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Publication numberUS3148698 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1964
Filing dateMar 1, 1962
Priority dateMar 1, 1962
Publication numberUS 3148698 A, US 3148698A, US-A-3148698, US3148698 A, US3148698A
InventorsArnold Raymond L
Original AssigneeArnold Raymond L
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Prefabricated water supply and drain unit for washing machines
US 3148698 A
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Sept. 15, 1964 Filed March 1, 1962 FIG. 1.


UNIT FOR WASHING MACHINES 2 Sheets-Sheet l 17 2g 1p 18 go 15 19 23 DVVEBHTHL RAYMgND L. ARNOLD H m Wi- ATTORNEY p 1964 R. ARNOLD 3,1483698 PREFABRICATEDY WATER SUPPLY AND DRMM FOR WASHING MACHINES Flled. March 1,. 1962. 2 Shana-Sheet- 2'- United States Patent PREFABRECATED WATER SUPPLY AND DRAIN This invention relates to improvements in prefabricated water supply and drain units for domestic washing machines and the like.

Important general objects of the invention are to provide a supply and drain unit of the mentioned character characterized by ease of installation and maintenance, ready accessibility during use, neatness and attractiveness in appearance, full compliance with building and fire regulations, and adaptability to wall studs having conventional spacing.

A further and more specific object of the invention is to provide a unit of the mentioned character characterized by a one-piece housing having a removable divider bracket or partition which normally conceals the water inlet valves but allows ready access thereto for servicing and/0r replacement.

Another object is to provide a prefabricated unit of the mentioned character adapted to be mounted substantially flush within a finished wall opening in a home laundry room in a neat and attractive manner and having means to assure that no water will run down the exterior or interior faces of the wall and that all water will pass safely into the drain pipe.

Still another object is to provide readily adjustable mounting bracket or hanger means for the unit attachable directly to internal wall studs and supporting the housing of the unit floatingly and in a laterally adjustable manner.

Another object is to provide a unit of the mentioned character which allows the washing machine to be placed close to the wall without interfering with the machine or any other object resting the normal baseboard distance from the wall.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent during the course of the following detailed description.

In the accompanying drawings forming a part of this application and in which like numerals are employed to designate like parts throughout the same,

FIGURE 1 is a front perspective View of a water supply and drain unit for washing machines according to the invention,

FIGURE 2 is a horizontal cross section taken substantially on line 2-2 of FIGURE land showing the unit according to the invention mounted in a wall opening,

FIGURE 3 is a rear perspective view of the unit,

FIGURE 4 is a vertical section taken on line 44 of FIGURE 1 and showing the unit in the wall opening,

FIGURE 5 is a diagrammatic side elevation on a reduced scale showing the unit in relation to a washing machine in a laundry room of a home.

In the drawings, wherein for the purpose of illustration is shown a preferred embodiment of the invention, the numeral designates a one-piece rectangular box-like housing formed of sheet metal and having a forward open side adapted to be arranged vertically in use, a rear vertical wall 11, vertical side walls 12 and top and bottom horizontal walls 13 and 14, as shown. If preferred, the one-piece housing 10 may be formed of plastics material or other like materials of sufficient strength and resist ance to heat.

The housing 19 is provided upon its rear wall at the horizontal center thereof with a horizontal transverse support or channel member 15, open at its opposite ends and having upper and lower longitudinal flanges 16 rigid- 1y secured to the outer face of the rear wall 11 by spot welding or the like. The channel member 15 is provided with a horizontally elongated rectangular guide opening 17 formed therethrough, slidably receiving short lateral extensions 18 of channel-shaped horizontally adjustable hanger brackets 19 which support the housing 10 adjustably in a manner to be described. The extensions 18 carry integral fiat flanges 20 which engage slidably upon the rear face of the channel member 15, as shown. At their outer ends, the hanger brackets 19 carry integral forwardly extending arms 21 at right angles to the brackets 19 and having forward apertured lugs 22 integral therewith and at right angles thereto and extending outwardly of the arms 21, near and inwardly of the forward open side of the housing 10. Rear apertured tongues 23 struck from the material of the arms 21 extend parallel to the lugs 22 in spaced opposed relation thereto and midway between the same. The tongue 23 lie in the plane of the adjustable brackets 19, as shown. The brackets 19 are readily adjustable by sliding longitudinally inwardly and outwardly horizontally relative to the channel member 15. Outward movement of the brackets 19 is positively limited by engagement of the extensions 18 with the ends of the adjustment slot 17. The hanger brackets 19 are adapted to bodily support the housing It) and associated elements during use of the unit within a Wall opening.

As shown in FIGURES 2 and 4, the invention unit is fixedly mounted within a wall opening 24 with the forward open side of the housing 10 substantially flush with the inner finished surface of the wall, shown at 25. To install the housing It? within the wall opening prior to plastering, the hanger brackets 19 are adjusted longitudinally of the channel member 15 to position the arms 21, lugs 22 and tongues 23 into socketing engagement with an adjacent pair of two-by-four studs 26 forming parts of the conventional wall structure. Nails 27 are then driven through the apertures of the lugs 22 and tongues 23 to firmly anchor the brackets 13 to the studs. The housing 10 through the medium of channel member 15 is now floatingly supported upon the hanger brackets 19 and may be shifted horizontally as required for proper centering in the well opening.

Angle bars 28 and 29 are rigidly secured by spot welding or the like to the top and side walls 13 and 12 of the housing 10, near and rearwardly of the forward open side of the housing to provide bearing surfaces around the wall opening for the interior Wall finish 25,- as shown.

The housing top wall 13 isprovided with laterally spaced openings 31 for elbow pipe nipples 31, anchored therein by pipe nuts 32 above and below the top Wall 1-3. Hot and cold water supply lines 33, FIGURE 4, are detachably connected at 34 with the top screwthreaded extensions of nipples 31 above the housing top wall 13. The water lines 33 are arranged within the hollow wall structure in a conventional manner and are fully concealed from view.

Hot and cold water valve bodies 35 are connected with the lower ends of the nipples 31 and lie within the interior of the housing 10 near and below the top wall 13 and about midway between the rear Wall "11 and the forward open side of the housing. The valve bodies 35 are inclined as shown and have their operating handles 36 disposed forwardly thereof and projecting slightly forwardly throughthe open side of the housing as best shown in FIGURE 4 for ready access.

A generally L-shaped divider bracket or partition 37 is removably secured within the upper portion of the housing lti'by sheet metal screws 38 or the like engaging through openings in top and bottom flanges 33 and 40 of the divider partition and also engaging within openings in the housing top wall 13 and rear wall 11. The forward inclined side wall 41 of the divider partition 37 lies close to and parallel with the valve bodies 35 to conceal the latter, and the side wall 41 has openings to receive the valve handle stems. The inclined bottom wall 42 of divider partition 37 underlies the valve bodies 35 at right angles thereto and has spaced openings to receive adapters 43 which serves to couple the lower ends of the valves with the hot and cold water supply hoses 44 leading to the washing machine 45 shown in FIGURE 5. The hoses 44 extend downwardly and through the open side of the housing 10 and then connect with the conventional water intake fittings of the washing machine 45 as shown diagrammatically in FIG- URE 5.

The bottom wall 14 of housing 10 has a central opening 46 formed therethrough for a two part drain hose adapter 47. This adapter has a lower coupling nut portion 48 projecting below the bottom wall 14 for connection with the usual drain pipe 49 concealed within the Wall below the invention unit. The nut portion 48 has an annular shoulder 50 abutting the bottom of the wall 14 and an upstanding externally screw-threaded tubular part 51 integral therewith projecting through the opening 46 and above the bottom wall 14 of the housing. An

. upper locking ring portion 52 of the adapter 47 has screwthreaded engagement over the tubular part 51 and bears upon the top of the same. The locking ring portion 52 also engages the bottom wall 14 and clampingly secures the adapter 47 thereto. A plurality of circumferentially spaced drain slots 53 are formed through the elements 51 and 52 at the level of the housing bottom wall 14 to assure that any water collecting thereon will enter the drain pipe 49. The usual washing machine drain hose 54 is engageable within the bore of the adapter 47, FIGURE 4, to convey the drain water from the washing machine to the drain pipe 49 under influence of the washing machine pump.

A forward rectangular finishing frame 55 is provided having a marginal flange 56 to bear upon the finished wall surface 25 and to conceal the wall opening 24 and the forward edge of the housing 10. The frame 55 has an inner rectangular flange 57 which fits telescopically into the open side of the housing 10 and is preferably dimpled at a plurality of points as shown at The dimpled portions 58 interfit frictionally with coacting recesses 59 in the housing walls to provide a snap fastenor-like connection between the frame 55 and housing, allowing the frame to be snapped into place and secured without the use of screws or other separate fastener elements. The frame is readily removable from the housing when this is desirable. The frame 55 may carry suitable grounding screws 60 for electrical appliances, as


The interior corners of the housing are formed with generous radii to prevent the collection of moisture within the corners and to facilitate wiping or cleaning the interior of the housing with a cloth when desired.

When itis desired to service the valves 35, it is merely'neces'sary to remove the screws 38 and then remove the divider partition 37 from the housing and access to the. valves may then be had without disturbing or removing the'housing l0.

The invention unit is highly compact, neat and attractive injappea rance, and unsightly parts are fully concealie'd-within the wall structure and behind the removable partition si. By employing the invention unit,.water is effectively prevented from dripping down the exterior or interior surfaces of the wall and the device therefore 42 the shape, size and arrangement of parts may be resorted to, without departing from the spirit of the invention or scope of the subjoined claims.

What is claimed is:

1. A valve-enclosing fixture box for use with washing machines and adapted to be mounted in a wall opening, said wall including spaced upright studs on opposite sides of the wall opening, said box comprising a box-like housing positioned within the wall opening and having a forward open side and a rear substantially vertical wall, a substantially horizontal channel member secured to the rear face of said rear Wall and having a substantially horizontal guide opening, hanger brackets horizontally slidably engaging within the channel member and including parts at corresponding ends thereof having guided engagement with said guide opening and engageable with the ends of the guide opening to positively limit outward movement of the hanger brackets, transverse arms on the outer ends of the hanger brackets extending beyond corresponding sides thereof in opposed relation to said studs, and apertured elements on said arms and hanger brackets substantially at right angles to the arms and projecting outwardly therefrom and forming therewith sockets to receive the studs, whereby nails may be driven through the apertures of said elements into the studs to anchor the hanger brackets thereto, said housing then being fioatingly supported laterally upon the hanger brackets.

- the wall opening and having its forward side open for,

greatly facilitates maintaining the laundry and appliance room in good order.

It is to be understood that the form of the invention herewith shown and described is to be taken as a preferred example of the same, and that various changes in 2; A valve-enclosing fixture box for use with washing machines and adapted to be mounted in a wall opening, said wall including spaced upright studs on opposite sides of the wall opening, said box comprising a box-like housing having a forward open side disposed within the wall opening with said open side substantially flush with an exterior finished surface of the wall, laterally adjustable hanger bracket means on the rear side of said housing adapted to be anchored to said studs and bodily supporting said housing laterally adjustably, a generally L-shaped divider partition within said housing detachably secured to the top and rear walls thereof, a drain pipe adapter in the bottom wall of said housing rearwardly of the wall opening and adapted to receive the drain hose of the washing machine when the latter is extended through the open side of the housing and having a multiplicity of drain slots near the level of the housing bottom wall to prevent the accumulation of Water in the bottom of the housing.

3. The invention as defined by claim 2, and a finishing frame for the forward open side of the housing having readily releasable telescopic engagement therein and including a flange abutting the exterior finished face of said wall outwardly of the wall opening and surroundingthe same.

4. A valve-enclosing fixture box for use with washing machines and adapted to be mounted in a wall opening substantially flush with the finished faceof the wall, said box comprising a rectangular housing positioned within ready access to the interior of the housing, a substantially horizontal channel member on the back of said housing, a pair of separate hanger brackets adjustably 'slidably mounted within the channel member and being extensible and retractable relative to the opposite sides of the housing and having socket means at their outerends for attachment to upright studs of the wall on opposite sides of the wall opening-and bodily supporting the housing, means on the top wall of the housing for supporting fixtures within the housing, drain fitting means on the bottom wall of the housing including drain slots at the level of the bottom wall, and a removable partition member, within the housing for cancealing said fixtures from view but allowing ready access thereto for servicing without the necessity for removing the housing from the wall opening.

5. The invention as defined by claim 4, and wherein said partition member is an inclined generally L-shaped partition having vertical and horizontal flanges secured to the top and rear walls of the housing and spanning the housing transversely.

6. The invention as defined by claim 4, and wherein said channel member has a horizontally elongated slot formed therethrough and said hanger brackets are provided at their inner ends with transverse extensions having sliding engagement within said slot, and flanges on said extensions having interlocking engagement with the channel member on opposite sides of said slot.

7. The invention as defined by claim 4, and wherein said socket means of the hanger brackets comprises transverse arms on the outer ends of the hanger brackets, apertured lugs on corresponding ends of said arms substantially at right angles thereto, and apertured tongues on the hanger brackets in spaced opposed relation to the apertured lugs, said lugs and tongues adapted to receive nails for securing the hanger brackets fixedly to Wall studs. 8. The invention as defined by claim 4, and abutment elements on opposite sides of said housing rearwardly of the forward open side thereof and forming bearings for finishing material on the outer face of said wall.

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