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Publication numberUS3161196 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 15, 1964
Filing dateMar 21, 1961
Priority dateMar 21, 1961
Publication numberUS 3161196 A, US 3161196A, US-A-3161196, US3161196 A, US3161196A
InventorsBerkow Samuel G
Original AssigneeMenlo Park Lab Inc
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Hygienic dispenser apparatus
US 3161196 A
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Dec. 15, 1964 s. G. BERKOW 3,161,196

HYGIENIC DISPENSER APPARATUS Filed March 21. 1961 2 Sheets-Sheet l T'RIEX Dec. 15, 1964 s G. BERKOW 3,161,196

HYGIENIC DISPENSER APPARATUS Filed March 21, 1961 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 IVENTOR. SAMUEL 6'. EERKOW Flo? Said raised portion 54 contacts shoulder 30 of hub 29.y

Extending upwardly from the inner end of portion 54 is a cylindrical portionl 55 from which extends an inwardly rolled portion 56 engaging groove 41 of collar 40.

Thus, cap 50 clamps members 25 and 17 to washer 18 which is clamped to the upper edge of thexneck of the bottle.

Y, cleanser may be used. The aerosol propellant may be It will now be understood that tilting of member I will press against portion 26 of the rubber-like member 25 and open one of the holes 39 to allow gas under pressure in the bottle to force liquid or other material within the bottle up and outof tubular portion 36.

Said bottle 11 and valve assembly 15 are oldY and well known in the art, and no claim is made thereto per se.

Fitted on the upper end of the tubular portion 36 is the nozzle member 12.,V Said member 12 may be made of polyethylene, which can be sterilized by boiling, or of polypropylene, which can be auto-claved or boiled for sterilization. Y

Said nozzle 12 comprises a tubular portion 60, formed at its front end with a nose 61 which may be substantially semi-hernispherical or conical or tapered in shape. Said nose 61 is formed with a central, external forwardly projecting lug 62. Said nose is formed, adjacent the central lug, with four equiangularly spaced, longitudinal, transversely arcuate slots or openings63 in the tapered wall of the nose.

At the lowerend ofY tubular portion tlis a thickened hub or boss 65 'having an outer conical surface 66 merging with the outer surface of tube 60. Said hub also has a lower, -liatundersurface 67.` The diameter of the inner surface 60a of tubular portion 60 is less than the outer diameter of tubular portion 36. Said hub or boss 65 is formed, at its underside, with a central counterbore 68 from which extends a second reduced axial counterbore 69 only slightly larger in diameter than inner surface 60a. Opening 69 may be about .006" greater in diameter than surface 60a and frictionally iits on the upper end lof tubular portion 36. The upper end of tubular portion 36 contacts the shoulder at the upper end Yof opening 69. Said opening 69 vis only about 1/s in length. Thus the undersurface 67 of hub 65 is-held away from cap 50.

Extending from hub 65is a frusto-conical oriiaring Genetron, which is well known.

The angular streams and the shortness of length of tube 60 prevents intromission into the cervical canal. The greater outer diameter of the cone prevents entrance too far into the vagina and also closes the Vagina to keep the pressure from dissipating. The wide flange 7 7, being wider than the bottle, makes for cleanliness as it keeps the lingers away from the vagina.

yThe hub 65 strengthens the nozzle at the middle, and the rim78 strengthens the rim of flange 77.

v The diameter of the flange 77 is preferably greater than the length of tube 60.

Referring now to FIGS. 6 to 9, there is shown a nozzle 10? illustrating a modified form of the invention. Said nozzle 10d comprises a front nozzle portion 12a substantially similar to nozzle 12 of FIGS. 1-5.

Said nozzle portion 101 comprises a tubular portion 60e formed atits front end with a nose 61a which may be substantially hemispherical or conical or tapered in shape. Said nose 61a is formed with four, equiangularly spaced, transversely arcuate slots or openings 63a in the tapered wall of the nose.

At the lower end of the tubular portion 60C is a thickened hub 65a having an outer conical surface 66b. Said hub also has `a lower, flat annular undersurface 67a. Said hub or boss ,65a is formed, at its underside with a central upwardly extending counterbore 68a from which extends upwardly a second reduced raxial counterbore 69a.

Extending from hub 65a is a rearwardly and outwardly flaring truste-conical portion 7511 making a smaller angle with the axis of the nozzle than surface 66b.

Extending outwardly from the rear of flaring frustoconical portion 75b is a at annular flange 77b, and extending rearwardly from flange, adjacent its outer periphery, is a thickened rearwardly extending annular bead 78a.

Said tube 60Cl is formed with a plurality of external .reinforcing ribs 66d. The ribbing extends as at 66C on Vcomprising aV portion ,103 having an outer cylindrical surface 164. At the front end of surface 104 is an annular reducing shoulder 105 from which extends a reduced tubular portion `106. Portion y106 lits into countersunk opening 6%. The frontend of portion 103 fits into counterportionr75`. Said portion 75 makes a smaller angle with the axis of nozzle 12 than surface 66.

Said portion 75 extends to a level below the neck 14, but short of the `Shoulder 13 of the bottle and is spaced from the cap and said neck and shoulder.

Extending outwardly from the rear end of portion 75 is a fiat annular flange 77, and extending rearwardly from said flange, adjacent its outer periphery, is a thickened annular bead 78. YSaid Ybead is also spaced from the shoulder of the bottle. The diameter of the periphery of ange 77 is preferably greater than the outer diameter of the bottle 11. n

Said tube 60 is formed with a plurality of external reinvforcing ribs 6019. The ribbing extends as at 66a on surface 66, and as at 75a Yon portion 75 and as at 77a on flange 77, continuously. Tube 60 is preferably under 2 in length. The apparatus may be used for vaginal douche or medication.

In use, the bottle may be held in one hand by the user a limitingsense., v

sunk opening 68a. Said tube has a through axial opening 11d communicating with tubular portionl 66C. at the rear end of tubular opening is an enlarged counterlsunk opening 111. Tube 102 is either force-fitted into openings 69a, 68a or it is adhered thereto, or tube 102 may be integrally made with nozzle 12a.

In FIG. 6 is-shown bottle or container 11 same as shown in FIGS. 1-5. The front end of tiltable tube 36 of said bottle is frictionally and slidably iitted into the countersunk opening 111. The valve of the bottle is actuated in the same way as shown in FIG. 3. The advantage, of the construction of FIGS. 6-9 is that a greater leverage `is available for casier actuation of the valve, due to the extension tube.

It will thus be seen that there is provided an apparatus in which the several objects of this invention are achieved, and which is well adapted to meet the conditions of practical use.

As possible embodiments vmight be made of the above invention, and as various changes might be made in the embodiment above set forth, it is to be understood that all matter herein set forth or shown in the accompanying drawings, is to be interpreted as illustrative and not in IV claim: Y j

1. In combination, a bottle containing a propellant gas and liquid to be discharged, Said bottle having a neck, v

a valve on said neck including a tiltable rigid outlet tube and means to open the valve when said tube is tilted.

a nozzle on and coaxial with said tube formed at the front end with discharge openings,

and at its rear end formed with a rearwardly and outwardly Haring portion, rigid with said nozzle,

said flaring portion terminating in a flange perpendicular to and coaxial with said nozzle and said flange having a reinforcing downwardly directed bead,

and reinforcing ribs extending rearwardly and outwardly along the flaring portion to lend rigidity to said portion, said flange and reinforcing ribs and bead enabling an operator With one hand to grasp the bottle and to finger engage the ange to tilt the nozzle.

2. The structure of claim 1 wherein the inner diameter of the bead is greater than the outer diameter of the bottle.

3. The structure of claim 1 wherein the reinforcing ribs are prolonged to extend radially of the flange.

4. In combination, a bottle containing a propellant gas and liquid to be discharged, said bottle having a neck, a Valve on said neck including a tiltable rigid outlet tube and means to open the valve when said tube is tilted, a nozzle coaxial with said tube and having a forwardly extending tubular portion formed at the front end with discharge openings, and with a rearwardly and outwardly flaring portion rigid with said tubular portion, said tubular portion having at its rear end a central rearward extension tube, the rear end of which frictionally and slidably receives the tip of said tiltable tube in order to retain said flaring portion in spaced relation to said bottle to afford increased leverage in tilting the tube and -to prevent said flaring portion from touching the sides of the bottle except at the neck portion, thereby enabling wide opening of the valve.

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F LGUlS R. PRNCE, Primary Examiner.

ADELE M. EAGER, Examiner.

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