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Publication numberUS3192927 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1965
Filing dateJun 29, 1962
Priority dateJul 7, 1961
Also published asDE1883806U
Publication numberUS 3192927 A, US 3192927A, US-A-3192927, US3192927 A, US3192927A
InventorsChauviere Francois Raymo Jules
Original AssigneePapeterie De L Eure Sa
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Absorbent strip for diapers and band for cutting the same
US 3192927 A
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J y 1955 F. J. CHAUVIERE 3,192,927

ABSORBENT s mn FOR nmrsns AND BAND FOR cufl'me was sum Filed June 29, 1962 \NVENTOR FRANcols -R.J. CHAUVIERE United States PatentIO 3,192,927 ABSORBENT STRIP FOR DIAPERS AND BAND FOR CUTTING THE SAME Francois Raymond Jules Chauviere, Autheuil-Authouillet, Eure, France, assiguor to Societe Anonyme: Papeterie dc IEure, Paris, France Filed June 29, 1962, Ser. No. 206,427 Claims priority, application France, July 7, 1961, 867,249, Patent 1,301,419 3 Claims. (Cl. 128-287) This invention has reference to diapers such as those used particularly by babies, infants or young children and relates more particularly to such diapers including an absorbent strip of cellulose wadding or like material cut to size for incorporation with the diaper from a continuous mother band or web of such material.

An object of the invention is to provide such a diaper of improved structure comprising an absorbent strip of novel and more adequate shape adapted to be cut from a continuous mother band or web under better conditions than in the prior art without producing waste material Another object of the invention is to provide a new or improved absorbent strip for diapers by cutting the same from a continuous mother band or web devoid of prior holes, recesses or slits.

A further object of the invention is to provide a new or improved continuous mother band or web from which a number of strips or rows of strips for incorporation with diapers may be readily obtained.

A still further object of the invention is to provide an absorbent strip for a diaper obtained by cutting it from a continuous mother band or web of cellulose wadding or like material, said strip having, viewed in plan and widthwise, a shape made up of a part having rectilinear edges, a widened part and a narrowed part, advantageously of curvilinear outline having an extension terminating in a rectilinear end flap.

Yet another object of the invention considered in a suitable embodiment is to provide an absorbent strip comprising a layer of cellulose wadding or like material sandwiched between two plies of unwoven material and provided on its outer face with .a covering of imperivous material and on its inner face with a lining of liquidabsorbing substance.

The outer covering of impervious material of this absorbent strip for a diaper may be constituted by liquidproofed cellulose wadding or alternatively by a sheet of highly supple plastic such as vinyl chloride. The inner lining may be made of liquid-absorbing cotton wool or alternatively of an absorbent cellulose textile material.

Owing to its particular shape, a number of absorbent strips for a diaper according to the invention may be cut in staggered Orhead to tail fashion from a continuous mother band or web, whereby .an important saving in material may be achieved.

The invention permits a continuous mother bandor web to be provided for cutting diaper strips from it, said band or web being, contrary to the prior art, devoid of preformed holes recesses.

In a convenient embodiment of the invention, one or several rows of parallel diaper strips may be cut from a continuous mother band or web of suitably broad size. This band or web may have creases or lines of minor resistance along which the diaper strips may be readily cut off. Slots adapted to be subsequently used as button holes may be provided adjacent each end of each strip.

With these and such other objects in view as will incidentally appear hereafter, the invention comprises the "ice novel construction and combination of parts that will be now described with reference to the accompanying dia grammatic drawing exemplifying the same and forming a part of the present disclosure.

In the drawing:

FIGURE 1 is a plan view of an embodiment of the strip for a diaper.

FIGURE 2 is a considerably enlarged sectional view of an embodiment of the mother band or web showing its laminated structure.

Reference being had to FIG. 1, it will be seen that the improved absorbent strip utilisable in a babys diaper and cut from a continuous mother band or web 7 comprises widthwise of said band or web five sequential integrally connected parts, namely a part 1 having rectilinear edges, a widened or bulging part 2, a narrowed or constricted part 3 having inwardly curved edges, and an end part 4 terminating in a flap 5 bordered by rectilinear edges.

The part 3 has in its narrowest portion a width smaller than that of the parts 1, 5 having rectilinear edges. Said part 3 may have a thicker portion (not shown) which can overlap the contiguous zones.

The width of the end part or flap 5 can be larger than that of the other end part 1. Advantageously the widened or bulging part 2 has a size larger than that of the part 4.

The side edges 6 of the strip maybe more easily separated from the mother band or web by providing in the latter creases or weakening lines whereby said strip may be readily torn off the mother band or web. Slots 8 may be provided along and adjacent the edges of the mother band or web so as to form button holes in the absorbent strip when the latter is formed into a diaper for'babys wear.

In the showing of FIG. 2 is represented in section a laminated mother band or Web from which strips may be cut off.

The mother band or Web may be simply a band made 0 cellulose wadding. However in the showing of FIG. 2, the band comprises a layer or ply of cellulose wadding a provided on its inner side i.e. that side, which is adapted to come into contact with the babys crotch,-with a lining made of a liquid-absorbing unwoven substance b (e.g. cotton, wool or an absorbent textile or cellulose substance) and is provided on its opposite (outer) side with a covering 6 made of an unwoven liquid-proofed substance. The covering 0 may be also made of cellulose wadding just as the lining a provided that it has been rendered impervious. Alternatively the covering c may be made of a highly supple or pliant plastic such for example as vinyl chloride.

Minor details may be varied without departing from the scope of the appended claims.

What is claimed is:

1. Diaper means for use on an infant comprising an elongated sheet of absorbent material having a series of diapers partially cut transversely therein so as to be readily removed therefrom, every other diaper in said series when viewed in plan having a first section defining 'a substantially rectangular configuration, a second section extending from said first section and having outwardly curved sides, a third section extending from said second section and having inwardly curved sides, and a fourth section extending from said third section and defining a substantially rectangular configuration; the width of the narrowest portion'of said third section being narrower than that of said first and fourth sections; the other diapers disposed between said every other diaper having the same configuration thereof but in the opposite direction thereto to save material; each transverse line of partial cut forming one edge of'two diapers disposed one on either side of sai line.

2. Diaper means as claimed in claim 1, said sheet being laminated and comprising an outer layer of liquid-proof 2,896,626 7/59 Voigtman 128-287 material and an inner layer of absorbent material. 2,926,666 3/60 Casper 128284 3. Diaper means as claimed in claim 1, said third sec- 3,042,043 7/ 62 Wuhlin l28284 tion hailing a thicker cross section than saidother sections, FOREIGN PATENTS sald thicker cross section overlapping sa1d second and 5 f th sectiorm 597,074 1/48 Great Britaln.

References Cited by the Examiner RICHARD A. GAUDET, Primary Examiner.


2,788,003 4/57 Morin 128284

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