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Publication numberUS311613 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 3, 1885
Filing dateMar 9, 1883
Publication numberUS 311613 A, US 311613A, US-A-311613, US311613 A, US311613A
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US 311613 A
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No. 311,613. Patented Feb. 3, 18851 n w m M Witnesses.-




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 311,613, dated February 3, 1.885. Application filed March E), 1883. (No model.)

. T0 all whom it may concern: ing pencils, and can with certaintybe returned Re it known that l, BRUCE H. SHnLDEN, a to its owner for use in a succeeding lesson. citizen of the United States, residing at Os- To facilitate the distribution and collection 55 wego, in the county of Oswego and State of of pencils, the holes or pockets are arrange New York, have invented a new and useful in a spiral line upon the face of the disk, and improvement in Pencil- Holders for use in the disk is titted to its supporting-pedestalin Schools, of which the following is a speciicamanner so as to rotate freely upon said suplion. port, so that the numbered pockets can be 6 Referring to the drawings, Figurel is aper k easily turned toward the pupil. l@ spective view of the holder, and Fig. 2 a secln constructing said pencil-holder I make tional view showing its construction. the disk of two parts or plates of wood. These My invention provides a stand having a seplates are fastened together with screws, and ries of pockets on which a quantity of pencils inclose between their surfaces a sheetofuellaqsi may be placed and each pencil be held secure L tic rubb'e n' drawn'hia'n' n er' shown Aati 15 in its appropriate numbered position until it igsccompanying this specification. Said be desired to remove it. sheet of rubber is perforated at theplaces where This pencil'holder is especially designed for the pencil-pocket is formed in the wooden disk use in schools, where it is desirable to collect with circular holes having a less diameter than the pencils from all the pupils of a class at the the holes or pockets in the wood disk. The 2o close of a recitation or lesson and retain them elastic rubber thus comes in contact with a in some safe place of deposit until 'they shall pencil, when one is inserted in the pocket, with be required for use in a succeeding lesson. i sufficient firmness to retain said pencil in po- This pencil-holder is made in the form of a l sition. disk, about ten inches in diameter and one and Tt is designed that the pointed end of apen 2 one-fourth inch thick, centrally supported npl cil shall be uppermost when in position on thi:

on a short post or pedestal, having a base of su fl holder.

l, The objectin making the sides of said pock ficient size to maintain said disk in a horizon tal position when at rest. This disk has its ets converge to a point, as shown at B in th upper surface penetrated with numerous ciri drawings, is that the pencil being of a less dl o cular holes or pocket-s A, having a depth nearl ameter than the diameter of said holes or poc't ly equal ,to the thickness of said disk, and a i ets, it is necessary that it shall rest in the eer diameter a little greater than the diameter of ter of said hole or pocket, in order to mainta an ordinary lead-pencil. Fach one of said i, avertical position when at rest. The couver holes or pockets hasits bottom terminate in a ing sides of the pocket come in contact wi 35 point, B, as shown in the drawings accompai all sides of the pencil and guide it to a centr nying this specification, andhasits sides surl position, no matter what the size of the pen` rgp'pgdedvyvith man.. elastic band or ring, as may be. The pencil is thus held parallel wi shown in Fig. 2, forming a partof this pencill its surrounding pencils. holder` which firmly clasps a pencil when one What I claim as my invention, and des 4o is deposited in said hole or pocket, effectually to secure by Letters Patent, is-

preventing the pencil from failing out, even Aportable pencil-holder consisting of asi though the holder be turned top side downably-mounted table or disk having a series ward. l numbered holes or pocket-s of suitable size: To secure accuracy in distributing said penl configuration in its face-surface to receive 5 cils each to its owner, each place for a pencil l end ofapencil, and provided with elastich has a corresponding numeral. To each pupil l ing rings or clasps, substantially as shown or owner of a pencil there can be assigned one l the purpose set forth. of these numbered places of deposit. The pencil-holder, being portable, can be carried to the BRUCE H' SHELDE' 5o pupil, who can deposit his pencil in its appro- Vitnesses:

priate number on the holder, where it is safely H. L. Hown, retained free from Contact with its surround- H. E. GILLET.

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