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Publication numberUS3144935 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 18, 1964
Filing dateSep 4, 1962
Priority dateSep 4, 1962
Publication numberUS 3144935 A, US 3144935A, US-A-3144935, US3144935 A, US3144935A
InventorsArthur E Geyler
Original AssigneeArthur E Geyler
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Key holder
US 3144935 A
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1934 A. E. GEYLER 3,144,935

KEY HOLDER Filed Sept. 4, 1962 INVENTOR. ART/MP5 GE); 5?.

" E53 immgm AT T OKNE'X United States Patent M 3,144,935 KEY HQILBER Arthur Geyier, 1125 W. Palm Lane, Phoenix 3, Filed Sept. 4, 11962, Ser. No. 22 1,6119

ll Claim. (*Ci. we -56) This invention pertains to a holder for a key which is adapted to be adhesively secured to substantially any type of surface.

One of the objects of this invention is to provide a key holder which lends itself to ready adhesive attachment to a convenient surface.

Another object is to provide a key holder which con.- pletely seals up the key until emergency use is required.

A further object is to provide a key holder which is thin and inconspicuous.

And another object is to provide a key holder having a pocket portion for the key and a broad fiat surface adapted for adhesive securing to a supporting surface.

And it is a further object to provide a laminated key holder structure providing a totally enclosed key pocket with releasable access flap and a tear sheet to expose an adhesive mounting surface.

Further features and advantages of this invention will appear from a detailed description of the drawings in which:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view showing a use of the key holder on a belt.

FIG. 2 is an enlarged exploded view of the key holder showing the essential parts of the key holder.

FIG. 3 is an enlarged cross section through the key holder on the line 3-3 of FIG. 1.

As an example of one embodiment of this invention, there is shown a key holder comprising the base member and the cover member 11. The base member 10 is provided on its surface 12 with a self-sticking adhesive coating which is covered by a suitable tear or strip sheet 13 to be removed at the time a key holder is attached to a surface. The base member 10 and cover member 11 are permanently joined together in the areas M by a suitable adhesive, sewing or other suitable manner up to the line 15. The areas 16 are demountably adhesively joined together. The corner 17 of the base member 14) is clipped so that the corner 18 of the cover member ll may be accessible for stripping the members apart or rejoining them in the areas 16 back to the line for inserting and removing an object such as a key 19 from the key pocket area 20 formed by the members 10 and 11 Within the joined areas 14. With the key 19 inserted in Bi l-4,935 ii atented Aug. 18, 1964 the area 2i? and the end areas 16 pressed together, the tear strip is removed exposing the adhesive coating 12 for presentation to a mounting surface 21 of any desired object such as the inside of a belt 22, this being highly feasible because of the thin totally sealed structure of the key holder.

While the apparatus herein disclosed and described constitutes a preferred form of the invention, it is also to be understood that the apparatus is capable of mechanical alteration without departing from the spirit of the invention and that such mechanical arrangement and commercial adaptation as fall Within the scope of the appendent claims are intended to be included herein.

Having thus fully set forth and described this invention What is claimed and desired to be obtained by United States Letters patent is:

A key holder comprising in combination:

(A) a single sheet base member,

(B) a single sheet cover member,

(C) means for permanently securing a portion of the peripheral portion of said members together to form a key pocket area therebetween,

(D) means for demountably adhesively securing the remainder of said peripheral portions of said members together to provide accessibility to said key pocket area for inserting and removing said key in said pocket,

(E) a self-sticking adhesive coating on the entire outside face of said base member,

(F) a tear sheet demountably presented on said adhesive coating on the outside of said base member to protect said adhesive coating until attachment of the key holder to a mounting surface,

(G) and a clipped corner on the demountably adhesively secured portion of said bore member exposing the adhesively coated non-clipped corner on said cover member so that said non-clipped corner of said member is adapted to adhesively secure said key holder along with the adhesive coating on the outside of said base member to an object upon which it is to be mounted.

Svirchev Dec. 30, 1958 Ladd Sept. 5, 1961

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International ClassificationA45C11/32
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European ClassificationA45C11/32S