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Publication numberUS31436 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 19, 1861
Publication numberUS 31436 A, US 31436A, US-A-31436, US31436 A, US31436A
InventorsFranklin Bisbee
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Mason s trowel
US 31436 A
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Specification of Letters Patent No.

To all whom 'it may concer/n:

Be it known that I, FRANKLIN BISBEE, of Scituate, in the county of Plymouth and State of Massachusetts, have invented an Improved Ferrule for Masons Trowels; and I do hereby declare that the following, taken in connection with the drawings which accompany and form part of this specification, is a description of my invention so full and exact as to enable those skilled in the 'art to practice it:

It is well known to tho'se who have occasion to use the ordinary Inasons trowel in which the ferrule on that part of the handle nearest the blade of the instrument is a plain cylindrical or conical metallic tube) that, in spreading mortar and cement, and in breaking and trimming bricks, the thumb and fore finger of the hand grasping the instrument lap over, and become chafed and worn by the salient angle of the errule, and also that the instrument is apt to work loose in the handle, and to break in the offset of thel shank between the handle and the blade. To protect the hand of the operative, to keep the shank firm in the handle, and to prevent its breakage as above mentioned is the object of my invention. This is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, of which- Figures l and 2 are a plan and a side view of a trowel embodying my invention, and Fig. 3 is a sectional elevation of my peculiarly formed ferrule detached from other parts of the trowel.

From inspection of the drawings it will be seen that the handle a extends into the fer- 31,436, dated February 19, 1861.

rule Z), but not through it, and that the end of t-he ferrule is closed over the end of the handle, leaving a hole of the size, and for the insertion, of the shank c, which continues through the handle and is riveted over the ferrule cl at the other end of the handle.

The upper corner of the errule b is rounded oi, as seen at e, toward the lines of the oiiset part, f, of the shank. The sides of the ferrule ZJ are extended nearly half way around f, and the lower portion of Z) is extended downward. upon f as well as about half around it. This forms, in the end of 5, a groove in which the shank fits. and by which it is supported and strength cned, While no corner or angle exists about the juncture of the ferrule 5 with the shank which can catch or chate thev linger or thumb.

It is incidental to the use of my ferrule that the wooden handle is protected by it from contact with lime.

It will be obvious that my errule may be used with other instruments which have a similar oset in the shank.

I claim- The ferrule, shaped and operating substantially as set forth, when combined with the handle and oset shank of a masons trowel or other tool.




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