME BoAmm DICE AGITAEoR 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed may 9, 1961 N mN #N N l ww H QN mm .Vm Wm. 6 `N. 0 r 5 r Q, m A f Y B b $1, -w l .l WN E .S N n E. N f 1 vvvvdvvvvvwvbuvu Q www A n EN mw N n b v N mw n@ www N EN ww v N\ EN rl ww L um QN i. Mw. NN NN E E im.; E, E @A5 1 WUR United States Patent O 3,i1l,321 CMEMD GAIE EGARD AND DICE AGIIATR George A. Hermann, IMS Pape Ave., Fort Wayne 7, ind. Fiied May 9, 196i, Ser. No. 108,950 l Claim. (Cl. 273-136) This invention relates to a game board, and has as its primary object the provision of a ygame board which may be suitably surface marked in any desired manner for the playing of any desired game, wherein there is provided a centrally located dome, which contains a die or dice, together with mechanical means for agitating the die or dice from any one of a plurality of selected positions about the board.

A further object of the invention is the provision of a device of this character wherein the bottom of the glass dome -is provided with a diaphragm which is selectively struck by one or more of a plurality of hammer members, each of the hammer members being actuated from a selected position around the periphery of the bond.

A iurther object of the invention :is the provision of a game board of `this character wherein the impact is delivered oit center of the diaphragm, so as to impart spin or rotative movement to the die or dice contained in the dome.

Still another object of the invention is the provision of a game board of this character which is sturdy and durable in construction, reliable and eicient in operation, and relatively simple and inexpensive to manufacture.

Other objects will in part be obvious and in part be pointed out as the description of the invention proceeds and shown in the accompanying drawing wherein:

FiGURE l is a top plan view of one form of game board constructed in accordance with the instant invention.

FIGURE 2 is an end elevational view of the device of FIG. l.

liGURE 3 is `an enlarged sectional View taken substantially along the line 3--3 of HG. l as viewed in the direction indicated by' the arrows.

FIGURE 4 is a bottom plan view of a portion of the actuating mechanism, on an enlarged scale; and

FGURE 5 is an enlarged sectional View taken substantially along the rline 5-5 of FIG. l `as viewed in the direction indicated by the arrows.

Similar reference characters refer to similar parts throughout the several views of the drawings.

Having reference now to the drawings in detail, the game board of the instant invention is generally indicated at lil and comprises a `top or playing surface i1 which is surrounded by a plurality of depending anges i2, which support the underside of the playing surface a distance from the supporting surface T, which may cornprise a table top or the like, and serve to permit the accommodation of suitable mechanism to be hereinafter described. The top il of the game board, which may be rectangular, or any other desired shape to accommodate four or more players, may be ornamented in any desired manner, and may be provided with a plurality of indentations i3 for the reception of marbles o-r other playing pieces, the indentations being arranged in a predetermined pattern along which the playing pieces may be moved. if desired, a diiierent color may be employed for each player, and since `an ininite variety of patterns may be provided, as Well vas an infinite variety of rules of play, no further description need be given other .than to say that the movement of pieces along the predetermined paths outlined cy the openings 13, which, if desired, may be omitted, and be supplanted by other suitable space S l li Patented Nov. 19, 1963 ICC indicia, is determined by the spots on a die or dice 14, which are mounted on a diaphragm 15, interiorly of a bore or yopening 1.6 in the center of the board. The opening 16 is closed by `a glass dome 17 which has a concave top 7a adapted for the reception of a marble 17b in accordance with the playing rules or the game, or other transparent dome through which ythe die or dice may be readily observed. The arrangement is such that when a die Kor dice are moved yin a manner to be more fully described hereinafter, by impact against the diaphragm l5, a player moves a piece or pieces Va selected number dictated by the numeral `appearing on the uppermost Iface ci the die.

While dice are herein described in conjunction with the game of the instant invention, it is lto be understood that other cubes bearing pictorial representations upon their various surfaces `may be employed, if desired.

lEach ange l?. is preferably provided with a centrally positioned opening or bore 29 through which extends a rod Zi, the end of the rod being provided with an operating knob 22 exteriorly of its associated ange `12 by means or" which the same may be rotated. The opposite end of each rod 22 is provided with a pin .23 extending diarnetrically therethrough, which pin when rotated is adapted to engage a leaf spr-ing 24 which is mounted on a suitable block or plate 25, as by means or rivets 22e, the plate 25' being supported from a central annulus 2'7 which surrounds the underside of the diaphrag-m i5, the annulus being provided with a depending ilantge 28 -to which the plates 25 are aiixed, there being one plate 2.5 and an adjacent rod provided for each side of the board, in the illustrative embodiment herein shown, 4. Suitable screws 3d secure the ann-ulus 27 to the underside `of the top il of the game board.

The end of each spring 24 carries a screw or bolt 35 having a head 35 which is positioned beneath the diaphragm l5, and serves as a hammer thereagainst. Oppositely disposed lock nuits `37 and 38 on opposite sides of each spring serve to hold the screws 35 in position.

As is :best seen in FlG. 4, the ends of the several springs 2d are `overlapped so that each screw head 36 is oil center with respect to the center of diaphragm l5, so that any impact thereon will cause the die or dice 14 positioned on the ldiaphragni to tumble from an od center position vthus changing its spots. Obviously, in play-ing the game the impact :may be provided by any player by simply rotating the knob 22, which through the rod 21 and the pin 23 depresses the spring 24 associated therewith to the position shown in the right hand side of FIG. 3, whereupon further rotation will release the spring towards the same to sharply impact the associated head 36 against the underside of `the diaphragm to jostle with die and cause the same to change position.

Obviously, a Wide variety of playing rules may be utilized, and a variety of games dependent on the turn of a die may be played.

From the foregoing it wiil now be seen that there is herein provided an improved game board which accomplishes all of the objects of this invention and others, including many `advantages lof great practical utility and high entertainment value.

As many embodiments may be made `of this inventive concept, and as many modifications may be made in the embodiment hereinbefore shown `and described, it is to be understood that ail matter herein is to be interpreted merely as illustrative, `and not in a limiting sense.

i claim:

A game comprising, in combination, a playing surface having portions defining a centrally disposed iopening therein, a depending flange to support said playing surlface, a diaphragm secured beneath the `opening in said playing surface, a transparent dome closing the opening, a die supported on said diaphragm, an annulus surrounding said diaphragm, radially extending plates secured to said annul-us and being substantially parallel to said playing surface, leaf spring members each secured at one end t0 a corresponding one vof said radially extending plates, ythe `free ends of each of seid lea-f spring members ter-minating lin underlying spaced relation to said diaphragm and offset `from the center thereof, a bolt having a head portion xed in the free end or" each of said leaf spring members at right angles thereto, the head portion of each bolt disposed `adjacent said diaphragm, rotatable rods each having one end extending through said depending ange and each tenminating at their other end adjacent one of said `leaf spring members, a diametrically extending pin through each rod at the end adjacent the leaf spring member, `said reds selectively rotatable to cause engagement 'of said pin with said lea-f spring member to cause ilexure thereof away from said diaphragm, said `@in disengageable from said deaf spring member upon further rotation of said rod to cause the spring member to rebound toward said vdiaphragm whereby the head portion of the bolt Will strike the salme to `cause the die supported thereon tio roll.

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