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Publication numberUS3170200 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1965
Filing dateFeb 26, 1963
Priority dateFeb 26, 1963
Publication numberUS 3170200 A, US 3170200A, US-A-3170200, US3170200 A, US3170200A
InventorsAraas Edythe K
Original AssigneeAraas Edythe K
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Door grill
US 3170200 A
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Feb. 23, 1965 E. K. ARAAs l 3,170,200

DooR GRILL Filed Feb. 2e, 196s '2 MJ i /m A 1% 24 2 so 2a INVENTOR,

EDYTHE K. AQAAS ATTORNEYS United States Patent @flee This invention relates to glass doors, and more particularly to a glass door provided with a decorative grill,

, for example, a grill including a monogram, ornamental figures, or numerals.

A main object of the invention is vto provide -a novel and improved door having a transparent window portion over which is'mounted a decorativeV grilhthe grill being arranged so that it may be readily swung away from the transparent window portion to allow for easy cleaning of said'window portion. l

A further object of the invention is to provide an improved door of the type provided with a transparent window portion of relatively large area over which is mounted a decorative grill carrying a monogram', ornamental ligures, or numerals, means being provided for normally securingthe decorative grill in a position in front of and substantially parallel to the transparent window portion, the grilltbeing easily releasable so that it may be swung away from the transparent window portion to allow said window portion to be cleaned, the structure being relatively simple, being easy to install, and being easy to manipulate. v

A still further object of the invention is to provide an improved Vglass door having a decorative grill disposed in front of its transparent portion, the grill being hingedly mounted at one side of the door and being provided with means for releasably locking the grill to the other side of the door, wherebyV the grill is normally vdisposed immediately in front of and parallel to the transparent portion of the door, but may be at'times swung away from said transparent portion to -allow yaccess thereto for cleaning, the components of the grill and its mounting means being relatively inexpensive to fabricate, being durable in construction, and being neat in appearance.

Further objects and advantages of the invention will Abecome apparent vfrom the following description and claims, and 'from the accompanying drawings, wherein:

FIGURE l is a front elevational view of a portion of' Referring to the drawings,V 11 designates a conven,

tional glass door, for example, a storm door of the conventional type having a metal frame including respective opposite side portions 12 and 13. Secured in the metal frame and extending between said side portions is the transparent window portion 14 which is of relatively large area, and which ordinarily has a width of two feet orv For decorative purposes, and also to provide some protection for the transparent window portion 14, which is usually made ofglass, a decorative grill is normally secured to the opposite `side portionsof the door and extends across the width thereof, being disposed in front ;of the glass window portion. `In the normal installation,

this grill is permanently secured, and therefore creates a problem when it is desired to clean the front surface of the window portion 14, since it is very diliicult to reach the areas immediately behind the decorative grill for the purpose of cleaning said areas.

3,1702@ Patented Penas, 1965 In accordance with the present invention, a decorative grill, designated generally at 15, is hingedly fastened to one side portion of the door and is releasably secured to the other side portion thereof, so that the grill may be at times swung outwardly away from Athe transparent window portion of -the 'door to provide access thereto for cleaning.

The decorative grill 15 comprises a frame 16 fabricated from strap metal which is provided with a pair of decoratively curved outwardly extending top arms 17, 17 and a pair of similarly curved outwardly extending'bottom arms 13, 1S, the arms 17, 17 and 18, 18 being located at the vrespective corners of the generally rectangular outline of the grill illustrated in FIGURE 1. example illustrated in FIGURE 1, the frame 16 includes an inner frame portion in which is secured a monogram 19 which is substantially coplanarl with the remaining' elements of the decorative grill 15. As will bereaclilyV understood, the grill `frame may carry a wide range of different'types of monogramgnumerals, or other decorative objects.

Designated at 2t) is a relatively exible horizontal bar member which is secured at its intermediate portions at 21, 21 to the curved arms 17, 17 and which is of sutiicient length to extend substantially completely across the width of the transparent window portion 14. A similar relatively flexible horizontal bar member 22 is secured at intermediate portions 23, 23 to the curved bottom arms 18, 18. Secured to the door side frame member 12 are respective hinge brackets 24, 24 which are vertically spaced by approximately the same amount as the bars Ztl and 22 and which are provided with forwardly offset horizontal flange portions 26 which underlie the ends of the bar members 20, 22 and are hingedly connected thereto by respective hinge bolts 27, 27. Secured to the opposite door side frame member 13 are similar brackets 28, 28 which have forwardly offset horizontal flange portions 29 arranged to underlie the remaining ends of the horizontal bar members 20, 22 when the grill -assembly 15 is in a position adjacent and substantially parallel to the front surface of the transparent window portion 14, as shown in FIGURES l and 2. The horizontal anges 29 are formed with locking apertures 30, and locking pins 31 are secured in the ends of the horizontal bar members 20 and 22,Y and are adapted to be received in the locking apertures 30 in the manner illustrated in FIGURE 3, to releasably lock the decorative grill assembly 15 in its normal position in front of, adjacent to and parallel to the glass window portion 14. v

Because of the flexibility of the horizontal bar members 2li and 22, the ends thereof engaging the brackets 28 may be elevated sutliciently to retract the locking pins 31 from the apertures 3), allowing the grill assembly 15 to beswung forwardly away from the glass window 14, thus providing free access to the front surface of the glass window for cleaning same. After the glass window has been cleaned, the grill may be returned to its normal position covering the glass window and adjacent and parallel kthereto by re-engaging the pins 31 in the apertures 30.

' permanent type, such as rivets, or the like, may be utilized to provide the hinge connections of the bar members 20 and 22 to the brackets 24, 24.

It will be further apparent that the grill assembly 1S may be easily disengaged from the locking brackets 28,

' 2S and may be swung away from the door window 14, by

merely lifting the right end portion of the grill frame 16,

In the specificV and without Irequiring the use of any tools whatsoever. The grill may be returned to its normal position by following a reverse procedure.

While a specific embodiment of an improved door and grill assembly has been disclosed in the foregoing description, it will be understood that various modifications Within the spirit of the invention may oc/:ur to those skilled in the art. Therefore, it is intended that no limitaftions be placed on the invention except as dened by `the scope of the appended claim.

What is claimed is: l

In combination with a door having a transparent intermediate portion, a pair of vertically spaced exible horizontal bar members of sufficient length to extend substantially completely across the width of said transparent portion, a decorative grill vertically disposed between the intermediate portions of said bar members, said grill being of generally rectangular outline and having curved outwardly extending arms at its respective top and bottom corners, means securing the top curved arms to spaced intermediate portions of the upper bar member, means securing the bottom curved arms to spaced intermediate portions of the lower bar member, respective hinge brackets secured to the door at one side of said transparent portion spaced substantially the same vertical distance apart as said bar members, respective bolt means llingedly securing the ends of said bar members to said hinge brackets and being in vertical alignment, depending pin elements on the opposite ends of said bar members, and horizontal latch brackets secured on the door at the opposite side of said transparent portion, said brackets being provided with apertures located to lockingly receive said pin elements, said bar members being sufficiently flexible to allow said pin elements to be lifted out of said apertures.

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