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Publication numberUS311793 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 3, 1885
Filing dateJul 18, 1884
Publication numberUS 311793 A, US 311793A, US-A-311793, US311793 A, US311793A
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US 311793 A
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(no man;


No@ 311,793. Patented Peb. 3,1885.

mi f,

Illlbll /@llm i Am@ iffiihifif @streit WALTER STRANDERS, 0F NEW YORK, N. Y., ASSIGNOR TO PETER G. THUM- SON, @F CNCINNATI, OHI.


r'lfflillsftj :forming part ofllettem Patent No. 311,793, dated February 3,188.55

nppncmion ined .my is, isti. (N runder.)

'Jh (til when@ omitir conceive:

Re 'it known that i', WALTER STRANDERS, of the city oi lilew York, in county and'tate of New York', have invented a new and nseiuil Building-Toy, oi' which the following is a specification.

My toy consists, esseutiaily, of a base board which has several eqnidistant pits or' holes to receive the doweled ends oi' posts or columns,

the oinioste-endcf each, of V.which basa .0er-

responding socket for a sm'ilardowel, and ot' which each post has four equidistant longi` tndinal grooves to receive partitions thetare carved or painted to simulate the details of a honsefront, such as Weather-boarding, doors, windows, tc. Other boards are provided to represent oors, roof-pieces, te., and any desired number of additional posts, partitions, die.. to represent additional flats, stories, porches, die. Doweled iinials inserted in the post-sockets of the (for the time being) upper most tier serve-to hold the roof-pieces i'n place, and also to impart an attractive finish.

In the accompanying drawings, vFigure 1 is a plan of a base-board such as used hy me. Figs. 2`and-3 are respectively ak side view `and an end view-of a post. Fig. 4 represents a partition: Fig.' 5 represents a door or roof piece. Fig. 6 represents a iinial. Fig. 7 represents one of e great variety ot pleasing and instructive structures capable of being 'produced ny inherent 'a1-rangements oi me tew simple pieces mentioned.

A represents a wooden hoard, which may have the square forinhere shown, and which 35 .has arranged in equidistant lines several holes or pits, a, to receive dow'els of posts B Each post has a correspondingorifice or socket, b,

in its other end, 'to receive a lilte dowel projection either from a similar post or from one 4 0 of a number of tinials, @L Each post has four eqnidistant longitudinal grovles {'gfto :re-

ceive the edc-es oi" well-pieces or partitions D.

v E represents @or or rooni'hpvieceshyvhich, at their'indented anglesV e,`1"est-on posts lB at'ore- 45 said, and are'secnred in place either hy slry perimposed posts orhy said iinials G, as the case may be.` Said iiniais have for 'this -pniif pose dowels c, that, being insertediny the notches e ot said pieces E, lit tightly in any 5o one ci' the post-sockets.

I claim as new and oi' my invention- The buildingtoy consisting of a haseboard,

A, having the several holes or pits-(na orresponding set of posts, B, having at oneend a 55 dov/el, I), to occupy any hole a in said board, andk in its-other end a corresponding socket,

b', and in its sides :four equidistant iongitndinal'grooves, b", i'or partitions D, the same loeing combined with a series of notched door 6o and roof pieces, E, and of doWeied iinials t), substantially as set forth. In testimony of which invent-ioni hereunto set my hand.

` WALTER vvS'IRfiliiBERE. Attest: 4

GEO. T. i?iNcKNEY,`


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Cooperative ClassificationA63H33/044