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Publication numberUS3127648 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 7, 1964
Filing dateOct 26, 1961
Priority dateNov 1, 1960
Publication numberUS 3127648 A, US 3127648A, US-A-3127648, US3127648 A, US3127648A
InventorsFrank Emery Edgar
Original AssigneeFrank Emery Edgar
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Cable binding clip
US 3127648 A
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April 7, 1964 Y' v Q 3,127,648

CABLE BINDING CLIP Filed Oct. 26, 1961' Invemor Edgak Frank Emery M 4 A? Torneys United States Patent 3,127,648 CABLE BINDING CLIP Edgar Frank Emery, Sharston Worlrs, Leestone Road, Sharston, Manchester 22, England Filed Oct. 26, 1961, Ser. No. 147,894 Claims priority, application Great Britain Nov. 1, 1960 5 Claims. (Cl. 24-16) The invention concerns cable or like binding clips.

There has been a need in the trade for a simple, inexpensive, yet effective cable binding clip and it is among the objects of the present invention to provide a clip possessing, at least in part, all of these features.

According to the present invention a cable or like binding clip comprises an elongated tongue portion, a head portion integral with one end of said tongue portion and adapted to receive into engagement therewith the other end of said tongue portion, at least one ratchet element mounted relative to said head portion and adapted to co-operate therewith to allow passage thereby of said tongue portion in one direction, such direction corresponding to the direction of engagement of the tongue portion with the head portion, but to prevent withdrawal of such tongue portion in the reverse direction.

The term ratchet means is to be construed in this specification and appended claims as referring to an ar rangement such as will allow of a relative motion between parts in one direction but which will prevent relative motion in the reverse direction.

In a preferred form of embodiment the ratchet means comprises an element or elements of such form and so pivotally mounted within or adjacent said head portion as to be displaceable from a normal position to allow passage thereby of said tongue portion in one direction, such direction corresponding to the direction of engagement of the tongue portion with the head portion, but being adapted to return to said normal position upon movement of said tongue portion in the reverse direction and thereupon to abut and grip said tongue portion and thus prevent movement thereof in said reverse direction.

More particularly according to the present invention transverse bars or serrations are provided on said tongue portion with sensibly complementary serrations on said element or elements.

The invention will now be described further, by way of example only, with reference to the accompanying drawings illustrating two embodiments thereof and in which:

FIG. 1 shows a perspective view, partly cut away, of a preferred embodiment of the present invention; and

FIG. 2 is a side elevation partly in section of the binding clip shown in FIG. 1 when in use.

Referring now to the drawings a cable or like binding clip 11 comprises an elongated tongue portion 11a, a head portion 11b integral with said tongue portion and ratchet means 12 associated with said head portion 11b.

The clip is moulded in a single operation from nylon.

The tongue portion 11a is approximately four and one quarter inches long, three sixteenths of an inch wide, one thirty-second of an inch thick and has transverse serrations 11a on one surface thereof.

The head portion 11b is integral with the tongue portion and is in the form of a rectangular frame five sixteenths of an inch wide and three eighths of an inch long and one eighth of an inch deep.

The ratchet means 12 comprises a pawl 12a disposed within the head portion 11b and secured thereto by a thin web or extension 12b, the pawl 12:: having an inclined serrated end face 12a and a ratchet constituted by the serrated surface 11a of the tongue portion 11. The position of the extension 12b in relation. to the frame work and the direction of inclination of the end face 12a are such as to allow of the introduction of the tongue 11a into the head portion 11b in the appropriate direction to eifect engagement between the pawl 12a and the surface 11a.

In use the tongue portion 11a is introduced into the head portion 1112, such tongue portion being disposed about the cables C to be bound, and drawn through sufiiciently to tighten about said cables, the pawl 12a being displaced to allow the engagement. Upon effecting tightening and releasing of the tongue portion lie, the tension in the tongue portion causes the pawl 12a: to pivot and thus the serrated end face 12a to engage the serrated surface 11a of the tongue portion He, the: tongue being gripped between the pawl 12a and the adjacent side of the head portion 1112 thereby preventing return motion of the tongue portion.

The invention is not restricted to the particular features of the embodiment hereinbefore described since alternatives and modifications will readily present themselves to one skilled in the art.

For example it might be thought necessary to provide means whereby the clip might be applied to such as a mounting board and in such a case an extension to the head portion of the clip in the form of a lug will be provided, such lug being adapted to receive a fixing screw or the like.

Whilst the use of nylon as a material for the binding clip is proposed, alternative materials such as high density polythene or polypropylene might be used with equal advantage.

Furthermore the actual necessity for provision of serrations on the tongue portion and/or on one or both sides of the jaws will be determined by materials used since the gripping effect may be attained either by the engagement of complementary or sensibly complementary surfaces or by arranging that a hard element bites into the tongue portion. If the pawl member is of a harder material than the tongue portion then the provision of serrations on the tongue portion might not be strictly necessary.

The binding clip according to the present invention possesses the distinct advantage that a given clip may be applied to a bundle of cables of a range of overall diameters, the clip being drawn tight and the excess tongue portion being cut oh. If a clip of greater length than any individual clip available is required then a requisite number of clips may be joined together in end to end disposition.

I claim:

1. A binding clip for cables and the like comprising an elongated flexible tongue, a substantially rectangular frame of a thickness greater than that of said tongue and constituting a head, one end of said tongue being integral with outer face of one element of said frame, a pawl in said frame, one end of said pawl being integrally connected to the inner face of said one element, said connection constituting a pivot, said pawl extending to about the end of said frame opposite to said one element, the free end of said pawl being tapered, the free end of said pawl being displaceable from within said frame by the passage of the free end of said tongue through said frame between said pawl and said opposite end, said pawl being adapted to return into said frame upon removal of said tongue end from said frame.

2. A binding clip according to claim 1 characterized in that the thickness of said pawl at said connection is substantially greater than the thickness of said connection.

3. A binding clip according to claim 2 characterized in that said pawl tapers from said connection to the free end of said pawl.

4. A binding clip according to claim 1 characterized in that said inclined face is serrated and the corresponding face of said tongue is serrated.

5. A binding clip according to claim 1 characterized in that one face of said frame is coplanar with one face of said tongue and the thickness of the base of said pawl is about the thickness of said frame.

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European ClassificationB65D63/10B3P