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Publication numberUS3164132 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 5, 1965
Filing dateJul 13, 1962
Priority dateJul 13, 1962
Publication numberUS 3164132 A, US 3164132A, US-A-3164132, US3164132 A, US3164132A
InventorsGanz Walter C
Original AssigneeChromatic Corp
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Retractable multiple unit writing instrument
US 3164132 A
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Jan. 5, 1965 w. c. GANZ RETRACTABLE MULTIPLE UNIT WRITING INSTRUMENT 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed July 1:5, 1962 .m RA m6 M 2 6 o m NC. R 8 E O o 6 VR T. 7 O m ...IL T 86 |l -lll 5. .L y A 58\ O ||1|| 4 2 M lll F n` 1a Y Myo- II l B m Nmmli ll'ufV l-. H 4 @I I; 6

2 8 4 O 6 2 2 O 2 I 6 8 M 2 7 m 4 m3 M 2 3 GIL 1 6 G 5IY- 7 O I 4 l 7 8 F 4|! 8W 4 6 v 4 2 o 4a es e T s 4 6 6 7 8 6 [l Y lllnl|llillllllll`lkplllllll` f T III l z m n I I 5 l\ '1x1 7 //7 /Y l @e 2 2 I W/ n A .IL 5 7 ILM w W. w 3 2 2 2 5 Jan. 5, 1965 W. C. GANZ RETRACTABLE MULTIPLE UNIT WRITING INSTRUMENT Filed July 13. 1962 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 FIG. 4

FIG. 5

lNvr-:NroR WALTER C. GANZ Unite l enseres narnia@ranma Mrnrrrrr. mur winamp.

'Walter C. Ganz, acason Heights, FLY., assigner, by

The present invention relates to an improved writing instrument having multiple writing units and more particularly to a writing instrument having multiple selectable writing units mounted so that any one unit may be selec,- tively positioned into writing use. v

The prior art multiple unit writing instrument utiliz complex mounting and selector mechanisms which often malfunction in use and are difficult to repair. These prior art devices normally have large diameter bodies to hold the various units which make these devices awl ward and uncomfortable to hold and use. Also, since normally the levers for operating the various writing units project radially outwardly from the cylindrical surface, the device is uncomfortable to hold especially for long periods.

In accordance with the present invention the advantages of a writing instrument having a plurality of selectably usable Writing units which is easy and comfortable to hold and use are achieved in a simple manner.

Preferably, the individual writing unit comprises a ballpoint pen type cartridge of generally conventional coniguration. A plurality of these units are reciprocably `carried by a rack member which is in turn positioned Within a generally hollowed cylindrical housing of conventional shape. The inside surface of the housing is tapered toward the writing end of the instrument and the individual writing units are spring-biased Vin ka direction away from the writing end of the instrument by spring cooperation between an individual unit and the supporting rack. 'A selector member is reciprocably and rotatably mounted at the end of the writing instrument opposite frornits writing end and may be indexed by the operator Y to select an individual writing unit. Upon selection of such unit the selector number is reciprocated in a direction toward the writing end of the instrument ejecting and locking the selected writing unit into writing position. The clip of the writing instrument is biased inwardly and pivots for retaining the selector member and selected writing unit inthe writing position.

j It is accordingly an object of the present invention to provide a simple multiple unit writing instrument which is highly efficient and comfortable to use.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide a multiple unit `ballpoint pen having a highly precisioned selector mechanism and latching device for selecting the writing Vunit desired which is not subject to excessive wear or malfunctioning. Y

Yet another object of the present invention is to provide an improved multiple unit selector mechanism and latching device, which permits 360 rotation. f

A furtherobject of the present invention it is to provide a multiple unit ballpoint pen which canbe readily clisassembled to replace the individual writing units.

Other and further objects and-features of the present invention will become apparent to those skilled in the art from a consideration ofthe attached drawings in which one embodiment of the invention is illustrated by way of example only, and wherein;

FGURE 1 is a vertical cross-sectional view taken on a longitudinal plane of a writing instrument embodying the present invention.

FIGURE 2 is an enlarged cross-sectional view of the ICC upper portion of FlGURE l showing the selector-actuator mechanism of FIGURE l.

FIGURE 3 is an enlarged side elevational view partially in section of theupper portion of the Writing instrument shown in FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 4 is a cross-sectional 4 4 of FIGURE 1.

FIGURE 5 is a cross-sectional View taken along line 5 5 of FIGURE. 1, and

FIGURE 6 is a cross-sectional View taken along line 6 6 of FIGURE 2. Y l

In all figures., like reference `characters denote like or corresponding parts. l

Referring now to the drawings, the multi-unit writing instrument, generally indicated at 10, comprises a cylindrical casing or barrel formed by body portion i2 and a cap portion 142-. Body portion 12 has a lower or forward reduced end portion 16 having an opening at its end 18.

As is generally shown in FlGURES 1 and 2, a mounting frame or rack 2d is mounted on the rearward end of body portion 12 opposite to thepend having opening 18 therein. The outer diameter of rack 2d is substantially the same as the outer diameter of body portion 12. Rack 2li has a lower reduced end portion 22, which is firmly received within the upperend portion of body portion 12. lAdvantageously, portion 22 is press iitted into body portion 12. Rack 2? has a shoulder 24 at the end of reduced portion 22 which abuts the upper edge of body portion 12.

Rack 2G has a plurality of longitudinal openings, cornpartments or recesses 26 therein.' Each of openings 26 connect with a smaller diameter opening 28 adjacent the lower edge. Any inwardly projecting annular shoulder 3l) view taken along line is formed -Whereropenings 26 and 28 interconnect.

The ball pointed pens or pencils which are preferably four in number, are designated 32, 34, 36 and 38. These writing implements may be of the conventional, replaceable type each having a reduced Writing tip at one end and as illustrated at its opposite end a collar 4b., Advantageously, collar 4d may be replaced by the rearward end or head of the implement being enlarged or iattened. Each of the ball pointed pens is of a diameter to loosely t in the respective openings 28. It is desirable that the diameters of said Writing implements be small in diameter so as to keep the diameter of body portion 12 thin to provide ease of holding. Mounted on `the outer surface of Writing implements 32, 34, 36 and 33 respectively are compression springs 42 which serve to retract the implements. `Each spring 42 is of a diameter greaterthan'opening 2 8 and smaller than opening 26 so spring 42 rests on shoulder 3l). In assembling the device springe?. is slipped over the body of the respective writing implement from its writing end until it abuts against collar or enlarged head 40. Springv 42 is-then compressed and the inidvidual writing unit with the spring,thereon is slipped longitudinally into'rack 2l) and the position shown in FIGURE 1. Springs 42 are normally expanded and biased to hold their respective writing implements in the upper retracted position as shown in FIGURE 1. Any one of the implements may be projected downwardly into extended or opera' `jection d projecting inwardly from the cap ltd.

' Press litted within cap M is a cylindrical sleeve 52.

slot '46 are of a width corresponding to detent or pro- Cap 14 is thus locked on to rack 2t) when detent 5t: is in register'with enlargement 48 Vas seen best in FIGURES l and 2.

Disposed within cap 14 is the actuator mechanism. The lower edge of sleeve 52 hasoutward extending iianges 5d which abut the inner surface of cap 14 andv properly V.positions sleeve 52. As shown best in FIGURES land 2,

.the upper edge of sleeve 52 abuts the upper end oi' cap d4.. .In assembled relation cap 14 and sleeve 52 have slits 56Y and 5S respectively therein aligned as shown in FIGURES 1 and 2. Advantageously, sleeve 52is of a length that when assembled in cap 14, ilanges 54 abut the upper surface of rack Ztl and as best shown in FlG- URE 5 .engages the upper surface ofimplements 3?., 34, 3o and 38 maintaining their upper edges ilush with the Vsurface of rack 29. When cap le is locked on rack 2t?,

the outward biasing of implements 32., 34, 3o and 38 by reason of springs 42 urges cap 1d upwardly, as viewed in FGURE l, forcing protuberance Sti into engagement with enlargement 48 and maintaining cap 1 4 rmly in position.

Slideably mountedrwithin sleeve 52 is a selector dit.

n At the upper end of selector di) is a cylindrical surface o?. which slidably extends through an opening dei in the upperrend of cap 15.-. Selector 6b has an outwardly proiecting'shoulder do. VWhen selector et? is in its, nonwriting position, shoulder 66 abuts the inner surface ot e the upper end-of cap 1d, as shown best in FIGURE l. Selector ntl has'a recess 68 therein, in which is disposed a compression spr-ing *7b for maintaining or biasing se. v. lector et) in its outward position, so that selector o@ is Y normally biased away lfrom writing tip 18 of body portion l2. At the lower endV of selector 60 is an,l eccentrically positionedV selector'nger or arm 72, which co-` acts with the desired writing implement. Y: y

vMounted on the outer surface oil-capY 14 in any convenient manner is a clip brac'lret7-t.k Mounted to bracket 74 is a clip 76. Clipf76v has an extension 77 extending beyond bracket 74 having *an` arm or linger 78 directed towards ca'p 14. yArm 78 passes through opening 56 in cap 14 'and through aligned opening 58 in sleeve 52 vas seen best in FIGURES 1 and 2. Arm "78 cooperates andV coacts with shoulder do on selector 6@ when cylinder '72 is deprcssed'to lock selector o@ in downward position,` as seen best in FIGURE 2. Clip '76 is inwardly biased so that upon depressing cylinder 62 of selector ou, arm '78 automatically is urged inwardly and latches with shoulder 66.. `To release engagevvment between arm 78 and shouldered, clip 76 is kcorn- -pressed, as

' best in FIGURES 1 and V2, the upper surface of cylinder'y 62 hasindicia symbols 84 which may be colorcoded "to match the individual colors of the ink or pencil or could be letters to also indicate the colorssuch as R for redV G for green, etc. Grooves 82 are aligned with corresponding indicia markings S4V as seen best in FIG- URE 2. Grooves 82 engage detent 36 on the surface of sleeve 52'. As illustrated, detent is a linger cut in the surface offthe wallof sleeve. 52 and bent inwardly at the outer end of the finger. When detent 86 engages a corresponding groove 82, selector 6) is positioned against accidental rotation and arm 72Y is positioned over the aiorde-d by multiple unit type writing instruments.

l writing implement corresponding to the desired indicia 84. Selector 60 cannot be rotated until forcibly turned.

In operation, selector do is rotated until detent mechanism S6 engages the corresponding groove of the desired indicia marking S4 and positioning arm 72 over the proper implement, shown as 32 in the drawing. Depressing cylinder 62 downwardly forces arm 72 to depress the selected writing unit, illustratively shown as 32, into operative position with its writing end extending through aperture 13. Arm 78 on clip 76 latches over shoulder 66 locking pen 32 in its operative position. To return writing instrument 32 to its rest or retracted position, clip '76 is squeezed in a direction shown by arrow 8d, which releases arm 78 from latch shoulder 66 and allows selector d-to return to its outwardly biased position, as shown in FIGURE 1.

When it is desired to remove and replace any one of the writing implements, the user twists cap 14 and removes it from rack Ztl along the vertical groove 4d, while the writing elements are all retracted. Tipping the body portion l2 frees all of the writing implements from rack 20, so that it is easy to manually grip the ends of one or more of the writing implements desired to be removed or replaced. The user removes spring 42 which is easily remounted on the replacement implement and inserted in any of the openings. The cap end is remounted on the body portion and the device is ready to use.

While a separate spring 7? is Shown biasing selector 6l) to its outward position, the spring action of the springs mounted on the individual writing implements may be used instead.

It `is seen that an extremely simple multiple writing instrument has been provided with minimum number of parts and yet retaining all of the advantages oi selectivity The outer surface of body portion l2 is smooth for more comortable gripping and holding during use.

Although a particular structure has been described, it

should be understood that the invention should not be limited to the particular embodiment of the invention shown by way of illustration, but rather to the scope of 'the invention covered bythe appended claims.

What is claimed is:

l. A multiple unit writing instrument comprising an elongated cylindrical body portion having two ends with an aperture at one end, a rack having a plurality of longitudinally extending compartments therein, means ixedly mounting said rack on the other end of said body portion, a plurality oi cylindrical writing implements mounted on said rack and each in a corresponding compartment and projecting within said body portion, retractile means cooperating with said rack and said implements, a cap removably'mounted on said rack, said cap having an opening in its end farthest 'from said body portion, selectorV means reciprocably mounted in said cap and having an arm extending through said opening in said end of said cap, said selector means having a shoulder at the base of said arm `for engaging the linner surface of said cap when said arm is fully extended through said opening in` said cap, means biasing said selector means away from said writing implements, said selector means having a linger extending towmd said writing implements and being rotatable to selectively position said finger above a selected writing implement, whereby in resonse to depressing said arm of said selector means a selected writing instrument is projected through said aperture in said body portion into writing position, stop means mounted on said cap and biased radially inwardly to automatically engage said shoulder on said selector means when said arm of selector means is depressed and retaining said selector means in its depressed position, and means for releasing said stop means to permit the selected writing implement to retract.

2. A multiple unit writing intrumcnt comprising a hollow elongated body portion having two ends with an aperture in one end, a cylindrical rack having an outer diameter equal to the outer diameter of said body portion and having a plurality of longitudinal openings therein, said rack having an axial extension at one end with an outer diameter substantially equal to the inner diameter of said body portion adjacent said other end, said rack extension being slidably received Within said other end of said body portion for xedly mounting said rack on the end of said body portion, each of said openings in said rack having a larger diameter recess adjacent the end of said rack remote yfrom said extension and a shoulder facing away from said aperture in said body portion, a plurality of generally cylindrical Writing implements reciprocably mounted in corresponding openings in said rack and projecting within said body portion, compression springs mounted in each of said enlarged recesses in said rack and with one end abutting said shoulder, means on the end of each of said Writing implements co-acting with the other end of its corresponding spring for biasing each of said implements away from said aperture, a cap removably mounted on said rack, selector means having a depending inger thereon reciprocably mounted in said cap and selectively engagingl one only of said Writing implements, said selector means being rotatable and when depressed extending said selected implement through said aperture into Writing position, and top means mounted on said capfor retaining said selector in position to hold said selected Writing implement in extended position.

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