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Publication numberUS3160451 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 8, 1964
Filing dateFeb 6, 1962
Priority dateFeb 6, 1962
Publication numberUS 3160451 A, US 3160451A, US-A-3160451, US3160451 A, US3160451A
InventorsRobert B Lewis
Original AssigneeRobert B Lewis
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Independent study center construction
US 3160451 A
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Dec. 8, 1964 R. B. LEWIS INDEPENDENT STUDY CENTER CONSTRUCTION 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Feb. 6, 1962 INVENTORZ fiobert E L a06 Dec. 8, 1964 R. B. LEWIS INDEPENDENT STUDY CENTER CONSTRUCTION 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Feb. 6, 1962v INVENTQR. fioberi B.L6LUA.

Filed Febro, H62, 512:. No. 171,446 2 Claims. {Cl.'312-194) The present inventionrelates to a new and improved device for facilitating study and work. It is particularly useful in connection with teaching students in groups and it provides a highly efiicient and effective work or study center accommodating a plurality of individual students through the use of certain facilities which are made available to all for use.

The object of this invention is to provide a device which can be used by a plurality of students and which will permit a highly efiicient utilization of floor space allotted to study and work of a particular number of students.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a device which accommodates a plurality of workers such as students, each of whom will have a work space in the form of a worktable, and have provided within convenient reach all the facilities that are required for .the work or study, and in connection with which various work materials are provided in comrnon to a group ofworkers whereby more efiicient utilization is made thereof. These and other advantages will readily appear to one skilled in the art as the following description proceeds.

Referring now to the drawings: FIGURE 1 is an elevational view in perspective showing one embodiment of a device constructed in accordance with this invention.

r FIGURE 2 is a cross sectional view in elevation of the device illustrated in FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 3 is a plan view in cross section taken along line 3--3 of FIGURE 2 and looking in the direction of the arrows.

FIGURE 4 is a plan view in cross section taken along line 4-4 of FIGURE 2 and looking in the direction of the arrows.

By reference to the drawing it will be noted that this particular illustrative embodiment of the invention comprises a base 9 which consists of a plurality of uprights 10 which support a worktable 11. In the illustration shown the worktable is hexagonal and the supports 10 are disposed radially and are located at the apexes of the hexagonal table top. The base may also include any suitable shelves or the like for accommodating books and other work material such asshown at 12, 13, 14 and 15. Also in this particular illustration a drawer 16 and a handle 17 are provided. It will be noted that the structure presents an arrangement similar to a desk with a central opening for the knees of the worker if he should desire ,to' assume a seated position during the course of his. work or study. V

The table top is provided with a perimeter 13 and above it is a superstructure which, in the case illustrated, consists of a series of partitions 20 which are radially disposed and, in this case, are continuations of the supports 10 which serve to divide the table top into a plurality of individual work areas adapted to accommodate a worker or a student positioned exteriorly of the perimeter of the table While facing the center of the device.

In the center of the table top a suitable upright 22, in the form of a rod or pipe, is provided, located on the axis of the device and held by a suitablebracket or support 33.- The top extends upwardly and is in turn held by a bracket 24.mounted on atop or cover member which is supported on the upper edges of the dividers20. At a point intermediate the height of the.

United StatesPatent O v notches.

may be utilized in any suitable manner, but as here illus-' 3,16%,45i Patented Dec. 8, 1964 is hexagonal and which is provided with a central opening 27 to accommodate the pipe or support 22 as well as any rotary sleeve mounted thereon.

A plurality of rotary shelves are provided which are circular in shape and which are preferably disposed in the manner illustrated in FIGURE 2, that is to say, with one shelf 28 mounted immediately above the table, a

second shelf 29 mounted above the stationary shelf 26. at a suitable distance thereabove, and a third shelf 30 located above the shelf 29 at a distance which preferably divides the remaining central area satisfactorily to accommodate the desired work materials on the two shelves 29 and 30, respectively. Shelves 28, 29 and 30 are mounted by means of a sleeve 32 which is rotatably mounted on the central supporting shaft 22 and on which are affixed brackets 33, 34 and 35, respectively. As shown in FIGURE 2, shelf 28 is mounted on the sleeve by means of bracket 33 which is otherwise bolted or otherwise secured to self 28, and shelf 29 is mounted by means of the bracket 34 which is similarly secured thereto and the shelf 30 is aflixed to the sleeve 32 by -means of bracket 35. In view of the fact that the sleeve is free to rotate on the central support 22, these three shelves, namely, 28, 29 and 30, are free to rotate so as to accommodate materials which are common to all of the workers, respectively, in view of the fact that the The stationary shelf 26 is mounted, on the supports 7 i 20, by having its edges extended by suitable supporting The space provided above the stationary shelf trated, it accommodates a projection mechanism which consists of a screen 40 and a reflecting mirror 41 and a suitable slide projector 42 mounted on a supporting shelf 43. As shown in FIGURE 4 the projector may be positioned to throw the image on the reflecting mirror 41 whereby the image is cast upon the screen 40 in a position which renders it readily visible to the worker superstructure a shelf 26 is provided which in this case or student.

It is apparent that other forms of work area study instrumentalities may be employed in place of the project? ing mechanism here illustrated. It is also to be understood that the rotary shelves may accommodate any work materials desired, including reference books, specimens, samples and similar materials. It is also to be understood that the device may take other forms and may have any number of sides to accommodate a larger or smaller number of workers.

All forms of the invention embodying the principles herein set forth are contemplated or as may fall within I the scope of the appended claims.

I claim: 1. A device for facilitating study and work on the I part of a plurality of students in independent study areas point short of the center of the table to leave an open area above said center of the table, each working area adapted to accommodate a worker positioned'adjacent the perimeter of said table and facing the center of the table for independent study, a top mounted on said panels and serving as a roof'for each of said working areas,

a plurality of rotary shelves journalled between said table and said top in said open area for rotation relative to said working areas to make study and work materials available to each worker, at least one fixed shelf mounted between said panels in said open area and substantially closer to said table than to said top, whereby it is readily viewed by the worker, atleast one rotary shelf below said fixed shelf, and at least one rotary shelf above it.

2. The device of claim 1 further characterized in that said rotary shelves are mounted for independent rotation on a shaft extending between said table and said top, and through said fixed shelf means.

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