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Publication numberUS3142301 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 28, 1964
Filing dateNov 20, 1962
Priority dateNov 20, 1962
Publication numberUS 3142301 A, US 3142301A, US-A-3142301, US3142301 A, US3142301A
InventorsOlga Erteszek
Original AssigneeOlga Erteszek
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Elasticized panty garment
US 3142301 A
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July 28, 1964 o. ERTESZEK ELASTICIZED PANTY GARMENT Filed Nov. 20, 1962 l NVENTOR. .EZ TESZEK BY A 7 roelvsys.

United States Patent 3,142,301 ELASTICIZED PANTY GARMENT Olga Erteszek, 7915 Haskell Ave., Van Nuys, Calif. Filed Nov. 20, 1962, Ser. No. 238,854 6 Claims. (Cl. 128528) This invention relates to improvements in elasticized panties in the category of so-called briefs, in that the garment is legless and is adapted to elastically fit about the wearers legs.

My general object is to provide a novel construction for garments of this type, whereby it is possible to achieve the dual advantages of girdle confinement and freedom of a brief, while eliminating what ordinarily would result in excessive leg pressure or confinement by reason of elasticizing the garment as a whole.

In accordance with the invention, the present garment is reduced to a simple construction and combination of a torso-encircling elastic body portion which serves the purposes of a girdle, and a front panel and crotch portion so associated therewith as to form, with independent capacities for movement as later described, an overlying front reinforcement and means in conjunction with the body, providing the leg openings.

The stated relationship between the body, panel and crotch components, is achieved by forming the body for complete torso-encirclement in the manner of a girdle by sewing the panel at the waist and along opposite edges to locations spaced above the front bottom of the body, all in a manner such that the panel overlies the body and has freedom for movement or stretching relative thereto, except where the two are sewn together, so that the bottom extent of the panel and crotch section have freedom for wear conformance independently of the body. As will appear, bottom edge extents of the body together with continuing edges of the crotch section, form the leg openings. By reason of the relative freedom of the crotch and panel sections, the garment fits about the legs without the degree of tensioning normally encountered in elasticized leg opening briefs, thus assuring comfort to the wearer without excessive tightening about the legs. The panel structure serves the further important function of reinforcing the front area of the girdle for abdominal confinement, an effect which is enhanced by the capacity of the crotch section in the worn condition of the garment to tension downwardly the panel area.

All these as well as additional features and objects of the invention will be understood more fully from the following detailed description of an illustrative embodiment shown by the accompanying drawing in which:

FIG. 1 is a front perspective view of the garment in worn condition;

FIG. 2 is a view showing the garment in front elevation;

FIG. 3 is an enlarged cross section on line 3-3 of FIG. 2; and

FIG. 4 is a fragmentary enlarged section on line 44 of FIG. 2.

The garment is shown to comprise a body portion, generally indicated at 10, which encircles the torso and is made of elastic fabric, all in a configuration compatible with panty brief size, but which has the characteristics of a girdle in that it has the capacity to confine and shape the body of the wearer. As illustrated, the garment body is shown to comprise a front section 11 made of fabric having its elastic threads running vertically and sewn to a main body portion 12 forming the sides and rear of the garment, along seam lines 13 running from the front bottom edge 14 of the body to its waist line 15 and felted under-band 16. Preferably the body portion 12 is made of fabric having its elastic threads running horizontally to afford somewhat greater stretch resistance and body confinement in that direction.

Overlying the front section 11 and sewn to the body along seams 17 coincident with the body seams 13 is a. panel 18 stitched to the body at 19 and along the waist line 15, the panel being made of elastic fabric having its threads running horizontally in keeping with the elastic thread direction of the body portion 12. The seams 17 terminate, as illustrated, above the bottom edge 14 of the body, and the panel edges thence converge inwardly at 20 to join the continuing convergent edges 21 of a narrowing crotch piece 22 sewn at 23 to the bottom of the panel 18 and connected at 24, see FIG. 3, to the body portion 12 at the rear of the garment. The crotch piece 22, which in some respects may be regarded as a continuance of the panel 18, has felt-like edge linings 25 which continue as linings at 26 within the bottom edges of the body 10. It is preferred to make the crotch piece 22 of elastic fabric having its elastic threads running vertically, or generally normal to the panel elastic threads.

From the explanation given, it will be observed that other than along its side and top edges of attachment to the body, the panel 18, together with the crotch piece 22, is capable of stretching relative to and independently of the body 10. Thus, while the latter serves the girdlecharacteristic functions, the panel and crotch piece are free to serve in conjunction with the body, as a front panel reinforcement productive of a abdominal flattening effect, and also to form the forward edge portions of the leg openings 27, all in a manner such that the garment is properly and comfortably conformed to the legs of the wearer, but without that degree of elastic confinement which would produce indentation and localized bulging if the leg openings were defined by continuously endless tensioned elastic. Further in connection with the added abdominal support afforded by the front panel, the capacity of the latter to stretch downwardly under tension transmitted from the crotch piece 22 in the worn condition of the garment, results in a supplementation of inherent elastic properties of the panel by the added stretching, generally vertical, transmitted by the crotch piece.

I claim:

1. An elasticized brief undergarment comprising a torso encircling body made of elastic fabric, a wide upper panel of elastic material overlying a substantial portion of the front of said body and having side edges sewn to said body along extents running from the body waist downwardly to locations spaced above the front bottom edge of the body, said panel having lower side edge continuations of said upper edges which extend freely of attachment to the body below said locations, and a crotch portion connected at one end to the bottom of said panel and at the other end to the bottom part of the rear of said body, the panel being progressively narrowed downwardly between said lower edges to meet said crotch portion of the garment, the lower free edges of the panel and the crotch portion together with a bottom edge of the body defining leg openings the edges of which are adapted to elastically fit the wearer, said panel in the worn condition of the garment elastically imposing abdominal flattening force upon the underlying body of the garment.

2. A garment according to claim 1, in which said body and panel are free of interconnection except at the Waist and along said sewn upper side edges.

3. A garment according to claim 2, in which the bottom edge of the body curves upwardly from the rear connection with said crotch portion throughout the edge extent underlying said panel.

4. A garment according to claim 3, in which said panel is formed of a section having its bottom edge curved in overlying general correspondence with the underlying running horizontally and said crotch portion is formed 5 of fabric having elastic threads running longitudinally of the crotch portion.

6. A garment according to claim 2, in which the free lower side edges of said panel converge directly below said locations in overlying relation with the body and such convergence is continued in the side edges of the crotch portion.

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International ClassificationA41C1/00
Cooperative ClassificationA41C1/003
European ClassificationA41C1/00C