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Publication numberUS3170464 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1965
Filing dateJan 22, 1962
Priority dateJan 26, 1961
Publication numberUS 3170464 A, US 3170464A, US-A-3170464, US3170464 A, US3170464A
InventorsForti Emilio, Guercio Carlo Del
Original AssigneeForti Emilio, Guercio Carlo Del
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Contraceptive means
US 3170464 A
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CNTRAGEPTI MEANS Filed Jam. 22, 3.962

am: a j

Patented Feb. 23, 1965 3,170,464 l4 n CONTRACEPTIVE MEANS i Emilio Forti, 48 Viav Lima, and Carlo Del Guerclo,

- 115 Via Tripolitana, both of Rome, Italy Filed Jan. 22,1962, Ser. No. 167,651 Claims priority, application Italy, Jan. 26, 1961, e 1,204/61; July 15, 1961, 121,857/ 61; Sept. 25,

'1961,11,131/61 p Y 1;, 1 claim. (c1. use-211)` The present invention relates to means applicable by the male and having -a mechanic, antiseptic and orthogenetic protective Vandpreventive action,v and toja method of producing such means.

' As is generally known, the prevention of infection with diseases in sexualV intercourse and, also the necessity of a sufficient protection, for eugenicf reasons represent actual problems. Various means are already known which provide the effects referred to by mechanical or chemical means. Such-means or `agents comprise for example tablets, globules,v pessaries, diaphragms, little sponges, tampons, creams and the like, which must be introduced into the vagina and which lthus shift the severe responsibility for hygienics land also for the prevention of conception entirelyto the female. This fact often causes psychic diiculties due to the sensitiveness of female emo tions; in addition, often the aid of a third person must be' asked, e.g. `in case of introducing pessaries or diaphragms.

On the other"hand,means applicable by the male are already known such'as e.g. condoms which, however, being a foreign body, have the disadvantage of yexerting an irritating and desensibilizing effect and of necessitating subsequent removal. In addition, therapeutic medicaments must also often be introduced into the vagina, against which necessity there exist again prejudices and .K psychic scruples.

It is an object ofthe present invention to overcome these drawbacks by providing an agent applicable by the male, which agent can be transmitted to the female in v a gelatine substance containing medicaments or other additives, e.g. spermicides; vthis means during sexual intercourse is brought into the vagina, where it is deposited on the os uteri and subsequently will be dissolved owing to the temperature of the human body. Said element may be formed so as to entirely or partly cover the glans penis.

l Such a contraceptive means is effective in safeguarding against infections diseases transferable by sexual organs vand can wholly or partly replace the customary therapeutic means to be introduced'directly into the vagina. Owing to its properties and its advantages referred to above, such an element eifectivelyiits inthe s cope of social and hygienic progress. f

The present invention will now be described in more detail with reference to the accompanying drawings illustrating, by way of example, several embodiments of the invention, and in which:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective View of the kcontraceptive means according to the invention;

FIGURES 2 and 3' are perspective -views of further ernbodiments;

l United States lPatent Office lURE 5, and

FIGURE 7 shows a section through a further embodiment of the invention.

FIGURE 4 is'an end View of' an additional embodiment; i i

As shown in the drawings the contraceptive means according to the invention has the shape of a cap conforming to the glans penis. The cap has a wall thickness dependent on the composition of the material and consists of a gelatine substance which in addition may also contain medicaments.

The cap 1 is elastic and due to the body heat melts within the vagina; according to FIGURE 1 the inner end of the cap wall is provided with a knurled marginal portion 2 which contributes to an improved adhesion of the cap on the glans penis.

In Va modification according to FIGURE 2 the cap -5 is provided at its closed end in the interior of the wall with a centrally arranged cavity 6, serving for the reception of medicamen-ts or additives which thus are localized at 'a predetermined point instead of being dispersed in ythe entire gelatine mass. Even though the entire gelatine massY contains already medicaments or spermicides, an additional quantity thereof may also be contained in the cavity 6.

In another cap 7 according to lFIGURE 3, the cavity 6 communicates with the outside by meansof .two ducts 8.

The contraceptive means according to FIGURE 4 has a more hemispherical shape so that the entire glans penis is not covered, whereby a more universal utilization is possible. The required adhesion to the glans penis is in this case obtained by applying an adhesive on the internal surface of the cap.

The cap thus formed affords the advantage that itl can also be introduced into .the vagina on a finger for therapeutic purposes by the female herself. Thereby the possibility is practically eliminated of contaminating and injuring the vagina, resulting into subsequentinfection. i

Towards the base of the cap 9 the wall 10l of the capv 9 is thinner, while the wall thickness is greater at 11.

The middle portion 12 of the interior of the cap is covered with an adhesive, so that the cap is in fixed position at least while introducing it into the vagina. The elasticity of the cap material results in that the cap closely iits the particular organs without being damaged and that the introduction of the cap into the vagina is brought about in a painless and natural manner.

According to FIGURES 5 and 6 the internal surface of the cap is provided in the middle with a round and plane bulge 14 from where three Hat ribs 15 extend radially until the edge of the cap. These ribs 15 act to reduce the adherence to the lateral parts of the cap, so that the cap in the vagina comes olif easier from the glans penis.

In the embodiment according to FIGURE 7 a round and plane bulge 16 is provided on the internal side of the cap in the middle thereof. At the outside of the cap and situated opposite the bulge .16, a recess 17 is arranged which, on the one hand, protects the os uteri since it conforms to its shape, and which, on .the other hand, Ieduces the weight of the cap without impairing the strength thereof. In the manufacture of the cap, for instance gelatine is melted in glycerine in a container placed in Water-bath. In this molten mixture 2-4% by wt. of Vaseline. of pharmaceutical grade are incorporated. This mass is thoroughly mixed while producing vortices.

In a separate process eg. phenyl mercury nitrate and hydroxyquinoline sulphate or another disinfectant are mixed and diluted with a small amount of glycerine. The whole mass is then thoroughly mixed, in order to render Y Y p o Y ,n the suspension homogeneous. The homogeneous suspension is then added to the molten mixture while being V.continuously stirred. With further -continuous agitation the still Warm mass is cast in moulds preliminarily coated with Vaseline oil and cooled. l After the mass has set the articles are removed from the mould and, if desired, are

subsequently covered on the inside with an adhesive, as before described.

The means Ythus produced can be positioned onv the glans penis or introduced by means ofy a finger into the vagina. The shape and the'chemicalcomposition.of the cap result'ina rcadyremoval of the capas soon as the latter has arrived at theosuteria, and thus affords a protection. The cap is now deposited on the os uteri and exerts already y'inthis state a mechanical protection. VVBy of said element, `atlleastjftvvoribsy extendingv from the centralbulgetowards thejed'ge;'ofV the element and project-Y ing inwardly from the Ywall 'ofthe element A and an, adhesive substance yon Vand restricted to s aidfbulge .iriaA quantity suiiicient to temporarily secure the element en the glans penis While `permitting.the element-mbe subsequently released in the vagina, where the element is retained for the process of dissolution a thin layer consisting of the medicaments or additives contained in Ythe cap; Willbe formed across the entire-surface Vof the Walls 'of the` vagina; thus it is possible, according 4to the present inven-` tion, to combine said mechanical action VYwith other desired eiects in the most elicient manner. Thus agents preventing infection, contraceptive `expedients andthe like-may be dispersed in the entiremass or containedin thecavity 8, which agents Will be Vreleased afterv ashort time by the the cap 7 shownin FIGURE 3 the ducts 8 act in carrying away the agents which are disposed in the cavity 8 and which are forced outvby the pressure exerted upon the mediateiy and not gradually'. 1

The contraceptive means can be produced in various diameters and iri different colours'.

Y dissolution of the capnwithin the vagina. In the case of 'i cap, so that the desired eiect is produced in the vagina im#` being dissolved.

v Y BeferncesiCited by the Examiner UNITED STATESPATENTS"y f Y 365,183 12/22' Germmy.-r RICHARD A. GAUDET, Bfi1nary`y-Examinrar. 1


n l *Examinersf new'. 3V, M

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