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Publication numberUS3112756 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 3, 1963
Filing dateMar 18, 1963
Priority dateMar 18, 1963
Publication numberUS 3112756 A, US 3112756A, US-A-3112756, US3112756 A, US3112756A
InventorsSchmutte Charles T
Original AssigneeSchmutte Charles T
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Smoking pipe accessory
US 3112756 A
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3, 1963 c. T. SCHMUTTE 3,112,756

SMOKING PIPE ACCESSORY Filed March 18, 1963 INVENTOR CHARLES Z' SCHMUTTE BY M ATTORNEY? United States Patent Ofi ice 3-,l lZLfiii Patented Dec. 3, 1963 3,112,756 SMGKL 3 1253 ACCLESdQZiY Qhalles 'E. Echmutte, Sidney, Nehr. Filed Mar. 1%, H63, Ser. No. 265,916 3 (=31. 131232) This invention relates to a smoking pipe accessory and more particularly to a novel smolcing pipe servicing arrangement for use in preparing pipes for subsequent Smoking.

One object of this invention is to provide a new and useful improvement in pipe accessories suitable for placing on a desk, table or special stand which allows convenient pipe servicing.

another object of this in ention is to provide a smoking accessory in which a tamper is rigidly secured to a pipe rack and located over an ash tray to allow condensing of ash and tobacco for a relight or for conveniently tamping fresh tobacco before lighting.

Other objects and advantages reside in the details of construction as more fully hereinafter described and claimed, reference being bad to the accompanying drawing forming part hereof and in which FIG. 1 is a perspective view of the accessory with the lid of the pipe cleaner storage compartment in a raised position;

FIG. 2 is a tial section view of a part of the pipe rack including the tempe and horizontally extending cleaning rod with pipes being serviced thereby.

Referring to FIG. 1 of the drawing, numeral 3. indicates the pipe accessory generally. Base 2 is shown as a rectangular block having an ash tray portion 3 and a pipe cleaner compartment 4 made by removing suitable material fro-rn the upper surface of base 2. If the base 2. is cast the ash tray portion 3 and compantment d can easily be provided for by appropriate mold structure. A partition 5 separates ash tray portion 3 and compartment The ash tray portion 3 contains a rigidly mounted upwardly extending dowel 6 having a slot therein to receive a blade 7. Blade 7 is removable to allow sharpening or replacement with another size if desired. The combination of dowel 6 and blade 7 is used to cut the cake deposit which forms inside the pipe bowl. In operation the pipe bowl is inverted and placed over blade 7 and then rotated. This cutting tool is used primarily to maintain a uniform cake but can be used as a reamer unless the pipe is too heavily baked. A vertical rod 8 is also mounted in ash tray portion 3 for cleaning the pipe bowl. This cleaning operation is performed by inverting the pipe bowl over the vertical rod 8 and moving the bowl in a circular motion.

in the preferred embodiment shown in FIG. 1 ash tray port on 3 has nested therein a removable tray or container designated 3a with dowel 6 and vertical rod 8 an integral part of the removable tray 3a. This allows the operator to easily dump the ashes collected in the tray 3a. In this embodiment the tray 3:: including dowel 6 would be preferably cast from plastic, glass or the like. ray 3a with vertical rod 3 and dowel 6 may be permanently fixed to base 2 and constitute an integral part thereof.

A lid 9 is pivotally attached to partition 5 by hinges 1%. This provides a closed compartment for the storage of conventional pipe cleaners.

A pipe rack generally indicated by numeral 11 is comprised of two spaced apart vertical supports 12. the upper ends of which maintain a horizontal bar 13 having ope lugs 14 extending generally vertical therethrougb. A bowl rest 15 is made of a closed loop cylindrical rod which passes through the lower portion of vertical supports 12. Pipe rack 11 is rigidly attached to one end of base 2. Pipes (not shown) are arranged on pipe rack 11 by having the bowls supported by rest 15 with the mouthpieces or stems of the pipes extending upwardly through openings 14.

A tamper 16 is rigidly attached to horizontal bar 13 and ex ends over ash tray portion 3. A horizontal rod 17 is secured to tamper 16 in parallel relationship with horizontal bar 33. FIG. 2 more clearly shows that horizontal rod 17 is used to open the hole 19 at the bottom of the pipe bowl 1 3 which becomes plugged when tobacco is tamped too firmly during the loading or in preparation for relighting.

Fiigidly mounted tamper 16 is used primarily to condense ash and tobacco for relight purposes. Relight meaning to restore to a burning condition. Relight purposes refers to restoring the remaining tobacco in the pipe to a burning condition immediately after the pipe has been in use. This is accomplished by first tamp-ing the live ash and remaining tobacco down in the bowl of the pipe. If sufiicient live ash is present, burning of the remaining tobacco will result. If there is insuflicient live ash then a new flame may be applied to restore the remaining ash to a burning condition. This operation is illustrated in FIG. 2 with pipe 2% having ash and tobacco 21. This feature allows the smoker to reli ht the remaining tobacco in the pipe for subsequent smolun without being burned by hot ash if the finger were used for the same purpose. Tamper i6 is also suitable for tamping fresh tobacco if de ed. The arrangement of the tamper in combination win an ash tray has particular utility in providing a solidly mounted and easily accessible tamper where residue ash or tobacco resulting from cleaning and tam ing the pipe may be conveniently caught in ash tray 3a.

The entire accessory is constructed preferably of a hard wood such as mahogam cherry or the like with the exception of the horizontal and vertical rods 8, 17 the bowl rest 15, the hinges it and the blade 7. Die casting from some suitable material such as aluminum could also be used.

Although the invention is described with a certain degree of particularity, it is understood that the present disclosure has been made only by way of example and the numerous changes in the details of construction and the combination and arrangement of parts may be resorted to as Well as a change in shape of the various supports Without departing rorn the spirt and scope of the invention as hereinafter claimed.

1 claim:

1. A smoking pipe accessory for use in tamping ash and tobacco in a pipe and for collecting possible falling ash and tobacco resulting from tamping comprising in combination a base, an upright pipe rack attached to said base, an ash tray supported by the base and having pipe cleaning elements thereon, and a tamper rigidly mounted on said pipe rack and extending downwardly in spaced relation above said ash tray whereby said possible fall ing residue ash and tobacco resulting from tampi-ng said pipe is collected in said ash tray.

2. A smoking pipe accessory for use in tamping ash and tobacco in a pipe and for collecting possible falling ash and tobacco resulting from tamping compnising in combination a base, a container supported by the base and having pipe servicing elements thereon, an upright support member attached to said base, a tamper rigidly mounted on said upright support member and extending downwardly in spaced relation above said container whereby said possible falling residue ash and tobacco resulting from tamping said pipe is collected in said container.

3. In a smoking pipe accessory for use in servicing a pipe bow-l filled with ash and tobacco and for collecting possible falling ash and tobacco resulting from tamping the improvement comprising in combination, a base having an ash tray portion therein, a upwardly extending pipe rack attached to said base, and a tamping means attached to said pipe rack and extending downwardly in spaced relation above said ash tray portion whereby said possible falling residue ash and tobacco resulting firom .t-aniping the and tobacco in said piee bowl is collected in said ash tray portion.

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