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Publication numberUS3171540 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 2, 1965
Filing dateDec 27, 1963
Priority dateDec 27, 1963
Publication numberUS 3171540 A, US 3171540A, US-A-3171540, US3171540 A, US3171540A
InventorsDouglas Alan
Original AssigneeDouglas Alan
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Phonograph record package
US 3171540 A
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. March 2, 1965 A. DOUGLAS 3,171,540

PHONOGRAPH RECORD PACKAGE Filed Dec. 27, 1963 26 Lg/'9 2615 j 2 2 United States Patent 3,171,540 PHONOGRAPH RECORD PACKAGE Alan Douglas, 200 W. 57th St., New York, N.Y. Filed Dec. 27, 1963, Ser. No. 333,942 2 Claims. (Cl. 20647) This invention relates to a phonograph record package, and is particularly concerned with means for providing additional utility for such packages so that the packaging material will not be discarded after it has served its primary function, but may be used indefinitely in another form, as, for instance, a jigsaw puzzle.

Although the invention will be described in connection with a phonograph record package of the envelope type, it will be understood that the advantages of the invention are not limited to such environment. The invention may be used in packages of any kind in which one side of the package may be provided with a hollow border portion, either secured thereto or incorporated therein, within which individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle may be removably mounted. The entire package may be wrapped in any suitable material to hold the individual pieces of the puzzle in place until the package reaches the ultimate user.

In accordance with the present invention, a jigsaw puzzle is incorporated into the record package as part of the envelope, with the result that the envelope may be utilized as a jigsaw puzzle either with or without the record held within the envelope. One side of the envelope has a top sheet of any suitable material secured thereto. The top sheet comprises an outer border portion surrounding an inner portion that is divided into a plurality of individual interfitting pieces of irregular configuration that constitute a jigsaw puzzle. If desired, both sides of the envelope may include a jigsaw puzzle. It is also possible to provide an easel on one side of the package to enhance the display by supporting the package in approximately vertical position.

The structure by means of which the above mentioned and other advantages of the invention are attained will be described in the following specification, taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings showing three preferred illustrative embodiments of the invention, in which:

FIG. 1 is a top elevational view of a package embodying the invention;

FIG. 2 is a view similar to FIG. 1, with some of the individual pieces of the jigsaw removed and with the phonograph record indicated by a dash line;

FIG. 3 is an enlarged fragmentary cross sectional view, taken along the line 33 of FIG. 1;

FIG. 4 is an enlarged fragmentary cross sectional view of a modified form of the invention in which both sides of the package are provided with a jigsaw puzzle; and

FIG. 5 is a perspective view of a modified form of the invention in which an easel is mounted on one side of the package.

Referring to the drawings, a rectangular sheet 11 is folded transversely at its mid-section, as indicated at 12, to form two juxtaposed side members 13 and 14. The sheet 11 may be of plastic or any other suitable material, but is preferably of cardboard because of its cheapness and ease of handling. The longitudinal edges of one of the side members 13 or 14 has extensions 15 and 16 that are folded inwardly between the side members, as indicated in dash lines in FIG. 2, and are adhered to the other side member to form an envelope 17 closed along three edges and having a pocket 18 open at one end 19 for holding a phonograph record 20 or similar article. If desired, two separate superimposed sheets of cardboard, or other suitable material, may be used instead of the "ice single folded sheet 11. When the single sheet is used, the side members are secured together along one edge by the told 12, and along two adjacent edges by binding strips. When separate sheets are used, the side members are secured together by binding strips along three edges. The binding strips may be integral with one of the sheets, as, for example, the extensions 15 and 16, or may be separate strips adhered to both of the side members. It is also possible to form a laminated envelope by superimposing two separate sheets and adhering them together along three edges.

The outer edge portions of a separate top sheet 21 are secured to one of the side members 13 or 14. The top sheet is divided into an outer border portion 22 and a coplanar inner portion 23. The top sheet 21 may be die cut by a die having its vertical stroke limited by any suitable means to prevent the die from cutting into the backing member 13. The outer border portion comprises two longitudinal strips 24 and 25 and two transversely extending strips 26 and 27 forming a hollow rectangular frame within which the inner portion 23 may be removably mounted. The inner portion 23 is divided into individual pieces 28 having edges of irregular configuration selectively interfitting with the edges of adjacent indi vidual pieces. Sheet 21 is secured to the side member 13 by adhesive that is applied only within the area defined by the outer edges of sheet 21 and the inner edges of its border portion 22. Therefore, when the sheet 21 is cut to form the border portion and the individual pieces 28 of the inner portion, the individual pieces 28 are removable from the side member 13 which serves as a backing member for the jigsaw puzzle. The hollow rectangular frame comprising the outer border portion 22 must have sufiicient rigidity to hold the pieces 28 in place.

Preferably a thin paper sheet 29 is adhered to the outer surface of top sheet 21. The edge portions of sheet 29 extend beyond each of the three closed edges of the envelope, and are folded over said edges and are adhered to the back of the side member 14, as indicated in FIG. 3 at 30. The edge portions of sheet 29 are held in place by another sheet 31 that is adhered to the back of side member 14 and has its edge portions overlapping the edge portions of sheet 29. The sheet 29 has a picture printed on its outer surface. The picture may extend into the border portion 22 or may be confined to the inner portion 23. If desired, the picture may also be printed on the outer surface of sheet 13 to facilitate solution of the jigsaw puzzle by young children. The package may be wrapped in an outer wrapping (not shown) of any suitable material to prevent displacement of any of the individual pieces 28 of the jigsaw puzzle before it reaches the ultimate user.

The embodiment of FIG. 4 differs from the embodiment of FIGS. l-3 only in that a top sheet 21 is secured to each side member 13 and 14. This arrangement provides two jigsaw puzzles on each package.

The embodiment of FIG. 5 differs from the embodiment of FIGS. 1-3 only in that an easel 32 is secured to the back of the package. The easel comprises a strip 33 permanently secured to sheet 31 and a section 34 hinged to strip 33 along a line parallel to the open end 19 of the pocket 18. Any suitable means may be used to limit the outward swinging movement of the easel section 34 so that it will support the package in substantially vertical position.

Although I have described three preferred embodiments of my invention in considerable detail, it will be understood that the description is intended to be illustrative, rather than restrictive, as many details of structure may be modified or changed without departing from the spirit 1. An envelope having a pocket open at one end for a holding a phonograph record, said envelope comprising two juxtaposed side members secured together along three edges, and a rigid top sheet juxtaposed against, one of said 7' side members, said top sheet having a score'line extending through itsyentire thickness to divide it intoan outer border portioniand an inner. portion surrounded by said outer border portion, the outer border portion being permanently secured to said one side memberto form a rigid frame and a backing membertfor holding a jigsaw puzzle, said innerportionbeing free of said securement, said inner portion being divided into individual pieces removab-ly mounted on'said one side member within said outer border portion, ,said individual pieces having edges 7 of irregular configuration. selectively interfitting-with. the

edges of adjacentpieces toy-form a jigsaw puzzle.

2. An envelope having ,a pocket open at one end for holding a phonograph record, said envelope comprising two juxtaposed side members secured together along three edges, a top sheet juxtaposed against one of saidtside members, said top sheet comprising an outer border portion permanently secured to said one side member, and an inner portion removably positioned within said outer border portion in the plane of said border portion, said inner portion having a picture printed onits upper surface and being divided into'individual pieces, whereby said individualpieces maybe repeatedly; separated from each other and then positioned on said vone side member and fitted together, within said outer bordert portion to reproduce the picture on the upper surface of saidone side member. 0 p I References Cited by the Examiner V UNITED STA TES PATENTS Re. .24,962 '4/61 ELoderhose 20647 1,480,860 1/24 "Ness 20647 2,427,318 9/47 1 Warren v 20646 "2,714,448 8/55 Brown Q 206-47 7 FOREIGN PATENTS 172,534 1/ 35 Switzerland.

THERON E. CONDON, Primary Examiner.

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