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Publication numberUS3184100 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 18, 1965
Filing dateJan 28, 1963
Priority dateJan 28, 1963
Publication numberUS 3184100 A, US 3184100A, US-A-3184100, US3184100 A, US3184100A
InventorsMaurice E Thomas
Original AssigneeMaurice E Thomas
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Waste grease disposal unit
US 3184100 A
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y 8, 1965 M. E. THOMAS 3,184,100

WASTE GREASE DISPOSAL UNIT Filed Jan. 28, 1963 MA an cE E. 77/0MA 5 United States Patent 3,184,100 WASTE GREASE DISPOSAL UNIT Maurice E. Thomas, 4150 Sherbrooke St. W., Westmount 6, Quebec, Canada Filed Jan. 28, 1963, Ser. No. 254,124 1 Claim. (Cl. 220-63) The present invention relates to the manufacture of kitchen canisters of the like and more specifically to the construction of a container or canister particularly useful for the collection and disposal of waste greases.

At the present time it is common practice in the average household to drain off excess or waste fats into an empty can or the like and subsequently dispose of the grease filled can in the garbage. This is a somewhat messy and inconvenient means of disposing of such materials.

With this in mind, the present invention aims to provide a receptacle that is designed to match the usual form of canisters or containers utilized in a kitchen and which embodies structural features making the collection and disposal of waste fats or greases a simple and convenient operation.

More specifically, a waste grease collection and disposal receptacle in accordance with the invention consists of a two-piece canister body having a lower portion and a top portion telescopically interconnected with the lower portion. A funnel is mounted within the upper portion with its open top slightly below the top of the canister upper portion with its lower end extending into the canister lower portion in a position to deliver waste grease into a disposable bag. In the preferred form, these disposable bags are made of aluminum foil with an inner lining of suitable plastic film, for example polyethylene or the like, with the height of the bag being such that the open end extends well above the juncture between the lower and top canister portions. The funnel extends well into the bag so that the bag top is retained in distended position by its contact with the main body of the funnel which also acts to prevent the grease from splashing out over the top of the bag. A cover is provided fitting the top of the canister and covering the open top of the funnel and this is provided with a suitable knob or handle.

A main feature of the present invention resides in the division of the canister body into two interfitting portions and the selection of a disposable bag of sufficient height to extend above the juncture of these sections. With this arrangement it is a simple matter, when it is desired to remove the bag, to remove the canister top portion and attached funnel leaving the upper portion of the bag readily accessible. When the preferred form of disposable bag is utilized, namely aluminum foil, it is a simple matter to fold over the top of the bag making a sealed closure after which the bag can be readily removed from the lower canister portion for future use or disposal.

Having thus generally described the nature of the invention, particular reference will be made to the accompanying drawings showing by way of illustration a preferred embodiment thereof, and in which:

FIGURE 1 is a view in perspective elevation of a Waste grease receptacle in accordance with the invention.

FIGURE 2 is a vertical cross section of the construction shown in FIGURE 1 with the inner disposable bag also shown partially in section to more clearly show its position relative to the interior funnel.

FIGURE 3 is a view in plan of the construction shown in FIGURE 1 with the cover removed to show the location of the funnel.

FIGURE 4 is an exploded view of the upper portion of the construction shown in FIGURE 1 with the canister top portion and funnel shown in vertical cross section to illustrate somewhat diagrammatically the flow of hot grease or fats through the funnel and into the disposable inner bag, the canister top being removed.

FIGURE 5 is a somewhat diagrammatic view partially in section, with the canister top removed and the inner disposable bag in sealed condition ready for removal.

With particular reference to the drawings, a complete waste grease receptacle in accordance with the invention is shown in assembled condition in FIGURE 1 and in section with FIGURE 2 as consisting of a canister body having a lower portion 10 and a top portion 12 surmounted by a cover 14. The portions 10 and 12 are made so as to fit snugly together by the provision of an inwardly extending offset flange 16 on the lower portion 10 to accommodate the lower peripheral edge of the top portion 12. Spring clips 18 are provided on the interior of the top portion 12 and bear against the interior of the lower flange 16 to hold the top portion in position.

A funnel 20 having an upper portion 21 of substantially hemispherical form and a substantially straight pouring spout 22 is mounted in the top portion 12 as shown most clearly in FIGURES 2 and 4. The funnel upper portion 21 is of a circular outline and is provided with a supporting skirt 23 conforming and being connected to the rectangular interior of the canister top portion 12 as shown in FIGURE 3. The skirt 23 also serves as a support for the cover 14 which is provided with a peripheral flange 15 fitting a top head 11 surrounding the periphery of the canister top portion 12. A knob or handle 13 is provided on the cover 14 with a ventilation opening 19 passing through the centre. As shown most clearly in FIGURES 2 and 3, the canister top portion 12 is of a sufiicient length so as to completely enclose the funnel 20 with the lower marginal edge of the portion 12 being substantially in alignment with the lower edge of the funnel spout 22 so that the entire top assembly when removed can stand upright without tilting. In the preferred construction as shown, the canister body portions have the relative proportions of having the upper body portion 12 approximately /3 the total height of the canister body.

A disposable bag 30 is arranged within the lower canister portion, as shown most clearly in FIGURE 2, so that the upper open end 31 is retained in distended position by its contact with the portion 21 of the funnel 20, the pouring spout 22 being disposed well within the bag. The bag 30 in the preferred construction illustrated is made of aluminum foil 30a with an inner lining 30b of a grease resistant plastic film, for example polyethylene or the like. With this arrangement, and due to the location of the joint between the lower 10 and top 12 canister portions relative to the height of the bag 30, the top 12 can be readily removed from the lower portion 10 leaving a considerable portion of the bag 30 extending above the lower portion 10 where it can be readily folded over into sealed condition and removed, as shown in FIGURE 5.

It will be appreciated by reference to the preceding description and accompanying drawings that while the re ceptacle shown is of rectangular cross section it could readily be made in a cylindrical or desired other form without departing from the basic construction shown.

I claim:

A waste collection and disposal assembly comprising a two-piece canister body having a lower body portion and atop portion telescopically and removably received in said lower body portion, said lower body portion having a height substantially twice the height of said top portion, a funnel removably mounted on the upper edge of said top portion, said funnel including 21 depending spout extending below a plane extending through the upper margin of said lower body portion, and a disposable bag disposed in said lower body portion and having an upper open portion completely enclosing said spout and circumposed about and engaging an intermediate portion of said 3 funnel whereby when the level of waste grease in said disposable bag reaches said funnel a user is apprized that the disposable bag should be replaced and removal of the top portion and funnel provides ready access to the upper open portion of said disposable bag to permit ready removal of said disposable bag without spilling the contents thereof, said disposable bag comprising a grease impermeable material of a semi-rigid character, the upper open unfilled portion of said bag being manually foldable References Cited by the Examiner UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,112,465 3/38 Maish 22065 2,814,414 11/57 Nallinger 220--65 2,902,396 9/59 Reynolds 229-35 3,115,986 12/63 Groff 22063 THERON E. CONDON, Primary Examiner.

into a transverse seal extending across the top of said bag 10 WFSI EY S COLE Ewmirer to seal the bag when the filled bag is disposed.

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