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Publication numberUS3157927 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 24, 1964
Filing dateNov 7, 1962
Priority dateNov 7, 1962
Publication numberUS 3157927 A, US 3157927A, US-A-3157927, US3157927 A, US3157927A
InventorsRoden Ted K
Original AssigneeRoden Ted K
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Cigarette package holder
US 3157927 A
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United States Patent 3,157,927 CKGARETTE PACKAGE HGLDER Ted K. Rodent, 612 N. ierra Bonita,

Los Angeles 36, Calif. Filed Nov. 7, 1962, Ser. No. 236,943 1 Claim. (Cl. 243) This invention relates to a novel holder particularly designed to hold a package of cigarettes in a convenient position for easy removal and replacement.

Many different types of holders for cigarette packages have been suggested heretofore. In most such prior art holders, however, there is oftentimes experienced difficulty in removing the package of cigarettes from the holder. For example, where the holder constitutes essentially a box-like structure having an open upper end for receiving the package of cigarettes, the only available place to grasp the package of cigarettes is at the upper end. As a consequence, tearing of the outer wrapping on the package may result. Further, in the event the holder is designed for king-size cigarettes and a regular size pack is inserted therein, it is not easy to obtain a proper grip on the package to remove it.

With the foregoing in mind, it is a primary object of this invention to provide a greatly improved holder for a package of cigarettes in which the foregoing problems are avoided.

More particularly, it is an object to provide an improved holder for a package of cigarettes in which the package may be very easily inserted and removed from the holder.

Another object is to provide an improved cigarette package holder adapted to be readily clipped to a persons belt or similar portion of his clothing to the end that the cigarettes may be carried about by the person in an available position.

Still another very important object of this invention is to provide a holder meeting the foregoing objects which may be very economically manufactured.

Briefly, these and other objects and advantages of this invention are attained by providing a generally open integral frame structure. In the first embodiment of the invention, this frame structure is comprised of a single integral wire bent to form an initial hook portion and thence into a general box-like shape for receiving a package of cigarettes. A feature of the invention resides in the provision of parallel members constituting portions of the Wire extending along the bottom and thence upwardly to define a channel therebetween whereby a person may readily grasp the cigarette package and slide it from the frame.

In a second embodiment of the invention, the frame structure is composed of plastic material, portions of the plastic constituting thin strips following a similar path to that of the integral wire embodiment so that the package may be inserted and removed with the same ease as in the case of the wire structure.

A better understanding of the invention will be had by now referring to specific embodiments thereof as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view illustrating a first embodiment of the cigarette package holder of this invention; and,

FIGURE 2 is a perspective view illustrating a second embodiment thereof.

Referring to FIGURE 1, the cigarette package holder comprises an integral frame structure including hookshaped means at the rear end of the frame structure. As shown, particularly in the embodiment of FIGURE 1, this hook-shaped means is defined by the free ends and 11 of an integral Wire. These ends extend upwardly 3,l57,927 Patented Nov. 24, 1964 and parallel to each other to fold over at 12 and 13, respectively, and thence extend downwardly in rear legs 14 and 15. These legs then merge into bottom portions 16 and 17 extending parallel to each other, the bottom portions thence extending upwardly to form front legs as at 18 and 19. The front legs are then bent to extend outwardly away from each other as at 29 and 21 and thence rearwardly in parallel directions as at 22 and 23. Finally, the wire structure extends in directions to connect together. In the embodiment of FIGURE 1, these directions take the form of upwardly extending portions 24 and 25 and thence inwardly extending portions to connect together at 26.

There is thus defined by a single integral Wire a frame structure as shown. When the device is viewed in plan, there will be defined a rectangular opening by the connected portion 26, the sides 22 and 23, and the outward turned portions 2% and 21. Between the front legs 18 and 19 and the bottom portions 16 and 17, there is defined a channel. A package of cigarettes is illustrated in dotted lines at 27 inserted within the frame structure.

The upwardly directed portions 24 and 25 at the upper end of the frame structure serve to define a step against which the edge of the package of cigarettes may rest prior to being received within the rectangular area portion defined by the sides 22 and 23 and the out-turned portions 20 and 21. With this stepped portion and the rear legs 14 and 15 to serve as guide rails, the initial insertion of the package of cigarettes within the rectangular upper opening when viewed in plan is greatly facilitated.

In the embodiment of FIGURE 1, the hook portion defined by the initial ends 1% and 11 is used to support the device to a persons belt as indicated at 28. In such position, a package of cigarettes will always be available for instant use.

It is, of course, apparent that the cigarette package holder of FIGURE 1 may be employed in other applications. For example, the hook portion may be dimensioned so as to clip inside the pocket of a womans purse, for example where a comb or mirror is sometimes kept. In another application, the metallic frame structure of FIGURE 1 could be magnetized'such that the device would adhere to the dashboard of a car or to an ashtray for example within easy access of the driver Without the need for searching through his pockets while driving.

In operation, the holder may be hooked to a persons belt as shown and a package of cigarettes inserted therein as described. To remove the package, the user may place his finger under the exposed portion of the package between the bottom members 16 and 17 and slide the pack upwardly with his finger following the channel between the front frame legs 18 and 19. Insertion of the package is carried out in a reverse manner. Removal and insertion of a package of cigarettes is thus greatly facilitated.

Referring now to FIGURE 2, there is shown a second embodiment of the invention to which the frame structure constituting the holder is formed from plastic material. As shown, the hook-shaped means includes an initial plastic strip 29 extending upwardly and folding over as at 3% to extend downwardly at 31. The downwardly extending portion 31 defines a rear part of the frame. As shown, the lower end of the downwardly extending portion 31 merges into bottom members 32 and 33 corresponding to the bottom members 16 and 17 of the embodiment of FIGURE 1. However, the members 32 and 33 may take the form of thin plastic strips. These members extend upwardly as at 34 and 35 to define front legs and thence outwardly as at 36 and 37. The plastic strips then extend rearwardly in parallel directions as at 38 and 39 and thence inwardly towards each other to connect together at 40. There is thus defined a rectangular opening for the frame when viewed in plan for receiving the package of cigarettes.

In the embodiment of FIGURE 2, there is not defined a step such as defined by the upwardly extending portions 24 and 25 of the embodiment of FIGURE 1. However, it should be understood that the plastic could be formed in this manner if desired.

As in the case of the embodiment of FIGURE 1, by forming the portion of the frame connected to the rear hook means in plastic strips, a channel is defined therebetween through which a persons finger may pass to facilitate removal and insertion of a package of cigarettes. Thus, the operation of the embodiment of FIGURE 2 is similar to that of FIGURE 1.

If desired, the structure of FIGURE 2 may be provided with sidewalls extending down from the portions 36-38, 37-39 such that the cigarette package as a whole would be enclosed except for the space between the front legs 34 and 35. In such a manner, a somewhat neater appearance in which the package as a whole was nearly fully enclosed would be obtained. Such modifications may be desirable for certain applications.

From the foregoing description, it will be evident that the present invention has thus provided a greatly improved cigarette package holder. Various changes falling within the scope and spirit of the invention will occur to those skilled in the art. The cigarette package holder is therefore not to be thought of as limited to the exact embodiments described merely for illustrative purposes.

What is claimed is:

A cigarette package holder comprising, in combination:

an integral wire defining a frame including hook shaped means formed from the end portions of said wire and adapted to hook over a belt, said frame including parallel bottom members extending forwardly from the lower end of said hook shaped means and thence extending upwardly in parallel relationship, thence outwardly in opposite directions, thence rearwardly in parallel relationship, thence upwardly and thereafter towards each other to connect together and define a substantially rectangularly shaped upper opening when viewed in plan for receiving said cigarette package and to define a step for initially receiving one edge of said cigarette package to guide same into said frame, said end portions extending upwardly in parallel relationship, thence folding downwardly to merge into said bottom members whereby said entire frame is defined by a single integral wire, said forwardly extending bottom members and upwardly extending portions thereof defining an open channel therebetween so that said cigarette package may be lifted upwardly by pressure on that bottom portion exposed between said bottom members.

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DONLEY I. STOCKING, Primary Examiner.

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