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Publication numberUS3160304 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1964
Filing dateApr 1, 1963
Priority dateApr 1, 1963
Publication numberUS 3160304 A, US 3160304A, US-A-3160304, US3160304 A, US3160304A
InventorsFinley C Peacock
Original AssigneeFinley C Peacock
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Hook ring attachment
US 3160304 A
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Dec. 8, 1964 F. c. PEACOCK HOOK RING ATTACHMENT Filed April 1, 1963 INVENTOR. F7-4Ev C. EAcoaK BY 4M M00 41m United States Patent 3,1695% HGGK RING ATTAQHMENT Finley t3. Peacock, 318 Laaarre Ave, Green Bay, Wis. Filed Apr. 1, H65, Ser. No. 26?,651 6 Clainis. (til. 215-106) This invention relates to a spray bottle with a belt hook detachably interlocked therewith.

In addition to being conventionally equipped with a spray pump and nozzle and a brush, a bottle embodying the invention has a boss surrounding the base of its threaded spout. At least a portion of the boss includes a channel interrupted by a lug for keying to the bottle a ring which snaps into the'channel and to which the belt clip is attached.

In the specific embodiment illustrated, the boss and the ring are not exactly circular but are oblate, the longer arcuate sides of the boss having channels and the shorter arcuate sides being unchannelled. The ring is molded of plastic and has a notch complementary to a lug which interrupts one channel in the boss. The notch might be in either side of the ring but in the exempliflcation illustrated,

it is on the side remote from the clip or hook which en-' The polyethylene or other resin gages the users belt. from which the ring and hook are molded has suihcient resilience that the ring may be snapped to and from engagement with the bottle.

In the drawings:

FIG. 1 is a view in perspective of a spray bottle equipped with a separable hook in accordance with the present invention.

FIG. 2 is an enlarged fragmentary detail view partially in side elevation and partially in transverse section through the bottle neck and associated parts, including the hook ring.

FIG. 3 is a further enlarged detail view showing the bottle and hook ring in plan, with portions broken away.

FIG. 4 is a fragmentary detail view in perspective showing the hook ring and upper portion of the bottle in mutually separated positions. 7

The bottle 6 has a threaded neck 8 surrounded by a boss 10 which, as shown in this exemplification, is oblate in plan and includes integral overhanging flanges l2 and 14 on the longer arcuate sides. These flanges form channels 28 and 36 which receive portions of the hook ring 29 to which the belt hook or clip 22 is integrally attached.

The hook ring and the boss 1% have complementary interlocking lug and notch parts 16 and 13. In this embodiment, the lug 16 extends integrally from flange 12 to the underlying shoulder 24 of the bottle and the notch 18 is formed in the inner perimeter of the hook ring 29. In the preferred embodiment disclosed, the notched inner perimeter of the hook ring has the form of a flange 26 of I reduced thickness receivable into the channels 28 and 39 which lie beneath the flanges 12 and 14 of boss 10.

The elasticity of the material from which the hook ring is molded permits it to be sprung over the flanges 12 and 14 of boss 10, thus engaging the flange portions 26 of the hook ring in the channels 28 and 30 of boss lit. The hook ring is keyed not only by the fact that it and the boss have complementary non-circular form but further by the interlocking engagement of the lug and notch portions 16 and 18. V

In this manner, the hook ring is securely fixed to the bottle 6 in a position which holds the hook 22 parallel to lhlfifldiM Patented Dec. 8, 1964 but slightly spaced from the side face 32 of bottle 6. Una

like the brush and pump, which require some extraneous bracket being anchored to the bottle by a screw cap 33 which also holds to the neck of-the bottle the pump assembly 49. Neither the pump nor the brush forms any part of the present invention.

I claim: 1. A bottle having in combination a neck provided with a boss at its base and a shoulder underlying the boss and from which the boss extends, the boss having over-hanging flange means spaced from the shoulder for providing a channel, and a belt hook having a resilient mounting ring connected therewith and encircling the boss and detachably engaged in the channel whereby to be fixed to the bottle independently of the neck thereof.

2. A bottle according to claim 1 in which the boss and the ring have complementary non-circular form.

3. A bottle according to claim 1 in which the boss and the ring have complementary portions respectively provided with a lug and with a notch whereby the ring is keyed against rotation upon the boss and the hook con nected with the ring is positioned respecting the side of the bottle.

4. A bottle according to claim 1 in which the boss is of generally oblate form having overhanging flanges upon two opposite sides to provide the channel means aforesaid, the hook ring being of complementary oblate form and having an inner perimeter of reduced thickness fitted dimensionally within the channels, the boss being provided at least at one side with a lug interrupting one channel and extending toward the bottle from the overhanging flange which forms said one channel, the hook ring having in its reduced inner perimeter a notch in which the lug is in keyed engagement.

5. For use in the retention of an accessory, a bottle provided at its upper end with a reduced neck and integrallyhaving a boss disposed at the end of the bottle about said neck, the bottle having a shoulder and the boss having overhanging flange means spaced from the shoulder in the end of the bottle for retaining independently of said neck an accessory mounted on the bottle.

6. Abottle according to claim 5 in which a lug is integral with said flange and with the end of the bottle.

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