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Publication numberUS3115129 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 24, 1963
Filing dateJun 16, 1961
Priority dateJun 16, 1961
Publication numberUS 3115129 A, US 3115129A, US-A-3115129, US3115129 A, US3115129A
InventorsMerriman Glenn A
Original AssigneeMerriman Glenn A
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Game apparatus
US 3115129 A
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Dec. 24, 1963 G. A. MERRIMAN 3,115,129

GAME APPARATUS Filed June 16, 1961 PIC-F. 2.

I? FIG 3.

J l z FIG. 5

INV EN TOR. 64 EN :4. MEEE/Mfl/W United States Patent 3,115,129 GAME APPARATUS Glenn A. Merrimau, Ralston, Nebr. (407 S. Walnut Ave, Millard, Nehr.) Filed lune 16, 1961, Ser. No. 117,626 1 Claim. ill. 124-5) This invention relates to the general field of athletics, and, more specifically, game apparatus therefor.

One of the primary objects of this invention is to provide a throwing device or slinger for aerial projectiles, the apparatus being suitably adapted for use by both children and adults of both sexes.

Another object of this invention is to provide a ballthrowing device wherein the ball is released from the device by inertia developed under centrifugal force.

A further object of this invention is to provide a ballthrowing device wherein the ball is propelled from the device without the user of the device touching the ball.

This invention contemplates, as a still further object thereof, the provision of game apparatus of the type generally described supra, the apparatus being non-complex in construction and assembly, inexpensive to manufacture, and durable in use.

Other and further objects and advantages of the instant invention will become more evident from a consideration of the following specification when read in conjunction with the annexed drawing, in which:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a ball-throwing device constructed in accordance with this invention;

FIGURE 2 is a detail medial, longitudinal cross-sectional view, FIGURE 2 being taken substantially on the vertical plane of line 22 of FIGURE 1, looking in the direction of the arrows and showing the ball or aerial projectile in elevation as inserted therein:

FIGURE 3 is a top plan view of a throwing device or catapult constructed in accordance with this invention;

FIGURE 4 is a medial transverse cross-sectional view of the ball or aerial projectile used with the throwing device; and

FIGURE 5 illustrates the manner of use of the game apparatus.

Referring now more specifically to the drawing, reference numeral designates, in general, a ball or aerial projectile-throwing device. The device 10 may be constructed of a substantially tough resilient plastic material, a lightweight substantially rigid metal, impregnated fabric, or fiberboard. Preferably, the device 10 is formed of a tough resilient plastic material.

The device 10 is seen to comprise an elongated, substantially hollow cylindrical main body portion 12 having an open outer end and an opposed inner end closed by the end wall 14.

The inner end of the main body portion 12 and the end wall 14 are integral with an elongated, substantially hollow cylindrical axially-extending handle portion 16 which is necked-down as at 18, to provide an outside diameter smaller than the outside diameter of the main body portion 12. Fixedly secured within the hollow elongated cylindrical handle portion 16 is an elongated, substantially cylindrical core 20 formed of wood, or of any other suitable material. The handle portion 16 may, if desired, be provided with an outwardly-projecting, substantially annular flange 22 to serve a function to be described. The hollow handle portion 16 may be, optionally, made solid of the same material forming the main body portion 12 and the end wall 14.

Referring now more specifically to FIGURES 1, 2 and 3, it is seen that the main body portion is provided with a plurality of internally-disposed elongated, inwardlyprojecting and axially-extending ribs 24. The ribs 24 are provided to strengthen the main body portion 12 Hce and to also reduce suction when a ball or aerial projectile, generally designated at 26, is to be hurled or thrown therefrom.

The projectile 26 may be in the nature of what is conventionally known as a soft-ball or, optionally, the same may be formed of any desirable solid material. In the form illustrated in FIGURES 2 and 4, the ball or projectile 26 is shown as being substantially solid and provided with a plurality of concentric grooves 28, 30, respectively, which are disposed at right angles with respect to each other. The grooves 28, 30 cooperate with the ribs 24 of the main body portion 12 in order to reduce or break any inherent suction which may exist between the main body portion 12 and the projectile 26 when it is in the position shown in FIGURE 2, just prior to the hurling of the projectile from the main body portion 12.

The handle portion 16 is of sufiicient length as to permit the user to grasp the same in two hands (see FlGURE 5) much in the manner as one grasps the conventional baseball bat.

To use this game apparatus, the player places the ball, sphere or aerial projectile 26 into the main body portion 12 of the throwing device 10 and maintains the same in a substantially upright position until the ball descends, under the force of gravity, into en agement with the end wall 14. The player then swings the throwing device it) to bring the main body portion thereof up onto his shoulder in the same manner as would the batter in a baseball game. The handle is held in both hands and the ball or aerial projectile 26 is ejected, under centrifugal force, from the main body portion 12 as the player swings the device 10 in an arc. The ball or aerial projectile 26 is ejected under the inertia force when the player halts his swinging movement at a desired point. Through practice, the player will soon find that he will be able to place the ball 26 for flight directly to a selected fielder or toward some selected area.

The annular flange 22 is provided to guard against the accidental slippage of the handle 16 from the hands of the batter when the device 10 is being swung.

Through the use of a relatively soft ball, the game apparatus is ideal for safe indoor or outdoor play.

Having described and illustrated one embodiment of this invention, it will be understood that the same is offered merely by Way of example, and that the scope of this invention is to be limited only by the appended claim.

What is claimed is:

A game apparatus comprising, in combination, an elongated substantially hollow cylindrical member having a pair of opposed open and closed ends, said cylindrical member having a plurality of circumferentially-spacedinwardly-projecting, axially-extending ribs formed thereon, an elongated substantially cylindrical handle extending axially from said closed end, and a ball for ejection from said cylindrical member under the influence of centrifugal force, said ball having a plurality of grooves formed thereon disposed circumferentially and at right angles, respectively, relative to one another, said ball normally being circumscribed by said cylindrical mem ber and engaging against ribs and said closed end, and said ribs and grooves cooperating with each other to reduce suction.

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European ClassificationA63B59/02