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Publication numberUS3150405 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 29, 1964
Filing dateMay 1, 1963
Priority dateMay 5, 1962
Also published asDE1291450B
Publication numberUS 3150405 A, US 3150405A, US-A-3150405, US3150405 A, US3150405A
InventorsBernhard Tissler
Original AssigneeFakir Werk Wilhelm Kicherer
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Carpet cleaner
US 3150405 A
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B. TISSLER CARPET CLEANER Sept. 29, 1964 Fi led May 1 ATTORNEY United States Patent O Germany Filed May 1, 1963, Ser. No. 277,215 Claims priority, application Gzermany, May 5, 1962,

3 claims. (l. 15-351) This invention relates to a carpet cleaner which has a housing which is moved by a pivoted handle over the ground and which includes a suction nozzle, a beating and brushing device, a blower directly connected to the suction nozzle and a drive motor.

Such machines are known. Compared to prior art machines, in which the air is sucked by the blower from the dust lter through conduits having a high resistance to flow, the machine of the present invention has the advantage of having a higher suction force because the suction is highest at the inlet of the blower and decreases due to the resistance of the conduit as the distance from the blower increases.

An important disadvantage of the known machine mentioned iirst hereinbefore resides in that the lower end of the dust bag is connected to the housing so that the dustladen air is blown into the filter from below. This has not only the disadvantage that dust, which is continually whirled up, rapidly clogs the filter but that the emptying of the bag is also rendered more diicult because a person who wants to remove and replace the bag must perform all these operations in a bent position. Besides, the dust tends to fall out of the open lower end of the dust bag when the same has been removed from the housing. To reduce the noise caused by the air blown into the dust container, sound-damping devices must be provided in the known machines. For instance, such machines may comprise a relatively long tube, which may have a sounddamping lining and which extends into the dust bag so that the removal of the bag from the housing to empty the bag is rendered even more ditlicult. Finally, the dust bag has its lower end secured to the housing and its upper end fastened to the handle so that the bag restricts the pivotal movement of the handle.

All these disadvantages are eliminated in the carpet cleaner according to the invention in that the dust-laden air discharged by the blower is conducted upwardly through the handle joint and the hollow handle and is blown into the upper portion of the dust bag, which is secured to and depends from the handle.

A dust-laden air handling system is also known in which the discharged dust-laden air is conducted by a connecting hose into a dust collector from above. In this known dust-laden air handling system the air is first conducted vertically upwardly in a tube of plastic sheeting and is then directed by a deecting and connecting element into a vertically depending bag liner, which is protected by a bag cover. In this known air handling system the rodshaped handle is used only for xing the dust collector.

This expensive arrangement is avoided in the carpet cleaner according to the invention and the latter achieves a better useful eect in a simpler, more economical and reliable manner in that the handle which is required in any case serves also for conducting the air and for holding the dust bag cover and liner so that the cleaner according to the invention has less parts than the known arrangement.

In the arrangement according to the invention, the upper part of the dust bag cover and the dust bag liner surrounded by it are suitably secured to the discharge nozzle of the handle.

SJGAGS ice That portion of the discharge nozzle which protrudes from the handle has preferably ribs, which are engaged by hooks carried by the dust bag cover, which together with the dust bag liner enclosed by it is sealed by elastic rings against the nozzle portion protruding from the handle.

Besides, a portion of the upper rim of the dust bag cover is suitably held by a sliding clamp provided over the discharge nozzle. When this sliding clamp has been removed, the dust bag cover remains widely open at its upper end so that t1 e housewife can remove or insert the dust bag liner in a convenient position without need for removing the dust bag cover.

A special advantage is afforded by another feature of the invention, which resides in that the discharge nozzle to which the upper part of the dust bag cover with the dust bag liner is secured, is turnable around the handle. In this case, the bag may be suspended, eg., from the front side of the handle so that it cannot wipe on the ground and be soiled on the outside when the handle is swung downwardly for cleaning beneath furniture.

The hollow handle has a sound damping action so that special means for sound damping are not required.

The accompanying drawings show diagrammatically, partly in section, an illustrative embodiment of the invention.

PEG. 1 is a vertical longitudinal sectional View showing a machine according to the invention.

FIG. 2 is a horizontal transverse sectional View with the handle and dust bag shown in top plan, and

FIG. 3 is a sectional view showing the exhaust nozzle of the handle and the adjacent parts of the machine.

With reference to the drawing, the electric motor 1 drives in known manner by means of the belt 2 the beating and brushing roller 3 and the ran 4. The dust is sucked by the nozzle 5 and through the short ducts 6 into the blower, which blows the dust-laden air stream through the joint 7 into the holloa handle 8. The latter has a lateral nozzle 9, to which the dust bag liner 10 in its bag cover 11 is connected. The handle 8 has an angled grip end 12.

The discharge nozzle 9 has a discharge portion 13 extending into the dust bag cover 11 and the dust bag liner 1%. The portion i3 has ribs 14, which prevent the bag cover 11 and the bag liner 1G from falling o. Hooks 15 on the bag cover interengage with the ribs 14 when the dust bag 11 is pushed on the discharge nozzle. The bag cover l1 and the bag liner 1@ are sealed against the discharge portion 13 by elastic rings 16. To replace the bag liner 1G, the slide clamp 17 is stripped oit. The bag cover 11 is opened and is held on one side by the discharge portion 13. The bag liner 19 is now exposed and is replaced by pulling the old liner from the nozzle portion 13 and iitting a new liner on this portion 13, whereatter the slide clamp 17 is placed back into position.

As is apparent from FlG. 3, the discharge nozzle 9 with its discharge portion 13 and the bag 11 can be adjusted in a rotary direction about the axis ot the handle 8 so that the discharge nozzle 9 and the bag 11 carried thereby may be turned from the rearward position shown in FIG. 1 to the front side of the handle 3 when this is desired while the grip portion 12 of the handle may be turned relative to the nozzle 9 to remain in the position shown in FIG. 1 after turning of the nozzle 9.

What is claimed is:

1. A vacuum cleaner comprising, in combination,

a housing formed with a suction nozzle;

suction means in said housing, communicating at one' end with said suction nozzle and having a discharge end spaced from said one end; a handle tube having an inlet portion and an outlet part longitudinally spaced from said inlet portion, said outlet portion being connected to the remainder ,of said tube for adjustment in a rotary direction about the tube axis; ,j Y a joint pivotally connecting said inlet portion of said tube to said discharge end of said suction means; a dust bag suspended from said outlet part of said tube and having an upper open endrcornmunicating with said outlet part; and a handle member fastened toV said outlet part of said handle tube and'projecting Vtherefrom with a main portion thereof extending substantially in the' axial direction of the tube and having at the upper end thereof a grip portion extending at an angle to Y 5 said main portion of said handle member, said handle member being connected to said outlet part of said Y direction about the tubev axis so that the VVother end portion thereof may be adjusted to project to either side of said tube axis, said outlet part having an annular projection substantially aligned with the tube axns and projecting in a direction opposite to said one end portion therefrom;

a joint pivotally connecting said inlet portion of said tube to said discharge end of said suction means;

a dust bag suspended from said other end portion of said outlet part of said tube and having an upper open end communicating with said outlet part;

and a handle member fastened at one end thereof in said annular projection adjustable in a rotary direction about the axis of a main portion of said handle member and having at the oppositeV end a grip portion extending at an angle to said axis of said main portion.

3. A vacuum cleaner as set forth in claim 2 in which said other end portion of said L-shaped outletpart is formed with transverse ribs and said dust bag is formed at said upper end thereof with corresponding ribs enf gaging said ribs on said outlet part to fasten said Vdust bag to said other end portion of said outlet part.A

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U.S. Classification15/351, 15/410, 55/374, 15/336
International ClassificationA47L5/30, A47L9/14, A47L5/22, A47L9/32
Cooperative ClassificationA47L9/1427, A47L9/325, A47L5/30
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