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Publication numberUS3184764 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMay 25, 1965
Filing dateOct 22, 1963
Priority dateOct 22, 1963
Publication numberUS 3184764 A, US 3184764A, US-A-3184764, US3184764 A, US3184764A
InventorsWest Robert E
Original AssigneeCascade Ind Inc
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Swimming pool cover
US 3184764 A
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y 1965 R. E. WEST 3,184,764

SWIMMING POOL COVER Filed Oct. 22, 1963 ROBERT E. WE$T INVENTOR ATTORNEY United States Patent 3,184,764 SWIMMING P091. CGVER Robert E. West, Yardley, Pa., assignor to Cascade Industries, Incorporated, Edisen, NJ. Filed 0st. 22, 1963, Ser. No. 3173b!) 8 Claims. (Cl. 4-172) This invention relates to covers for swimming pools and is directed particularly to constructions which are simple and economical to produce and use and which serve to prevent the accumulation of rain, leaves and dirt on the upper surface of the cover and yet inhibit the growth of algae in the water in the swimming pool.

It is common practice today to allow the water to remain in a swimming pool for long periods of time when the pool is not in use and it often is not drained even in the winter. However, in order to prevent leaves and dirt from falling into the pool, it is usual to place a cover over the pool during such periods. Rigid covers have been used for this purpose, but they are heavy and expensive and are not easily applied or removed. Covers formed of plastic sheet material or the like have also been used, but rain and melting snow then accumulate on the upper surface of the cover causing it to sag in the middle whereupon leaves, dirt and trash collect in the resulting depression becoming water-soaked and presenting an unsightly and unsanitary condition. Even when a drain opening is provided in the center of a plastic cover, such objectionable features are not overcome since leaves and trash soon clog the drain and dirt blowing onto the cover and washed down by rain is allowed to flow through the drain into the water of the pool.

It has been suggested that such objections can be overcome by employing a pool cover formed of screening or netting. However, light then passes through the screen with the result that the growth of algae in the water in the pool is promoted.

In accordance with the present invention, these objections and disadvantages which characterize swimming pool cover constructions are overcome and a novel and relatively inexpensive, light-weight swimming pool cover is provided which does not permit rain, leaves or dirt to accumulate on the upper surface thereof or promote the growth of algae in the pool.

These advantages are preferably attained by forming a light-weight plastic or fabric cover with drainage means near the center thereof over which a relatively extended screen or perforated protecting means extends to prevent clogging of the drain and to present a substantially flat upper surface which allows leaves, papers or the like to be blown away or to permit ready removal thereof without injury to the cover. ders it possible to employ effective suction or waterremoving means in connection with the cover whereby any rain and dirt which may collect on the cover can be removed easily and effectively without contaminating the water in the pool. Moreover, the cover preferably is formed of dark or opaque material which eliminates the light necessary for the growth of algae in the water hemonth the cover.

Accordingly, the principal objects of the present invention are to prevent accumulation of rain, leaves, dirt and trash on the upper surface of a light-weight, flexible swimming pool cover, to prevent contamination and the growth of algae in the water of a swimming pool to which such a cover is applied, and to provide means for removing rain water, melted snow and dirt from the surface of a swimming pool cover so as to maintain it in a clean, attractive and serviceable condition at all times during use.

These and other objects and features of the present invention will appear from the following description there- The construction further ren- 3,184,764 Patented May 25, 1965 of wherein reference is made to the figures of the accompanying drawing.

In the drawing:

FIG. 1 is a perspective view of a typical embodiment of the present invention with parts thereof broken away;

FIG. 2 is a sectional view of a portion of the swimming pool cover illustrated in FIG. 1; and

FIG. 3 is an enlarged View of a portion of the construction shown in FIG. 2.

In that form of the invention chosen for purposes of illustration, a swimming pool 2 having a coping or marginal portion 4 is provided with a cover 6 formed of flexible material such as fabric, vinyl sheet material, laminated layers of fabric and plastic or rubber or any other impervious, durable and flexible material which is relatively light in weight and adapted to be stretched over the top of a swimming pool to be protected. The marginal portions 8 of the cover 6 may be reinforced and, if desired, can be provided with a hem 10 in which a rod or tube 12 of relatively stiff material may be inserted to aid in stretching and strengthening the cover when it is placed over the open top of the pool. Ropes, wire or other tying means 14 may be connected to the cover or reinforcing means adjacent the marginal portion of the cover for securing the cover to stakes or anchoring means 16 driven into or sunk in the ground about the coping or marginal edge 4 of the pool. In the alternative, the marginal portions 8 of the cover 6 may be gathered about and drawn beneath the outer edges of the coping or edge 4 of the pool by means of a draw rope 18 passing through the hem 10 of the cover, or the cover may be secured in place over the top of the pool by any other suitable means.

The central portion of a pool cover embodying the present invention is preferably provided with a drain or vent opening 26 which can be provided with a nipple 22 or other connection which extends downward from the opening 26 and is formed to receive a closure cap 24 as shown in FIG. 2 or to be connected to a drainage hose or tube 26 as shown in FIG. 1.

The central portion of the cover 6 is provided with a relatively extended screen 28 which overlies the drain opening 20 and projects beyond the opening to present marginal edges which may be spaced a foot or two from the opening 20. The screen 28 may be square, circular or any other shape desired and preferably is formed of strands of fiberglass, plastic or other material which is relatively strong and capable of being fixedly secured to the upper surface of the cover. A typical screen of this type may have about 16 mesh to the inch and be two feet square.

The outer edges of the screen are secured or bonded to the upper surface of the cover in any suitable way. As shown most clearly in FIG. 2, a web of strong woven plastic material 3% is folded over the marginal edge 32 of the screen 23 so as to present upper and lower layers '34 and 36 of the woven material extending about the sides or edges of the screen. A strip of thermoplastic bonding material 38 is then placed over the edge -32 of the screen and between the layers 34- and 36 of the web 30, and the assembly is subjected to heat and pressure sufficient to fuse the strip and bond the layers 34 and 36 together. In this way, the edges 30 of the screen are positively gripped by the plastic and reinforced about the edges in a manner to prevent fraying or displacement of the edges of the screen with respect to the web 30.

In a similar way, the outer folded edge portion of the web 30 may be fused and bonded to the cover 6 along the line 40 so as to fix the web and the screen 28 in place over the drain opening 20 in a manner which will permit separation of the screen from the portion 42 of the cover 6 adjacent the drain opening 20. In fact, the line 40 along which the edge of the screen is secured to the already associated with the pool.

, ing the drain. Any accumulation of rain or the melting of snow on the cover will then cause water to flow centrally toward the drain and to collect in the well 44 beneaththe screen 23. However, the screen 28 will not be depressed by the weight of such Water since the water will drain readily therethrough. On the other hand,

leaves, paper, trash and dirt which are too large to pass through the screen will be supported on the upper surface of the screen and held out of contact with the water in Well 44. The leaves and paper, therefore, will not become or remain soaked or water logged and will not mat down so as to clog the screen and prevent the flow of water therethrough. They will instead be held elevated and substantially level or flush with the remainder of the cover 6 so that they may be readily blown away with the Wind and leave the screen as well as the rest of the cover clean and free of dirt and trash.

When the nipple 22 0f the drain Ztl'is closed by a cap 24, the well 44 can be drained from time to time as requiredto prevent accumulations of an excessive or undesired amount of Water in the drain 44. However, as shown in FIG. 1, it is preferableto connect a hose 26 to the nipple 22 and to extend the hose beyond the edge of the pool to the filter, overflow drain or other element If desired, an automatic siphon, aspirator or other device as may be attached to the hose 26 for withdrawing water from the well 44 automatically or from time to time, so that'the level of the water in the well will notrise high enough to cause wettingor packing of leaves or material resting on the screen 28 or to cause the central portion of the cover to sag or be depressed to an objectionable extent. g

The cover of the pool should, of course, be made of relatively light, flexible material, and in order to prevent or retard the growth of algae in the water of the swimrning pool, the sheet material used should beopaque. While it willbe usual to provide the pool cover with a single, centrally located drain opening, screen and well, the drain assemblies may be located in the cover near one end or side of the pool if desired. In fact ifthe pool and its cover are relatively large, two or more drains, screens and wells may be embodied in a single swimming pool cover. 'It will alsobe apparent that the sizeand shape of any screen and its related elements may be varied and the parts may be assembled and secured together in any suitable manner. Thus, for example, the screen may be detachably secured over the well and drain outlet by means of snap fasteners, zippers, or in various other ways.

These and other changes, modifications, and variations in theform, construction and arrangement of the various elements of the combination may be made, and in view thereof,,it should be understood that the particular embodiments of the invention-shown in the drawing and described above are intendedtobe illustrative only and are not intended to limit the scope of the invention.

'1 claim: V v

, 1. A cover for a swimming pool comprising a flexible sheet of waterdmpervious material of sufiicient area to substantially cover a swimming pool, means connected to said sheet for holding the sheet in a substantially hori zontal position over a pool, said sheet having a drain opening therein, and a screen through. which water may pass readily extending over that portion of the sheet of material in which the drain opening is located, said screen 4, having an area substantially larger than the drain opening and having its edges secured to the sheet material at pointsspaced fromthe drainopening, said screen being movable with respect to the portion of the sheet material beneath the same and adjacent the drain-opening to define a water-receivingwell 'beneath' the screen and communicating with said drain opening.

2. A cover for a swimming pool-as defined in claim wherein a tube is connected to the drain opening and extends to a point which will serve to direct water to the exterior of a, pool to which the cover is applied.

3. A swimming pool cover comprising a flexible sheet of water-impervious material,- means connected to said sheet and locatedadjacentthe edges thereof for holding said sheet in a substantially horizontal position, said sheet having a drain opening located near the central portion thereof, a layer of screening overlying saiddr'ain opening, the edges of said screening being spaced a substantial distance from the drain opening, the central portion of the screening being separable from the portion of the sheet adjacent the drain opening to hold leaves and the like elevated above the portion of the sheet which it'overlies and cooperating with'said portion of the sheet to form a water-receiving well'beneath the screening and communicating with thedrain opening.

4. A cover for a'swimming pool its-defined inclaim 3 wherein the drain opening is provided with a nipple to which a hose may be connected for removing water from the water-receiving well.

5. A cover for a swimming pool as defined in claim 3 wherein the drain opening is provided with a nipple, a

hose is connected to the nipple and extends to the ex terior of the pool, and means are connected to the hose fonwithdrawing water from the water-receiving Well through said hose.

6. A cover for a swimming pool comprising a flexible sheet of water-impervious material, means connected to said sheet adjacent the edges thereof for holding the sheetina substantially horizontal position above a'swimming pool, said sheet having a drain opening therein located near the center ofthe sheet, a layer of screen material having binding'ex-tending about and embracing the edge of the screen material, said bindingandscreen material being secured to the upper surface of the sheet of flexible material at points spacedfromthe drain opening with the screen material overlying, the drain opening and separable from the portion of thesheet material adjacent the'drain opening to provide a water-receiving Well beneaththe.

screen material and communicating with thejdrain-opening to hold leaves andthe like which may collect on the upper surface of the swimming poolcover out of contact with water in thewater-receiving well. j V

7. A cover for a swimming pool as defined in claim 6 wherein the drain openingis provided with a nipple to which. a hose may be connected for removing water from the water-receiving well.

8. Afcover'for a swimming pool as definedin claim 6 wherein the drain opening is provided with ,a nipple, a hose is connected to the nipple andextends to, the exterior of the pool, and means are connected to the hose for withdrawing water from the water-receiving well through said hose.

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