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Publication numberUS311915 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1885
Publication numberUS 311915 A, US 311915A, US-A-311915, US311915 A, US311915A
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US 311915 A
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(ModeL) K. H. PEDRIGK.


No. 311,915. Patented Feb. 10, 18851 UNITED STATES PATENT EEIcE.



SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 311,915, dated February 10, 1885.

' Application filed October 2s, 1sa3. (ModeL) 1'0 aZZ whom it may concern Be it known that I, KNoTT H. PEDRIOK, of Lynn, in the county of Essex, State of Massachusetts, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Envelopes, of which the following is a description sufficiently full, clear, and exact to enable any person skilled in the art or science to which said invention appertains to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying draw ings, forming a part of this specification, in which Figure 1 is a front elevation representing the envelope open and letter sheet withdrawn; Fig. 2, a sectional rear elevation;' and Fig. 8, a perspective view representing the envelope closed, a portion being removed to show the letter sheet as folded within the envelope.

I Like letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in the different figures of the drawings.

My invention relates to that class of envelopes which are provided with a letter-sheet; and it consists in a novel construction and arrangement of parts, as hereinafter more fully set forth and claimed.

The nature and operation of the improvement will be readily understood by all conversant with such matters from the following explanation, its extreme simplicity rendering an elaborate description unnecessary.

In the drawings, A represents the front of the envelope proper, B the back, and O the letter sheet. The back is cut slightly longer than the front, its ends being turned into form the flaps m, which are cemented to the inner surface of the front, which is extended upwardly above the ends of the envelope to form the flap d, which is provided with a coating of adhesive cement on its inner surface, m, for sealing up the envelope when the lettersheet is folded therein, as seen in Fig. 2. The front A, back B, flaps x m, and letter-sheet O are integral, or formed of one piece of paper. the sheet being cut slightly narrower from f to f than the length of the envelope proper, so that it may be readily inserted therein when folded. A series of perforations, g, are formed at the bottom of the flap (1, to enable the envelope to be readily opened when sealed; butthese may be omitted, if desired. The sheet 0 may be of any desired length, and is provided along one of its edges with a series of small nicks, z, to indicate the points at which the sheet is to be folded, so that its folds will correspond with the width of the body of the envelope.

It will be obvious that an envelope of this character may be very cheaply manufactured, and affords an exceedingly convenient and desirable article of stationery.

I do not confine myself to having the flaps 00 formed on the back B, as they may be formed on the ends of the front A and cemented to the back, if preferred. The sheet 0 may also be arranged so as to be inserted in the end of the envelope proper, instead of the side, if desired.

Having thus explained my invention, what I claim is A combined envelope and letter-sheet consisting of a pocket composed of a front, A, and back- B, integral with each other, one of said parts being provided with end flaps folded and cemented to the other part, and a lettersheet integral with and narrower than said pocket, said pocket being provided with a gnmmed flap adapted to close its mouth when a letter-sheet is folded therein, substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.



G. .A.. SHAW, L. J. WHITE.

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Cooperative ClassificationB42D15/08