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Publication numberUS3190443 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 22, 1965
Filing dateDec 17, 1962
Priority dateDec 17, 1962
Publication numberUS 3190443 A, US 3190443A, US-A-3190443, US3190443 A, US3190443A
InventorsLewis A Kingsley
Original AssigneeKingsley Machine Co
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Non-sticking lift tabs for quick removal of pressure adhesive labels
US 3190443 A
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INVENTOR. LEW\S A. K\NG5LEY ATTORNEYS ADHESVE MYLAR TAPE June 22, 1965 L. A. KINGSLEY G LIFT TABS FOR QUICK REMOVAL 3,190,443 NoN-sTIcKIN oF PRESSURE ADHESIVE LABELS Filed Dec. 17, 1962 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 INVENTOR. 41 E' w\5 A. mNGsLEY ATTORNEYS United States Patent O 3,190,443 N (DN-STICKING LIFT TABS FR QUICK REMOVAL F PRESSURE ADHESIVE LABELS Lewis A. Kingsley, Beverly Hills, Calif. Kingsley Machine Co., 850 Cahuenga Blvd., Hollywood, Calif.)

Filed Dec. 17, 1962, Ser. No.. 245,233 2 Claims. (Cl. 20G-59) This invention relates to an improved lift tab for pressure sensitive adhesive labels.

yIn the hot stamping machine art such as exemplilied by my prior Patents Nos. 2,996,000, 2,960,024 and others, a marking foil is utilized which in general has a cellophane backing with one surface thereof having a layer of coloring material thereon. In use, heated type is brought into contact with the backing causing the coloring material to transfer to the item upon which it is desired to print. As such foil is used, it is replaced by fresh foil. It is accepted practice to provide such foil in the form of a roll. At the outer-end of the roll it is desirable to afx a label identifying the manufacturer and carrying necessary instructions. This label has a coating of adhesive which permits it to overlap the end of the tape and secure same to the roll preventing unwinding thereof. When it is desired to use the roll, this label must then be removed.

It is an object of this invention to provide a ready means for removing this label.

Still a further object of this invention is to provide such means which will releasably adhere to the foil and not become loosened or fold over until desired.

Other objects and advantages will be readily apparent from the following description:

In the drawings:

FIGURE l is a perspective of a foil roll embodying this invention.

FIGURE 2 is a perspective of the label.

FIGURE 3 is a further perspective of the label.

FIGURE 4 is a section illustrating the roll with the lift tab and label axed.

FIGURE 5 is a view similar to FIGURE 4 with the lift tab pulled free from the roll.

FIGURE 6 is a similar view illustrating freeing of the lift tab.

FIGURE 7 is a side elevation of a master roll of stamping foil having a master strip of continuous printed label material affixed thereto.

FIGURE 8 is a perspective of the roll of FIGURE 7 with the strip attached.

FIGURE 9 is a perspective of a single roll cut from the master roll.

FIGURE 10 is a diagrammatic view illustrating the cutting of individual rolls from the master roll.

FIGURE 11 is a perspective of a master strip of continuous printed material with the uncoated lift tab strip allixed thereto.

A roll of hot stamping foil is designated 10 and its outer end 12. A label 14 has a pressure sensitive adhesive 16 on one side thereof and is affixed to the roll so as to overlap end 12 thereof and prevent unrolling thereof. Such label may also function to carry suitable information on its outer face.

At the beginning edge 17 of the label a lift tab 18 in the form of a narrow strip is aixed to the adhesive face of the label preventing its adherence to the roll. This lift tab may be grasped to facilitate removal of the label and also functions to indicate the desired direction of removal beginning with the outer llap end of the foil roll and in the direction of winding of the foil.

3,190,443 Patented .lune 22, 1965 ice To prevent the lift tabs becoming prematurely free or folding back, it should be formed of a suitable material having an electrostatic attraction to the carrier strip or backing 19 of the tape 10. An example of such lift tab material is polyethylene terephthalate, commonly sold by Du Pont under the name of Mylar, which is tear-resistant and has a moderate electrostatic adherence to same material or cellophane of the backing. A suitable coloring material forms the pigmented surface 20 of the foil.

The lift tab thus formed permits the protruding portion to be pushed back readily to the edge of pressure sensitive label 14 and removal of same in a direction tending to further wind the foil on the roll.

In the manufacture of such rolls a long strip of label material 22 has multiple indicia 24 printed on one face and an adhesive on the other face. A relatively thin strip of the lift tab material 26 is allixed by said adhesive along one edge of the label material. (See FIGURE 1l.) The exposed adhesive face is then applied to a master roll of foil 28 with the lift tab at the beginning edge 30 of the label material. The master thus formed is placed upon a mandril and cut into individual rolls (see FIG- URE 9), between adjacent printed indicia on said label material.

While what hereinbefore has been described as the preferred embodiment of this invention, it is readily apparent that alterations and modifications may be resorted to without departing from the scope of this invention and such alterations and modifications are intended to be included within the scope of the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A roll of foil for a roll leaf hot stamping machine comprising: a rolled strip of cellophane backing having a pigmented surface thereon, a label having one face thereof coated with a pressure sensitive adhesive and overlapping the outer extremity of the foil roll to prevent unravelling thereof, a `lift tab of non-adhesive material adhered to the adhesive of said label along the edge thereof overlying said roll and extending outwardly from said edge to prevent adherence of said edge to the roll, said lift tab being of a plastic material having an electrostatic attraction to said cellophane backing.

2. An article of the class described comprising: a master strip of continuous printed label material having a pressure sensitive adhesive coating on one face thereof, an uncoated strip of material attached to and extending from only one edge portion of the adhesive coated face and extending laterally outwardly from said edge to form a linger hold lift tab when said label material is applied over the end of a roll of foil, said uncoated strip being of a plastic material having electrostatic attraction for said foil.

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THERON E. CONDON, Primary Examiner.


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