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Publication numberUS314812 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 31, 1885
Filing dateMay 27, 1884
Publication numberUS 314812 A, US 314812A, US-A-314812, US314812 A, US314812A
InventorsJames B. Elliott
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James b
US 314812 A
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(No Model.)


Y UNIGYGLESKATE. No. 314,812..

Patented Mar. 31, 1885.






SPECIFICATION forming part ofLetters Patent No. 314,812, dated March 31, 1885.

Application filed May 27, 1884. (N0 model.)

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, JAMES B. ELLIOTT, of London, England, have invented a new and Improved Unicycle Skate, of which the following is a full, clear, and exact description.

The invention relates to improvements in unicycle skates; and it consists in the peculiar construction and arrangement of parts, as hereinafter fully described, and pointed outin the claims.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification, in which similar letters of reference indicate corresponding parts in all the figures.

Figure l is a longitudinal elevation of my improved unicycle skate. Fig. 2 is a plan view of the top boot-holding device. Fig. 3 is a rear end view of the heel part of the footplate. Fig. 4 is a longitudinal sectional elevation of the heel. Fig. 5 is a rear end view of the same.

A wheel, A, having ball-bearings, is loosely mounted on a short shaft, B, on which a bar, 0, is held by a winged nut, D, the end of the shaft passing through a vertical slot, 0, in the bar. The lower end of the bar 0 is forked, to form two prongs, E and E, the lower free ends of which are bent outward from the wheel, and on the outwardly-bent ends of the same a foot-plate, F, is riveted, which is provided with a heel-socket, G, and with clamps H, for holding the front part of the foot.

In the rear end of the heel-socket an aperture, a, is formed, through which a latch-bolt, J, passes, which is secured to a frame, K, projecting upward on the rear end of the heelsocket, and formed of a wire coiled around a rod, L, held under the heel-socket, and thus forming spiral springs M, which springs press the bolt J inward through the aperture a. The ends of the wire are secured on the underside of the heel-socket. The top of the bolt J is beveled at the inner end.

'On a strap, N, two outwardly-projecting lugs, O, are secured, in which a U-shaped piece or shackle, P, is pivoted, the middle of which is pivoted to a loop, box, or frame, Q,

fitting on the upper end of the bar 0.

- The strap Nis provided with a buckle, B. An aperture, S, is formed in the back of manner: The bar 0 is adjustedto the desired height. The strap N is secured around the top of the boot and the piece Q moved downward, so that the upper end of the bar 0 can pass through the same, thus holding the top of theboot on the top of the bar 0. The heel of the boot is pressed into the heel-socket, and the bolt J snaps into the aperture S in the back of the heel. The front part of the foot is held by the clamps H. The ,unicycle skate is thus held onthe foot.

One of the above-described devices is secured on each foot.

1f the foot is to be removed, the clamp H having been released, the upper end of the frame K is pulled outward to withdraw the bolt J, when the foot and the boot on the same can be withdrawn.

The boX or frame Q can slide up and down on the bar 0, the shackle P can swing on the frame Q in a plane parallel with the bar O, and the strap can swing on the shackle P in a plane at right angles to thesides of the bar 0, thus permitting the upper part of the boot and the leg in the same to move slightly in three directions.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is

1. In a unicycle skate, the combination, with the foot-plate F, having the heel-socket G, provided with the aperture a, of the rod L, secured to the under side of the heel"socket,the spring-frame K M, secured on the said rod and provided with the bolt J, projecting through the aperture of the said socket, substantially as herein shown and described.

2. The combination, with the strap N, of a. shackle, P, pivoted in jaws or lugs on the strap, and of a frame or box, Q, pivoted to the shackle, substantially as herein shown and described.




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