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Publication numberUS3186556 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 1, 1965
Filing dateSep 5, 1963
Priority dateSep 12, 1962
Also published asDE1272592B, DE1498857A1, DE1498857B2, DE1782445A1, US3221781
Publication numberUS 3186556 A, US 3186556A, US-A-3186556, US3186556 A, US3186556A
InventorsGosta Forsstrom Bo
Original AssigneeLkb Produkter Aktiebolag
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Test tube rack
US 3186556 A
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J1me 1965 B. s. FoRssTROM TEST TUBE max Filed Sept. 5, 1963 ,test tubes, for instance 10 or 15 tubes. will be comparatively long and narrow, and it is usually '1 Claim. Cl. 211-74 The invention relates to a test tube rack and particularly a test tube rack arranged to contain one row of Such a rack necessary to provide it with supports or feet of greater width to allow it to stand steadily. If, however, several racks are to be packed close together such feet of greater width are not desired, as they prevent a close packing.

It is an object of the invention to provide a test tube rack which can stand steadily While having such a small United States Patent M width as to allow a close packing. The test tube rackof the invention comprises a first portion arranged to receive a plurality of test tubes, a second portion arranged to receive a plurality of test tubes, and a hinge connecting the two portions so as to allow them to make an angle with each other.

It is another object of the invention to provide a test tube rack that can be turned upside down without the test tubes falling out. This is obtained by providing holes having a square cross section for receiving the test tubes and arranging spring means in at least one corner of said holes so as to keep the test tubes in a fixed position in said holes.

Other objects of the invention will be disclosed in the following description, in which reference is made to the embodiment illustrated on the accompanying drawing.

Patented June 1, 1965 tubes. The holes have a square cross-section. Each hole contains a generally U-shaped springmember comprising a straight portion 6 extending along one corner of the hole, and a bent portion 7 extending along the opposite corner of the hole. When atest tube is inserted into the hole, the bent portion 7 will press the test tube against the corner containing the straight spring portion 6, thus fixing the test tube in a well-defined position. In this fixed position the rack can be turned upside down without the test tube falling out. I

Bot-h side walls of the two rack portions 1 and 2 contain openings 4 through which the lower portions of the test tubes can bev inspected.

It is preferred to have the same number of test tubes in both rack portions, but it is within the scope of the invention to have, for instance, three tubes in one portion and seven tubes in the other portion.

With modern plastic moulding technique it is possible tomanufacture the entire test tube rack as one integral body-from a comparatively soft plastic, such as polyethylene. The spring members may consist of thin wings or fins protruding from the walls of the holes. The hinge may consist of a thin bendable wall interconnecting the two rack portions.

What is claimed is:

A test tube rack comprising a first portion having a plurality of vertically disposed holes for test tubes,'a sec- The illustrated test tube rack consists of two portions of, say, 90. When severalracks are to be packed close I together the two portions are placed so as to be parallel,

that is so as to define an angle of 180.

Each portion 1 and 2 contains five holes 8 for test ond portion similar to said first portion, a hinge connecting an end of said first portion to an end of said second portion so that said two portions may rest upon a plane support surface at any angle to each other from 0 to and a U-shaped spring positioned in each hole, said holes being square in cross section and said springs each having a bottom cross bar positioned in contact with the bottom of a hole, one straight arm positioned in one corner of a hole and an inwardly curved arm positioned in the opposite corner of the hole.

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