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Publication numberUS3139280 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1964
Filing dateSep 11, 1961
Priority dateSep 11, 1961
Publication numberUS 3139280 A, US 3139280A, US-A-3139280, US3139280 A, US3139280A
InventorsLeonid Kripak
Original AssigneeMarvin Glass & Associates
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Squirting cigarette lighter
US 3139280 A
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June 30, 1964 l.. KRlPAK SQUIRTING CIGARETTE LIGHTER Filed Sept. l1. 1961 95 /2 m5 mw# 7 l H z. 6 l w 9 5 .VHJMWMMTML 6 W W 3 Z P 3 1 W d 4 [Tv +1 5 6 A n e INVENTOR.

`LEONI@ KmPAK /WWMMM United States Patent 3,139,280 SQUIRTING CIGARETTE LIGHTER l Leonid Kripak, Villa Park, Ill., assignor, by mesne assignments, to Marvin Glass and Associates, Chicago, Ill., a partnership Filed Sept. 11, 1961, Ser. No. 137,230 3 Claims.V (Cl. 272,-,27)

The invention relates to a novelty or toy in the form of a cigarette lighter. More particularly, the invention relates to a cigarette lighter which squirts a liquid, such as water. A novelty item in accordance with the invention is intended to provide a means for perpetrating a practical joke on an unwary individual. Specically, the disclosed novelty item is useable in response to a request for a light by a person desiring to smoke a cigarette, or the like. In use, the disclosed item is operable to direct a stream or spray of water toward the unsuspecting victim. Preferably, the item is constructed so as to maximize the possibility of spraying the victims face with water.

Accordingly, the principal objt of the invention is the provision of a novelty item inthe shape or form of a cigarette lighter. Another object is the provision of a novelty cigarettek lighter which squirts water when an actuator is pressed. A further object of thel invention is the provision of a novelty item which is simple and easy in construction and reliable in operation,

Other objects and advantages of the invention are. apparent by reference to the accompanying drawings and the following description of one preferred embodiment FIGURE 4 is a sectional view of the novelty takenalong 1in@ 4-4 of FIGURE 2; Y i

3,139,280 Patented June 302 1964 lighter is completely assembled, the lower section 23 and head 25 deline the reservoir 17 whichV is adapted to hold a supply of water and may be filled through the threaded holev 31 by removing the fill screw 33.

The pump 13 is positioned in the reservoir 17 and includes a casing 37 which rests on the bottom of the body 11. Preferably, the casing 37 is made of plastic so as to allow it to be molded, although the casing can be made ,from any suitable material which will withstand continual immersion in water. The casing 37 has the general shape of two hollow, intersecting perpendicular cylinders, including a vertical cylinder 39 anda horizontal cylinder 40. The vertical cylinder 39 has a greater diameter than the horizontal cylinder 40 and is proportioned so as to be .accommodated by the recesses 35 in the walls of the. lower body section 23, thus securing the pump 13 against hori- Zontal movement.

` FIGURE 5 is a sectional View of the novelty taken along line 5.-5 of FIGURE 2; and i FIGURE 6 is a Vsectional'view of the novelty taken along line, 6--6 of FIGURE 2.

Basically, the novelty item shown in FIGURE yleoni.-`

prises a main body 11 simulating the appearance of a cigarettelighter,l a pump 13, and a nozzle or ,orifice 15 which resembles'al wichl holder and preferably contains a plurality of flow passageways or jet apertures 21 which Point in derellt directions. The body 11 has therein a reservoir 17 for holding a liquid, suchmaswater, and also contains therein the pump 13 which communicates with thereservoir 17 and the nozzle 15. The pump 13 is operated by an actuator 19 which extends exteriorly of the main body 11 and simulates a cigarette lighter actuator. By depressing the actuator 19, the pump 13 vis operated, causing water to be transmitted to the nozzle 15 and emitted or sprayed from the jet apertures 21. More specilically, the body 11 comprises a lower section 23 which has cemented thereon, or otherwise joined thereto, a head 25 having formedtherein a cavity 27 to accommodate the actuator 19 and a cavity 29 to accommodate the nozzle 15. There is provided in the bottom of the lower body section 23 a threaded hole 31.which is closed by a iill screw 33. The inner walls of the lower body section 23 have formed in them recesses 35 on oppo- In order to secure the pump 13 against vertical move,-y ment and to assist in preventing leakage o f fluidy from the reservoir 17,.a gasket 41 is provided. The gasket 41 is positioned between the top of the pump 13 andthe bottom of the actuator cavity 27, totally filling this space so as to prevent vertical movement of the pump 13 after the head 25 is assembled. As mentioned, the gasket 41 also effectively seals the hole in the cavity 27 to prevent water leakage. However, the nature of this seal is such as not to prevent the passage of air into the reservoir .17 during lthe periods when the actuator 19 is being used to operate Waters forced from the pump cylinder 39v by a plunger 51 which is operabletherein. The plunger r51 is provided with a exible `lower rim 53 adapted for sealing against the walls of the cylinder 39. The bottom of plunger 5 1 provides. a seat, inside of the rim 53, for a pump spring 5,5` which biases the plunger 51 upward. The plunger 51 is attached tothe bottom of an Vactuator shaft 57 which in ,turn is attached to the actuator19. The shaft 57. resides n l in, and is guided by, anaperture which is located'. in the IiPPGr end of the pump easing 37'and which isalignedwith an aperture in the actuator cavity 27. t y l In order to allow water to be fed to the pump cylinder 39, the inlet valve chamber 43 commiinicatcs with the' Y reservoir 17 through a circular aperture in an inlet reducer Y 5 9.- The inlet reducer 59 also serves to retain a ballcheek 61 within the. chamber 43 so as to prevent expulsion ofy water during the pressure stroke of the plunger 51. f'

In order to transmit the water from the pump 13 to the nozzle'15, communication.. is provided by means of a hose 63. The lower end of the hose 63 seats on a nipple formed on one end of an outlet adapter 65 which forms the end wall of the outlet valve chamber 45. The opposite end of the adapter 6,5 provides a seat for a valve spring 67 which biases a ball check 69 toward the pump cylinder 39, thereby preventing back-flow through the outlet opening 49. I

Theupper end of the yhose 63 is connected to a nipple formed as a part of a nozzle adapter 71. The adapter 71 is secured, as by cementing, to the lower end of the nozzle cavityv 27 and defines the bottom of a ow equalization chamber 73. This chamber 73, the upper limit of which is defined by the bottom of the nozzle 15, serves to equalize `the pressure of the water entering the ow passageways 21 to assure a balanced flow through them.

The nozzle 15 simulates a wick holder and is secured side, also at an angle to the vertical. l

lighter Vis used to carry out a practical joke atleast oneV nozzle` illustrated contains kfour iioW passageways 21,v

all of which communicate between the chamber 73 and the atmosphere. vThe passageways 21A are preferably arranged, as shown in FGURE 4, ona semi-circular pattern With'one at each end of the diameter, one at the midpoint of the diametenand the remaining one at the midpoint of the arc. The center tube is arranged to provide a vertically directed stream while the other tubes are arranged to provide streams which are inclined outwardly from the vertical. The nozzle 1S is preferably made from plastic with the center spray tube extending through its center and the remaining three formed in its outside surface. It is noted that`the three outerV spray tubes could, if desired, be formed in the surface of the nozzle cavity 29 with they same ultimate effect.

When lilled and ready for use, the toy appears as shown in FIGURE 2. The pump cylinder 3l? is in communication with the water reservoir 17 through `the Yinlet valve chamber 43 which is open inasmuch as the inlet ball check 61, for lack. of a lateral pressure 'diierentiaL rests on the bottom of the chamber 43.

,As the actuator V19is depressed in simulation of the water through the inlet valve chamber 43, leaving it ready for the next cycle.

Thus the invention provides a'novelty lighter, simple in construction, which, on a single filling, will provide repeated multiplespraysgof water.

Various features of the invention are set forth in the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A toy'comprising a main body simulating the appcarance of the body of a cigarette lighter, said main body having therein a generally closedr'liquid reservoir, means on said main body for introducing liquid into said reservoir, jet orifice means on said main body, said orifice means resembling awick holder and including a plurality 'of flow passageways, equalizing means in said main body to balance liquid ow through said Ypassageways, and a pump in said main body, said vpump including an inlet in communication with said liquid reservoir, an. outlet in communication with said jet orifice means, and an actuaigniting operation ofia cigarette lighter, the plunger 51 moves downward in the cylinder 39. The resulting increase in pressure of the water in the vcylinder k39 forces the inlet ball check'61 against the inlet reducer 59, effectively sealing the aperture,.and overcomes the bias tor Vextending, exteriorly of said main body for efecting discharge of liquid Vform said reservoir andout of said flow passageways when operated in a manner simulating the igniting operation of a cigarette lighter.

2. A toy simulating the appearance of a cigarette lighter, which toy comprises a housing, means within said housing forming a generally closed liquid reservoir, means in said housing for introducingliquid into said reservoir,

of the valve spring 67, thereby opening the outiiow opening 49,.as illustrated in FIGURE 3f. This allows water to iiow through the outlet valve chamber and, by way of the hose 63, into'the flow equalization chamber 73. From thechamber, the water enters the four spray tubes 21 from which it squirts into the atmosphere. The four tubes 421 are positioned, as illustrated in FIGURE 4, so that. one squirts generally vertically upward romthe nozzle V15, another squirts forward at an angle from the vertical, and the remaining ktwo squirt toward either Thus, when the of the sprays will be sure ofrreaching the victim.v

' When the outilow of Water from the cylinder 39 causes the pressure therein to dropbelow that of the valve spring 67, the outlet Vball check 69 is forced into the Y outflow opening 49, thereby sealing it. This endsk the spray of water from the nozzle but leaves the liow cham- Vber 73, the Vhose 63 and the outletva'lve. chamber V45 When the filled with water, ready for the next action. actuator 19k-is released, the pump spring 5S forces the plunger 51nupward, returning it to itsj initial positiong,

Y, g The upward motion of the plunger 51 in the cylinder 39 creates a suction which refills the cylinder 39 with,V

close said inlet and said outlet, and means connected to 'i said housing for actuating saidrpumping means.

, 3. A toy simulating they appearance of a cigarette lighter, which toy comprises a housing, means within K said' housing forming a generally closed liquid reservoir, means in said housing for introducing liquid into said reservoir, jet lorifice means connected to said'housing and including a plurality of iiow passageways located so as tov directjets of liquid'in dierent directions, equalizing Vmeans in communication with said passageways for balancing liquid owtherethrough, pumping means mounted within said housing in communication with said reservoir for eiecting discharge of liquid from said reservoirvand out ofsaid ow passageways, and means connected to `said housing for actuating sadpumping means.

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