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Publication numberUS3162340 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 22, 1964
Filing dateSep 13, 1963
Priority dateSep 13, 1963
Publication numberUS 3162340 A, US 3162340A, US-A-3162340, US3162340 A, US3162340A
InventorsErickson Howard L
Original AssigneeDole Valve Co
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Liquid dispenser
US 3162340 A
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Dec. 22, 1964 H. ERICKSON 3,162,340

LIQUID DISPENSER Filed Sept. l5, 1965 i '15EA INVENTOR. /Vo War a f'r'/ av/S01? A TTORNE YS United States Patent O 3,162,340 LIQUID DISPENSER Howard L. Erickson, Bensenville, Ill., assignor to The Dole Valve Company, Morton Grove, Ill., a corporation of Illinois Filed Sept. 13, 1963, Ser. No. 308,904 2 Claims. (Cl. Z22- 559) The present invention relates to liquid dispensers and more particularly relates to a liquid dispensing unit which employs a solenoid actuated valve assembly.

The present invention relates primarily to a very simple liquid dispensing unit which can be constructed quite cheaply and quickly. The illustrated embodiment of the present invention comprises in general a liquid container having a sloping bottom wall and having a well depending from that wall and having a ow port formed along a lhorizontal axis and opening to the bottom of the well. A solenoid actuated valve assembly is cooperable with the iiow port to contr-ol the flow of liquid therethrough and an outlet nipple is formed integrally with the liquid container for carrying liquid to a point of utilization. The entire assembly with the exception of the solenoid actuated valve assembly is of one-piece molded plastic construction.

The valve head is of conical construction and is cooperable with a sharply defined annulus at the port to control the flow of liquid through the port. Because of this arrangement and because of the fact that the valve head is formed of a resilient material, entrapment of foreign particles between the port wall and the valve head is minimized, sticking of the valve in a closed position is minimized, and valve hunting during closure is reduced to a minimum.

In addition, the resilient valve head is formed integrally with a flexible diaphragm which has its periphery sealed to the valve body wall and which serves to protect the solenoid armature and the armature-return spring from exposure to and possible attack by bleach or other liquids which might have a harmful eiect on the metal solenoid parts.

It is therefore a principal object of this invention to provide a very simple, rugged, yet low cost liquid dispensing unit wherein the dispensing body is of one-piece molded plastic construction.

It is a further object of this invention to provide a y liquid dispensing unit formed of two, and only two, distinct sub-assemblies; mainly, a dispensing body per se and the valve assembly.

Yet another object of the invention resides in the provision of a liquid dispensing unit having means for controlling the dow of liquid which reduced to a minimum the possibility of valve sticking in an open or closed position.

These and other objects and advantages of the present invention will become apparent from time to time as the following specification proceeds and with reference to the accompanying drawings, wherein:

FIGURE l is a plan View of a liquid dispensing unit .constructed in accordance with the principles of this invention; and

FIGURE 2 is an enlarged vertical sectional view taken along lines II-II of FIG. l.

As shown on the drawings:

The outermost end of the boss 15 describes a flat annulus and provides a sharp annular lip 22 which lip serves as a seat for a valve member 23.

A shoulder 24 is formed on the container 11 and is Y annular in configuration and coaxialwith the port 16 and has an outwardly extending lip 25 formed about the periphery thereof. The shoulder 24 is spaced outwardly from the annulus 21 so that the passage 18 is of considerable size.

A resilient annular diaphragm 26 has a thickened bead 27 formed on its periphery and this bead is seated on the shoulder 24 and abuts the rim of lip 25. The main center section 28 of the diaphragm 26 is thin and quite ilexible and has a raised center section 29 which permits considerable movement of the center portion of the diaphragm relative to the shoulder 24.

The valve head 23 is formed integrally with the thin Walled section 28 of the diaphragm 26 and includes a cylindrical shape 30 and a conically shaped portion 31. The conical portion 31 is described by a surface of revolutions lying at an angle of approximately 45 with respect to the center axis of the diaphragm and hence with respect to the center axis of the port or passage 16.

A clamp ring 32 serves to positively seat the bead on the shoulder 24 and the solenoid 12 is in turn positively seated on the clamp ring 32, in a manner well understood by those skilled in this art.

In general, the solenoid includes a spool 33 having an electrical coil 34 wound thereon and having a pair of thermal tabs 35 which are electrically connected to the coil and which can be connected to a line power source. The spool 33 serves as a guide for a reciprocably movable armature 36. The armature 36 has a head 37 formed on the end thereof which is embedded within the resilient valve head 23 and which has a configuration complementary to that of the valve head 23. A conical cornpression spring 38 is interposed between the outer surface of the diaphragm 26 adjacent the valve head 23 and the solenoid 12 to normally bias the valvehead 23 into a seated position on the sharp lip 22.

Due to the fact that the head 37 is embedded within the resilient valve head 23, positive control of the positioning of the valve head 23 can be effected and particle entrapment can take place to minimize valve malfunction caused by valve jamming. In addition, undue swelling of the rubber surrounding the head 37 is prevented due to the relatively small thickness of the resilient valve head material at any given point.

Upon energization of the solenoid 12 the armature 36 will be retractibly moved within the spool 33 and the valve head 23 will be unseated from the lip 22 to permit liquid to flow from the well through passages 16 and 18 and thence through the outlet passage 19. Upon deeinergization of the solenoid, the spring 38 will again seat the valve in the position shown in FIGURE 2.

It will be observed that the container 11 including the wall 14, the boss 15 and the lip 22, as well as the shoulder 24 and the outlet nipple 2t) are all formed from one solid piece of molded plastic and that only the solenoid actuable valve assembly is required to convert this one-piece molded body into an operable dispensing unit.

It will be understood that this embodiment of my invention has been used for illustrative purposes only and the various modifications and variations in the invention may be effected without departing from the spirit and scope of the novel concepts thereof.

I claim as my invention:

1. A liquid dispensing unit comprising:

a liquid container of one-piece molded plastic construction having a Well formed integrally therewith and depending therefrom along a generally vertical axis and Ihaving a hollow boss protruding from the bottom of said well along a generally horizontal axis,

a passage formed within said boss and opening to said well,

a lip defining said passage at the outer end of said boss,

an annular shoulder formed on said container coaxial with said passage,

an annular passage formed intermediate said boss and said shoulder,

. an outlet nipple angling,downwardly'fromsaid Well and.v having an ou-tletjtherein communicable with said annular passage,

a diaphragm having its periphery sealed to said shoulder and having a central valve head cooperable with said lip' to vcontrol liquid ow -therepash andV means engageable withvsaidlvalve head for moving` same relative to said lip to control theiiow of liquid vfrom said container. l s 2. A `liquid dispensing unit comprising:

'a liquid container Of one-piece molded plrasticgron-k struction having a Well formed integrally therewithV and depending therefrom along a generally vertical axis` andjhaving a hollow boss protruding from, ythe bottom of said wellalong a generally horizontal axis,

apassage; formed within said kboss and opening to said Well,- 'Y

a. lip definingsaid passage at the outer end of lsaid` boss,

an annular shoulder'formed on said container coaxial l 4 l an outletfnipple angling downwardly from said well and having an outlet therein communicable with said annular'passage,

a diaphragm having'its periphery sealed `tosaid shoulder and having a central valve head cooperable with Vsaid lip to control liquid ow therepast, and

means engageable with said valve head for moving samerelative to said lip tocontrol the ow of liquid from said container,V i

`W|herein said valve-Ahead is, conically congurated and is dened yby a surface of revolution lying atan angle of 45. Withre'spect` to the center axis of said diapl'.1ragrnV and sa'id'jrst` meutionedpassage, and

krwherein,saidplip presents a sharp edge for engagemeurt with said valve head.

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