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Publication numberUS315896 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 14, 1885
Publication numberUS 315896 A, US 315896A, US-A-315896, US315896 A, US315896A
InventorsCombined Oheese Bandage
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Feancis williams bkentox
US 315896 A
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(No Model,)

Patented Apr. 14

Wibzwaea I N. PEYERS. Fhmohlhogmplmr, Washington, :24 c



SPECIFECATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 315,896, dated April 1%, 1885.

Application filed May 19, 1884. (No model.) Patented in Canada April 2, 1884, No. 19,039.

T a ZZ 10700177; it may concern: stand upright when empty, which obviously Be it known that I, FRANCIS WILLIA s is not possible in the ordinarybandage of cot- BRENTON, a subject of the Queen of Great Britton fabric. The V-shaped notches permit the ain, residing at Foxborough, in the county of stiff edge of the strip to be turned inward at 5 Hastings, Province of Ontario, and Dominion right angles thereto, so as to cover the mar- 55 of Canada, have invented new and useful Imginal bottom face of the cheese, and the strip provementsinaCornbined CheeseBandageand thus constructed is placed in a cheese-hoop Shipping Case, (for which I have obtained and the curd poured into the same to fill the Letters Patent in Canada, No. 19,039, dated space within the circular bandage, after which April 2, 1884,) of which the following is a the ordinary follower or press-block is forced 6o specification. down upon the curd and the latter pressed in- This invention has for its object to provide side the bandage. The curd having been a novel bandage and shipping case or box for pressed sufficiently to moldit into the bandage, cheese; and to such end the invention consists so that the upper edge of the latter projects a I 5 in the construction and combination of devices short distance above the top face of the cheese, 65 hereinafter described and claimed. the follower is raised and the stiff projecting The invention is clearly illustrated by the upper edge, 6, of the bandage is turned inward accompanying drawings, in which Figure 1 is at right angles to rest upon the top face of the a plan view or the paper or straw board blank cheese, (see Fig. 4,) after which the follower for forming the combined bandage and shipis again forced down and pressure resumed to 70 ping box or case. Fig. 2 is a perspective view cause the stifi bent upper edge of the bandage of the same formed into circular shape to be to maintain its position on the marginal top arranged in the cheesehoop for receiving the face of the cheese. The stiff marginal edges curd, Fig. 3, a detached perspective view of of the thick paper or straw board bandage one of the face-pieces to cover the flat faces of cover and effectually protect and guard the 75 the cheese after being formed in the bandage edges of the cheese. and shippingcase. Fig. i is a perspective of In the process of pressing and molding the the completed article, inclosing a cheese for cheese in the cheesehoop the curd is formed shipment; and Fig. 5 is a central cross secabout the tongue 5, thereby confining or looktional view of Fig. 4:. ing the tongue in place to secure the strip in 80 Referring to the drawings, the number 1 inplace. The cheese having been sufficiently dicates a strip of thick paper or straw board pressed and molded in the strip, as explained, of rectilinear outline, of such length as is suitis removed from the cheese-hoop and placed able to meet the conditions required, having in the curing-room, as usual, and after it is onelongitudinal edge constructed with aseries cured a circular flat disk, 7, of strong paper 55 of V-shaped notches or recesses, 2, to produce or straw board, is placed upon the upper and the series of lips 3. The length of the strip lower flat faces of the cheese. (See Figs. 4 and must be such as to enable it to encircle the 5.) The diameter of the circular disks is such cheese required and permit its ends to overlap that their edges will overlap the turned-in 0 each other a short distance, and the strip is edges orflanges of thebandage,to which flanges 0 provided adjacent to one end centrally, or the disks are fastened by a suitable adhesive nearly so, between thelongitudinal edges,with substance. If desirable, the covering-disks a transverse slit, 4, into which is adapted to be can be applied while the cheese is in the cheeseinserted a tongue, 5, formed as an extension hoop and there pressed to secure them firmly of the other end of the band, for the purpose and smoothly in place. The cheese is then 5 of bringing the strip into circular shape, as in seasoned, after which it is ready for shipment, Fig. 2, for its arrangement in the usual cheeseand by the means set forth it is provided with hoop. The thick paper or paper-board is sufa combined bandage and shipping box or case ficiently stiff and firm, so that when the ends of such substantial character that no addi- 5 are interlocked by the tongue and slit it will tionalwooden or other boxing is required,as is zoo usual when the cheese is prepared with a cotton bandage by the method and means ordinarily practiced.

The practically rigid but thin structure of the bandage and shipping-case provides eftlcient means for protecting the cheese in transportation and otherwise, while the weight of the article and the space required for its shipment are so lessened as to materially decrease the cost of transportation, as well as the manufacture of the cheese.

Imay employ a facing or lining of textile fabric-such as cotton or linento the paper or straw board for increasing the strength thereof.

I am aware of Patent No. 82,895 for boxing, bandaging, and preparing cheese, and do eral' edges overlapping the inwardly-turned flanges, substantially as described.

2. A combined cheese bandage and shipping-case consisting of a strip of thick paperboard or equivalent material having inwardlyturned flanges at its upper and lower edges, and a slit adjacent to one end andatongue on the other end, and paper or straw board disks adapted to overlap the inwardly-turned flanges of the strip, substantially as described.

3. A combined cheese bandage and shipping-case consisting of a thick paperboard-or equivalent material strip having a transverse slit adjacent to one end and a tongue on the other end to enter the slit and lie inside, and provided with inwardly-turned flanges at its upper and lower edges, and the circular paper or straw board disks adapted to overlap and be cemented to the inwardly-turned flanges,

substantially as described.

In testimony whereof I afflx my signature in presence of two witnesses.



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