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Publication numberUS3170635 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 23, 1965
Filing dateAug 15, 1962
Priority dateAug 15, 1962
Publication numberUS 3170635 A, US 3170635A, US-A-3170635, US3170635 A, US3170635A
InventorsCurtin Paul J
Original AssigneeMc Graw Edison Co
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Luminaire assembly
US 3170635 A
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2 sheetsShe t 2 P. cURTIN LUMNARE ASSEMBLY Feb, 23, 1965 Fi1ed Aug. 15, 1962 of said lun1inaiTe, elongate clip n1eans Substantially co-extenSive vVith adiacent lateTna1 sides and engaging the at tachIIlent Tfbs theTeof to reSiliently urge Said adiacent latera1 SideS into engagen1ent and to Tnaintain such engageInent upon expanSion and contraction of said pane1S, and elongate fasteI1ing EeanS feleaSably engaging Said suppoft plate and Said hood fo1 holding Said TefractoT panels and said hood in a unitaTy aSSen1bly, and second attachInent Tneans independent of said elongate fastening n1eans for Teleasably securing said plate to said baSe So that Said optica1 aSSembly Inay be removed fI'om Said baSe in a unitary aSSeInbly to expose Said lalnp holding n1eansl 6- A luminaife compriSig a base aSsembly foI attach- Inent to SUppofting strl1ctuTe and an optical aSSen1bly, Said baSe aSSeT1bly including light socket SUppoTt IneanS, Said optical asSenlbly including a hood and a plurality of panelS having pTiSn1atic 1ight refTacting nTeans foTIned thereon, a pane1 support plate engaging said baSe and having a central apertUTe disposed in suTTounding Te1ation to said light Socket Support nleans, each of Said )ane1s extending genefa11y upvvaTd1y flom Said baSe poftion and being engaged at its lovveI' end by Said Suppoft plate, each of said Tefractor pane1S having an attachnlent fib integra1 vith each of itS lateTal SideS and extending outvvard1y of said luIninaire and opposed to the attachInent Tib on the ad iacent paneL elongate Spfing clip IneanS subStantially co extenSive with adiacent latefal sides of said panels and each having a paif of inWardly extending end poftions engaging the oppoSed attachITlent TibS to TeSilieTltly UTge said adiacent latefal SideS into engagen1ent and to n1ain tain sI1ch engagenlent upon eX anSion and conttaction of said panels, elongate faStening IneanS TeleaSably engaging Said Suppoft p1ate and Said hood fo1 holding Said reffactof panelS and Said hood in a unitary aSSeInbly, con]pTeSsable Sealing Ineans diSpoSed betWeen said hood and the opper end of Said panelS to Seal said optica1 aSSeInb1y againSt 1ongitndinal expanSion and contraction of Said pane1S, and TeleaSable faStening TneanS independent of Said elongate faStening n1eans and engaging Said base asSeInbly and sai(1 SUppoTt )1ate So that said optica1 aSSembly can be feleaSably Inounted on and TeInoved fTom said base as a 11nitaTy aSSen1bly to expose Said light Socket SuppoTt means.

7. A 1UIninaiTe compriSing a baSe aSSen1bly for attch- Inent to suppofting Structure and an optical aSSen1b1y, Said baSe aSSeInb1y including light socket suppoff lTleans, Said optica1 aSSeTnb1y including a hood and a plurality of Te fractof pane1s having1ightInodifying ITleanS foTnled theTe on, a panel Support plate engaging said baSe assen1bly and having an apertUTe diSPosed f11 Sufrounding Telation to said light Socket Suppoft I1eanS, each of Said TefTactoT pane1s extending generaly upvvafdly fron1 said baSe portioI1 and having an invvard1y extending nange at itS lovve1 end Which iS engaged by Said suppoft )1ate, each of Said fefTactor panels having an attachInent Tib integfal vvith each of itS lateral Sides and eXtending otItvard1y of Said 1uJninaire, elongate clip nleans substantially coextenSive with adiacent lateTal Sides and engaging the attachInent ribs thereof to TeSiliently 111ge Said adiacent lateral Sides into engagen1ent and to olaintain Such engagenent upon expansion and confTaction of Said )ane1S, fitst faStening Ineans Teleasably engaging Said SUppoTt plate and Sai(1 hood for holding said Teffactor panelS and Said hood in a 11nitary aSSeInbly, Said f1ange and Said suppoTt plate hav ing engageable locating Ineans for Inaintaining the lovvef endS of Said PanelS in coTTect alignn1ent Te1ative to said plate, and second fastening Ineans independent of said 1irst faStening n1eanS and engaging Said baSe aSSen1bly and Said SUppoft plate so that Said optical aSSembly can be TeleaSab1y Inounted on and Ten1oved fTon said baSe aS a Unitary asesIT1bly t() expose said light socket SUppoTt means.

8. A 11n1inaiTe coII1pTiSing a baSe asSen1bly for attach- Inent to snppofting stTuctuTe and an optical aSSen1bly, Said baSe aSSen1bly including light Socket Suppoft nleans and a lateTally eXtending ange Sai(1 optica1 aSSeInbly inclIlding a hood and a plI1rality of pane1S having pfiSnlati(=1ight TefTacting n1eanS forn1ed thefeon, a panel SuppoTt plate engaging Said baSe aSSen1bly and having an apeftufe dis posed in SuTfounding relation to said 1ight Socket SuppoTt Ineans, each of Said panels extending geneTally upvvardly floIn Said base poftion and being engaged at its lovVef end by Said Support p1ate, each of Said fefTactor panelS hav ing a11 attachment rib integTal With each of itS lateral SideS, Said pane1S being dispoSed in SufTollnding Telation to Said light socket Suppoft n1eanS and With theif lateral edges in abutting Sidebyside felation, elongate clip Ineans substantia1ly coextensive vvith adiacent lateTa1 SideS and engaging the attachTnent TibS thefeof, elongate faStening n1eans TeleaSably engaging Said SUpport plate and said hood for holding Said TefTactof ane1S andSaid hood in a unitary aSSeInbly, and second faStening nleans indepen dent of Said elongate faStening IneanS and engaging the lowef Suface of Said f1ange and having an end poTtion threadably engaging Said suppoft plate so that said optical aSSembly can be TeleaSably 1T1ounted on and TeInoved ffom Said baSe aS a 11nitaTy aSSen1bly, and Tetaining IneanS for pTeventing Ten1oval of said faStening IneanS ffon1 Said baSe assembly.

9. A lun1inaiTe coITlpTising a baSe asSeIT1bly for attachfnent to suppoTting StTucfuTe and an optical aSSen1bly, Said baSe aSSexnbly inclllding feveTSible light socket SUppoft IIleans and a lateTally extending f1ange, Said optical as- Senbly inclllding a hood and a I)111rality of panelS having pfiSnlatic light feffacting n1eanS foTIIled thereon, a panel support plate engaging Said base assemb1y and having an apeft11fe dispoSed in SuTToUnding Telation to said 1ight Sooket sllpport neans, each of said panels extending ge11 orany upWardly from Said base portion and having a1atefally extending ange at its lovvef end vvhich iS engaged by said Sup oft plate, each of said Tefractof panels having an attachInent Tib.integral vvith each of its lateral Sides, Said panels being disposed in surTonnding Telation to said 1ight sooket suppoTt IneanS vvith the lateTal Sides of adiacent panelS in abIltITlent, elongate clip IneanS SubStantia1ly coextenSive vvith adiacent lateral sideS and engaging the attachInent TibS thereon to I1Tge said lateTal sides into resilient high peSSUre ongagenlent, elongate fastening IIleanS TeleaSably engaging Said Suppoft plate and Said hood fof holding Said Teffactor pane1s and said hood in a unitaTy aSSen1bly, Said 1ight socket suppoft nleanS including at tachInent IneanS for TeleaSably engaging said baSe and lying iI1 a rStp1ane an(11ight socket engaging n1eans lying iI1 a Second plane spaced fron1 Said fiTst plane, vvhefeby TeveTSal of Said light socket suppoft IneanS vvi11 vafy the distance betvveen Said Socket and said light reffacting nleanS, and Second faStening IneanS independent of Said elongate fastening n1eanS and engaging the lover SUTface of Said ange and having an e11d poTtion thTeadably en gaging said sLlppoTt plate So that Said optical asSen1bly can be releaSably fnounted on and Temoved fTom Said baSe as a unitaTy aSSen1bly, and Tetaining nleans fol fe venting ren1oval of Said faste11ing nleanS ffon1 Said baSe aSSeInbly.

1efefences cifed in the fle of thiS patent UNITED STATES PATENTS 7 1,S4S 711 TOWnSend Iuly 14, 19ZS 1,6S7,ZS6 IIa1vofson Ian, Z4, 1928 1,791,674 Iing Feb. 10, 1931 2,014,191 Stock Sopt. 10, 193 2 870,36Z ATno1d et al Ian. 20, 1959 Z,894,693 Howarth July 14, 19S9 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CERTIFICATE OF CORRECTION Patent Nd. ,170,655

Februa y 23, 196 Paul J. Curtin t S hereby certified that error a ent reqiring cor ppears in the above numbered paLt ectioh and that the Sa .c0rected be1ow.

id LetterS Patent Shon1d 'ed as Column 5 genra1y" read generally bef0 e "en ageable' insert coacting Signed and Sealed thiS 5rd day of AuguSt 1965.

SEA L) Attest:

ERNEST w. SwIDER EDwARD J. BRENNER A [esting ()fficer conlnlissioner of Patents

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