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Publication numberUS3170319 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1965
Filing dateNov 30, 1960
Priority dateNov 30, 1960
Publication numberUS 3170319 A, US 3170319A, US-A-3170319, US3170319 A, US3170319A
InventorsKarlowicz Peter O
Original AssigneeKarlowicz Peter O
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Gas permeability chamber
US 3170319 A
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Feb. 23, 1965 P. o. KARLQWICZ 3,170,319

' GAS PERMEABILITY CHAMBER Filed Nov. 30, 1960 INVENTOR. I PETER 0. KARLowlcz nnpamgy; x

3,170,319 GASPERMEABILITY GHAMBER Peter 0. Karlowicz, 4911 Highee St, Philadelphia, Pa.

Filed Nov. 30, 196i), der. No. 72,811 V 3 Claims. (Cl. 73-38) (Granted under Title 35, 11.8. Codet1952), sec. 266) The invention described herein may be manufactured and used by or for the Government for governmental purposes Without the payment-to me of any royalty thereon. i

This invention relates to an apparatus with which the permeability of specimens. (frequently of'metal and made by a powder metallurgy process) maybertested. It has I for an object to provide such an apparatus in which the desired test may be made more quickly and easily than has ,been customary heretofore.

art has been the necessity for tightening and releasing a plurality of clamping screws for the assembly and removal of a test specimen. Another dithculty has been in obtaining the proper alinernent of the'test specimen between the clamping members when performed expedi tiously. A further disadvantage in some of the prior apparatus has been the necessity for deforming the neces- 3,l7,319 Patented Feb. 23, 1965 ice clamping member and the test specimen. This screw may be actuated by a knurled head 22 or in any convenient manner and engages inside threads within aframe 23 having four leg portions (three being shown 24, 25, 26) leading to the underside and corners of member 11.

Pressure from screw 21 is applied to pressure distributor 27, also having four'leg portions and leading to the four corners ofthe upper member 10; Recessed portions 28 and 2'59 of clamping members 10 and 11 respectively assist in the proper positioning of the-clamping leg portions contiguous each clamping member. As shown in FIG. 2 the clamping members 10 and 11 are ofthe same width as frame 23 and due to the pressure distributor 27 being alined with screwZl. by the rounded end 300i the screw engaging a similarly rounded recess 31 to assist in centering the distributor with respect to the axis of screw i there is little if any need for centering the members) One cause of greater time consumption under the prior 1 and ll with respect to the frame 23 and distributor transdowels 32. in upper plate fit in four recesses 33 in lower sary gaskets inapplying pressure to them by rotation of p a contiguous part. Still another trouble in such apparatus has been inaccuracy and the inability toobtain reproducible results with the same specimen, due to a leakage of gas, caused by mentioned faults.

According to the present invention these disadvantages have been eliminated. A single screw-applies the desired pressure equally to opposed clamping members for holding a test specimenbetween them. To 'reducethe danger of pressure being applied non-uniformlyvor elsewhere (than intended these opposed clamping members holding. a the work have recessed portions in which leg applying pressure to the outside of each are accurately positioned.

Four dowels in theupper plate fitting in four recesses in the lower plate prevent sliding or misalignment.

Referring to the drawingf FIG. 1 is a side view showing a preferred embodiment of the present invention.v

FIG. 2 is a view taken oaths left side of ro. 1. Clamping members 10 and 11 have the test specimen kets 14 and 15 have ja centralperforation through which gas is supplied or vented from they specimen 13. The recessed portions 29 in member 11 are not so deep as been ;-'customary.' The cut-outlportion 12, as depicted in the drawings, is centrally disposed withinmember 1'1 13 held between them in a cut-out portion 12 of one memher to insure'itsi beingpositioned where desired. Gasor bottom plate to insure perfect alignment and prevent 7 any sliding of plates. Y

I claim: l. A gas permeability chamber for measuring the per meability of specimens and comprising an upper clampingmember having recessed portions at its upper part anda lower clamping member having recessed portions at its lower part, said lower clamping member having a.

cut-out portion at its upper part, apair of gaskets sandwiching said'specimen all disposed within said cut-out portion, a gas passageway in each of s'aidclamping members and said gaskets'so aligned'to pass gas generally vertically centrally of said specimen, a framevthreaded at its upper end and having upwardly extending 'legs at its lower end engaging said recessed portions of the lower clamping member, a pressure distributor within said frame and spaced therefrom, said distributor having a round recess at its uppermost portion and legs to engage the recessed portions of said upper clamping member, a screw 7 engaging said threads at the upperend of said frame for nesting within said round recess of said distributor for applying vertical pressure throughthe legs of said frame and distributor-to insure fan air-tight fit; between said clamping members and means for passing gas-through said passageway.

2. The device of claim 1 further characteriiedby 1 doweled fconnections in the clarnping members.

3. The device of claim 2 further characterized by, a

1 third gasket mounted between the clamping members i and will be of sutficient depth to accommodate gaskets 14 l and 15 and the specimen 13 to be 'testedtherebetweenf' The cut-out portion 12 will preferably be circularin shape for economy and ease of fabrication.

Instead of a plurality of. screws,-only one screw 21 is providedfor applying pressure to and through each and having aligned holes therewithin for receiving dowels and gas passageway.

ReierencestJited by the Examiner UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,293,084 8/42 Sedam f 73-l03 2,667,782 2/54 Shea 7 337 X 2,755,660 7/56 Kammermeyer et a1 .1; 73-38 lSAAC LISANN, Primary Examiner.

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U.S. Classification73/38
International ClassificationG01N15/08
Cooperative ClassificationG01N15/0806
European ClassificationG01N15/08A