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Publication numberUS3148851 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 15, 1964
Filing dateOct 23, 1961
Priority dateOct 23, 1961
Publication numberUS 3148851 A, US 3148851A, US-A-3148851, US3148851 A, US3148851A
InventorsCondon George K
Original AssigneeCondon George K
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Golf cart umbrella attachment
US 3148851 A
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Sept. 15, 1964 e. K. CONDON 3,148,851

GOLF CART UMBRELLA ATTACHMENT Filed 061.- 23, 1961 2 Sheets-Sheet l Figl Fig. 4

George K. Condon 8 INVENTOR.

Sept. 15, 1964 G. K. CONDON 3,148,851

com CART UMBRELLA ATTACHMENT Filed Oct. 23. 1961 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 George K Condon INVENTOR.

United States Patent 3,148,851 GGLF CART UMBRELLA ATTACHMENT George K. Condon, 2%450 Mitchell Ava, Eetroit 34, Mich. Filed Oct. 23, 1961, Ser. No. 146,841 3 Claims. (Cl. 243-41) The present invention relates to a novel holder attachment for an umbrella and cooperatively associated mounting means, a bracket or fixture for example, which enables the user to detachably and adjustably mount the umbrella on a support whether the support be stationary or movable.

Persons conversant with the art to which the invention relates are aware that the concept and objective set forth in the preceding general statement of the invention is not new. Reference may be had, for instance, to the adjustable umbrella supporting bracket disclosed in a patent granted to one Johansen 2,822,143 on February 4, 1958. This patent is mentioned here for the reason that the present invention bears general resemblance in construction and purpose thereto particularly in that while the present invention was designed and constructed to mount the umbrella on a push-pull handle on a golf cart or carriage, it may likewise be anchored on and used in connection with other mobile support means and, alternatively, on stationary support means. However, and to simplify the presentation of the instant invention a golf cart handle exemplifies the support means for the umbrella.

An object of the invention is to structurally functionally and in other ways improve on the Johansen patent and any analogous prior art adaptations, such as boats and bicycles, where umbrellas are customarily used.

To the ends desired one improvement resides in the umbrella attachment. This attachment provides a readily applicable and removable holder for the umbrella. With this in mind it has been found expedient and practical to employ a simple suitably elongated rod. The upper portion of the rod parallels the umbrella handle or handgrip and is provided with a clamp or clamping head which may be readily applied'and removed. To accommodate the handgrip the rod is provided intermediate its ends with a simple economical plate which is adjustable and removable and provides a satisfactory rest or seat for the handgrip.

More specifically the umbrella holder or attachment is unique in that a feasible swing-type clamp or clamping head is employed said head having a component part thereof provided with a stud fitted removably and telescopically into the hollow upper end of the rod. Then, too, the plate is adjustable to underlie the clamping head and functions with requisite nicety in conjunction with said clamping head.

Another improvement resides in the bracket means or fixture which is detachably mounted on the golf cart handle or other equivalent support means. Briefly this fixture or bracket means is characterized by a primary two-part or an equivalent clamp which is readily applicable to the golf cart handle and which in turn carries the secondary clamp which is adjustable and constructed to accommodatingly receive and aptly hold the coacting scribed and claimed, reference being had to the accompanying drawings forming a part hereof, wherein like numerals refer to like parts throughout, and in which:

FIGURE-1 is a view in side elevation on a small scale showing a fragmentary portion of a conventional golf cart and push-pull handle, illustrating a conventional umbrella and the umbrella attachment or holder and anchoring fixture or bracket means;

FIGURE 2 is a fragmentary perspective view on a larger scale detailing the principal component units; namely, the bracket or fixture means on the push-pull handle and the detachable and adjustable upstanding umbrella attachment or holder;

FIGURE 3 is a perspective view similar to FIGURE'Z but showing a modified ball and socket-type bracket means or fixture;

FIGURE 4 is a section taken on the plane of the vertical section line 4-4 of FIGURE 2 looking in the direction of the arrows;

FIGURE 5 is a similar view in section and elevation but taken on the plane of the section line 5-5 of FIG- URE 2;

FIGURE 6 is a horizontal section on the section line 66 of FIGURE 3;

FIGURE 7 is a sectional view on the section line 7-7 of FIGURE 6;

FIGURE 8 is a section on the section line 8-8 of FIG- URE 4; 1

FIGURE 9 is a view in perspective of one of the component parts; and

FIGURE 10 is an exploded perspective view of the head clamp shown for example in FIGURE 2.

The support means in FIGURE 1 is denoted generally by the numeral 12 and comprises a golf cart having a customary push-pull handle 14. It is on this handle that the umbrella 16 is mounted and adjustably supported. The umbrella embodies a shaft 18 provided at its lower end with a handle or handgrip Zil.

It seems advisable to first describe the holder or attachment for the umbrella particularly in that this aspect of the overall concept is the same regardless of the particular fixture or bracket means which is employed for detachably and adjustably anchoring it on the handle or support I4. With this in mind the attachment comprises the aforementioned rod 22. This rod is of suitable length and cross-section and is preferably hollow. The clamp or clamping head atop the rod may, of course, vary in construction but the swing-type clamp which is readily openable and closable has been found suitable and desirable. This' clamp is designated as an entity by the numeral 24. Specifically it comprises as shown in FIGURE 1d a suitably daigned head 25 having a depending stud or pin 28 which is fitted rotatably and removably in the socket provided at the upper end of the rod as shown in FIGURE 5. This head is provided with a V-shaped seat 30 which is cooperable with a corresponding seat 32 provided in the relatively movable jaw 34. The head 25 constitutes the fixed jaw. Obviously the hinging lugs 36 on jaw 34 straddle and are hingedly connected to the com plern'ental or companion lug 380a jaw 26. The headed bolt 4% is pivoted as at 42 to the jaw 26 with the threaded end oooperable with the fork 44 on jaw 34, the two' jaws being held together by the wing nut 46 when in position as illustrated for example in FIG. 4. With this construction this clamping head may be applied to the shaft of the umbrella just above the handle and allowed to remain in place if desired. Then the upper end of the tube can be slipped over the trunnion-like stud 28. The handle or handgrip supporting and seating member is removable and adjustable and comprises a simple fiat-faced plate 48 having a hole 50 (FIG. 9) therein and through which the rod passes. The bifurcated end provides furcations 52 which accommodatingly receive the assembling and clamping screw or bolt 54. Thus a straight rod with a clamping head at the top and a seating plate on the median portion of the rod provides a highly satisfactory holder for the umbrella permitting the same to be attached to and removed from the support or other handle 14.

Bracket means is adapted to be anchored on the handle or support 14. Reference is bad first to FIGURES 2, 4 and 8 wherein it will be noted that generally speaking the bracket means or fixture is characterized by two distinguishable units one of which may be referred to as the primary clamp 56 and the other as the secondary or rod clamp 58 (FIG. 4). The first clamp comprises a block-like part or body 60 having a suitable seat for the handle 14- and provided with screw-threaded holes 62 to accommodate screw-threaded shanks on th attaching and retaining screws 64. These screws pass through end portions 66 provided in the removable clamping plate 68. This plate conforms to the handle and is adjustably bolted in place in the manner shown. The body 60 is provided with a projecting shank 7 which is screwthreaded to accommodate a nut 72 carrying a knurled knob 74. Interposed between the nut and the primary clamp is the secondary rod clamp 58 comprising opposed spaced parallel ring-like members 76 and 78 with their opposed faces recessed to accommodate a coil spring 80 encircling the pin 70. The mating faces of the component parts 66 and 76 are serrated to provide locking or retaining teeth denoted generally at 82 in FIGURE 2. These parts 76 and 78 are provided on marginal edges with outstanding or radial lugs which are suitably shaped to provide jaws constituting a clamp 84 for the lower end of the aforementioned rod 22. This arrangement and the overall result may be observed in FIGURE 2. In practice the holder or attachment for the umbrella is mounted on the shaft of the umbrella by applying the aforementioned swing-type clamp and interconnecting the rod 22 with the clamp by way of the stud 28. The plate 48 is adjusted or turned in whatever manner desired to seat and support the lower end of the handgrip of the umbrella. The lower end of the rod 22 is fitted into the clamp 84 in an obvious manner. Assuming that the bracket or fixture means, comprising the primary and secondary clamps 56 and 58 has been applied on the handle 14 it will be evident as to what the construction and arrangement of parts is and how these parts coordinate in supporting the umbrella. The construction allows the umbrella to be adjusted vertically for height. In addition the position of the bracket means on the handle 14 may be shifted as desired. Furthermore the parts of the bracket means are such as to allow for further adjnstment so that it is possible to angle the shaft 18 of the umbrella to assume the most advantageous position. With reference to FIGURE 8 it will be seen that if desired the member 78 may be provided with an outstanding keeper lug 85 fitting into a keeper socket 88 to assist in keeping the parts properly assembled and aligned. With respect now to the modification reference may be made to FIGURES 3, 6 and 7. With reference to FIGURE 3 the bracket means or fixture comprises a simple attaching clamp 90 having jaws 100 held in place by clamping screws 102. This jaw means is provided at its top with a spherical ball 104 constituting a ball joint ing member and which functions to accommodate the companion half-sections 106 of the socket member. These half-sections are provided with outstanding suitably designed grips 108 which provide a clamp for the aforementioned rod and which are bound together by component parts and the attending features and advan-' tages. Therefore a more extended description is regarded as unnecessary.

The foregoing is considered as illustrative only of the principles of the invention. Further, since numerous modifications and changes will readily occur to those skilled in the art, it is not desired to limit the invention to the exact construction and operation shown and de scribed, and accordingly all suitable modifications and equivalents may be resorted to, falling within the scope of the invention as claimed.

What is claimed as new is as follows:

1. In combination, bracket means embodying a primary clamp having complemental parts adapted to be clampingly mounted on a support, a shank having one end connected to and projecting from one side of said primary clamp, a secondary clamp embodying opposed spaced parallel members encircling said shank, the opposed inner faces of said members being provided with aligned spring seating recesses, a coil spring surrounding a median portion of the shank and having end portions thereof nested in the seating recesses provided therefor, said shank having a free screw-threaded end, said screwthreaded end being provided with a nut, said nut serving to clampingly bind said ring-like members together against the tension of the spring, said ring-like members being provided with cooperating jaws providing a clamp for a rod, one of said ring-like members being provided with retaining teeth adjustably connected with coaeting retaining teeth on an adjacent part of the primary clamp, and a rod having a lower end portion detachably and adjustably mounted between said jaws and rising vertically therefrom and provided on an upper end with means for the attachment of an umbrella shaft and handgrip thereto.

2. For use when desiring to support an open umbrella in a usable elevated position on a support; an adapter bracket embodying a primary clamp having companion parts adapted to'clampingly embrace said support, said parts being separably joined and a secondary clamp detachably and adjustably mounted on and carried by said primary clamp and having jaws which are designed and adapted to clampingly grip a rod, and means for mounting the aforementioned umbrella on said adapter bracket, said means comprising an umbrella attachment embodying an elongated hollow rod, the lower end portion of said rod being fitted and clampingly held between the above,- named jaws, a seating member comprising a plate disposed at right angles to said rod and having one end thereof rotatably, slidingly and detachably clamped on a median portion of said rod, and a clamping head embodying a head portion provided with a depending stud fitting telescopically and removably into the hollow portion of the upper end of said rod, said head portion resting atop said upper end, said head portion being notched and constituting a jaw, and a complemental jaw hingedly mounted on said head portion and fastened thereto.

3. In combination bracket means adapted for a sup port, said bracket means embodying a primary clamp having opposed cooperating parts bolted together and adapted to be clampingly bolted on said support, one of the parts of said clamp being provided with a shank, said shank fixed at one end and having an opposite screwthread end, said screw-threaded end provided with an as? sembling and binding out having a finger-grip, a secondary clamp embodying cooperating spaced parallel members slidingly rotatably mounted on a median portion of the shank between the nut and that part of the primary clamp carrying said shank, said members being provided on marginal portions thereof with outstanding opposed cooperating jaws, a rod having a lower end detachably and adjustably mounted between and secured by said jaws, said rod having an upper hollow end, clamping head means embodying a head resting removably and rotatably atop said upper end and having a depending assembling and connecting stud, said stud fitting rotatably and removably into said hollow upper end, said head portion being provided with a clamping portion acting in conjunction with said head portion and in a manner to clampingly grip the shaft portion of an umbrella, and a seating 6 a plate disposed at right angles to said rod and having one end portion adjustable on said rod.

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