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Publication numberUS3181664 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 4, 1965
Filing dateJul 3, 1962
Priority dateSep 13, 1960
Publication numberUS 3181664 A, US 3181664A, US-A-3181664, US3181664 A, US3181664A
InventorsSchonberg Aagaard Georg Christ
Original AssigneeSchonberg Aagaard Georg Christ
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Removable panels
US 3181664 A
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May 4, 1965 G. c. s. AAGAARD REMOVABLE PANELS Filed July 3, 1962 United States Patent "ice 3,181,664 REMOVABLE PANELS Georg Christian Schytnberg Aagaard, 527 Roskildevej, Glostrup, Denmark Filed July 3, 1962, Ser. No. 207,252 Claims priority, application Denmark, Sept. 13, 1960, 3,627/ 60 1 Claim. (Cl. 18988) The present invention relates generally to building construction in the manner of my abandoned application filed September 11, 1961, Serial No. 137,107 of which this application is a continuation-in-part, and more particularly to an arrangement for retaining rectangular building plates, more particularly floor and ceiling plates mounted in a uniform pattern.

The object of the invention is to provide a floor, wall, or ceiling surface of readily variable area such as, for instance, is the case in a house built according to a fixed module with a steel skeleton of channel iron covered with prefabricated building plates. The arrangement according to the invention is in particular intended for use in connection with floor and ceiling plates resting on or suspended from transverse girders which can be readily connected with and detached from the columns of the steel skeleton of the house. An essential feature of the arrangement according to the invention is that at uniform distance apart corresponding to the edge length of the plates the supporting members of the plates are provided with rotatable, upright holder bolts along straight lines at right angles to each other. The holder or lock bolts have a notched head and a locking plate disposed at the central part of the bolt and at right angles to its axis. The locking plate has the form of a sector of a circle of less than 270. Furthermore, the plates have, at each corner, a cylindrical or arcuate recess from which extends a groove disposed in the side edges of the plate at right angles to the axis of arcuate recess and so formed and arranged that it is capable of accommodating the locking plate of a holder bolt when the plate is so arranged that the holder bolts are resting in contact with the cylindrical recess.

As a result, each plate can readily be mounted and removed when the holder bolts at the four corners are turned, by means of a screw driver, into a position such that the circle sector of less than 270 extends out of the groove provided in the side edges of the plates. When mounting the plates may conveniently be in position as to have four adjoining plates at the holder bolt.

The invention will now be further described with reference to the drawing which is a prospective fragmentary view of a floor which is supported by an arrangement according to the invention.

The house, not shown, is built over a steel skeleton with columns 1 of channel iron spaced everywhere at equal distances apart. Only one of the columns, however, is shown in the drawing. The column shown is of rectangular cross-section and is composed of two channel sections welded together locally along their flanges. At the lower end of each column 1 is placed a foot bracket 2 for supporting the floor and the foot bracket is supported by a screw bolt 3 which transmits the pressure exerted by the column to a concrete block 4 placed in the earth. The pressure is transmitted via a sill 5 which extends the whole way round along the outer wall of the house. The screw bolt 3 is provided at one end with right-hand thread and at its other end with left-hand thread and is threaded into nuts in the foot bracket 2 and the sill 5, respectively, so that when the screw bolts 3 are turned the floor of the house can 3,181,664 Patented May 4, 1965 be raised into its proper horizontal position whereby the pressure will be uniformly distributed on all of the concrete blocks 4.

Prefabricated floor plates 24 are disposed resting on floor carriers 34 of reversed U-shaped cross-section. The floor carriers are provided at their lower end with a reinforcement 35 extending beneath the floor carrier throughout its length and being formed as a box of U-shaped cross-section. At their ends the floor carriers 34 have a pin 36 fitting into a hole provided in the foot bracket 2 on the corresponding column 1 of the outer wall. In the embodiment of the floor shown foam plastic plates 10 are mounted in the reinforcement 35. The foam plastic forms an insulating layer with the reinforcement 35 to which are secured plates 37 by means of lugs 39. Between the floor carriers 34 and the floor plates 24 is provided an insulating layer 40 so that the grooves between the individual floor plates do not allow cold to enter therethrough. The grooves serve to guide removable partitions and in order that they may have a suitable width everywhere holder bolts 42 are placed where the corners of the floor plates meet so as to keep the plates separated from each other. The bolts fit into arcuate recesses in the corners of the floor plates 24. The holder bolts 42 have each at right angles to their longitudinal axis a guide plate 43 in the form of a sector of a circle of about 270 and fit into a groove 41 in the edge of the plate and extending from the recesses in the plate corners. In this manner adjoining corners of four floor plates may be retained and when the holder bolt 42 is turned by means of screwdriver inserted into its slotted head each individual plate may be detached separately.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

In a building construction, a plurality of modules comprising rectangular plates mounted in contiguous relationship in a given pattern forming larger construction modules comprising ceilings, floors and Walls, each plate having a plurality of arcuate recesses each having a longitudinal axis disposed on the four corners thereof and grooves along side edges in a plane normal to the longitudinal axis of said recesses, locking bolts rotatably mounted for releasably locking said plates in assembled relationship in said pattern, each of said bolts having a head provided with a slot for selectively rotating the bolt angularly, means mounting said bolts rotatably in positlon for said bolts to be received in the recesses of next adjacent ones of said plates, each locking bolt comprising a sector fixed thereon axially spaced from opposite ends of said bolt and received in respective grooves of adjoining plates for holding them releasably in fixed assembly in said pattern, each sector being in the order of 270 whereby four plates having contiguous corners are securable with a common sector and are releasable individually while the remaining plates remain secured.

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