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Publication numberUS3192933 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 6, 1965
Filing dateAug 3, 1961
Priority dateAug 3, 1961
Publication numberUS 3192933 A, US 3192933A, US-A-3192933, US3192933 A, US3192933A
InventorsTheodore G Prince
Original AssigneeTheodore G Prince
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Dual-shaded lipstick comprising concentrically arranged cosmetics
US 3192933 A
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y 6, 1965 T. s. PRINCE 3,192,933


FIG. 4

INVENTOR. der-e G- a- ATTORNEY United States Patent DUAL-SHADED LIPSTICK COMPRISING CGNCEN- My invention relates generally to lipsticks, and specifically to multi-colored lipsticks.

It is among the objects of my invention to create the appearance of uniform flesh coloration on the lips.

It is a further object of my invention to provide a lipstick which imparts a natural appearance to the lips.

A still further object of my invention is to provide a lipstick which, in a single application, imparts a gradation of coloration to the lips.

Yet another object of my invention is to provide a twocolor lipstick which eliminates the need for separate lipsticks in order to impart natural coloration to the lips.

These objects and advantages as well as other objects and advantages may be achieved by the lipstick shown in the drawings in which FIGURE 1 is a front elevational view of the lipstick with the cosmetic portion extended;

FIGURE 2 is a vertical sectional view of the multicolored cosmetic portion of a lipstick;

FIGURE 3 is a top plan view of the lip cosmetic in the lipstick case; and

FIGURE 4 is a horizontal section taken on the line 4-4 in FIGURE 1.

In the cosmetic arts, the attainment of a natural look for the lips by applying a lipstick requires considerable skill. Although the cosmetic is uniformly applied, it tends to appear darker on various portions of the lips, depending upon the angle at which these portions are viewed. In particular, the cosmetic applied to the lips seems to impart a much darker color to the area where the upper and lower lips meet. This imparts a displeasing and unnatural look to the lips. In order to avoid this dark unnatural appearance, many users of lip cosmetics use two lipsticks; one of which is dark in color and the other is light in color. Thus, the area which is defined by the point at which the upper lip meets the lower lip, is made to appear the same color as other portions, by applying the lighter color lipstick to that area, and skillfully blending the darker color lipstick with it, to produce a gradation of tone. The blending operation is rather difiicult to achieve, and is not always carried off successfully, particularly under varying conditions of light. the user of two different color lipsticks frequently achieves an outlandish, artificial streaked appearance.

I have found that a two-tone lipstick can be so formulated as to avoid not only the difiiculties of applying several colors to the lips, but also to avoid the achievement of an unblended gradation of color. By the application of a single two-tone lipstick prepared in accordance with my invention, a gradation of tone, progressing from light to dark, can be achieved by even (the most unskilled. The result is a natural appearance for the lips without any darkened area at the point of contact of the lips.

Referring now to the drawings in detail, my lipstick comprises a generally tubular cosmetic rod 11 having a central hollow portion 12. The cosmetic rod 11 may be slightly tapered toward the top 13. This cosmetic rod 11 is provided with a filling, or central core 14 of cosmetic material. The cosmetic rod 11 and its central core 14 is then fitted into the retractable cosmetic cup with the edge of the lips.

metic rod 11, only darker cosmetic will be applied to the Rather than produce a natural look to the lips,

15 which is part of the lipstick case 16. The lipstick case 16 may be of any well-known form, since the exact design of the case is no part of the present invention.

The tubular cosmetic rod 11 is preferably circular, and the central passage 12 is likewise preferably circular and concentric. Thewalls of the tubular rod are preferably of uniform thickness all the way around. The tubular rod 11, with respect to the core 14, is of a darker cosmetic. That is to say the rod 11 is of a darker cosmetic than the core 14. V

In use, the lipstick is applied to the lips with the outer edge of the darker cosmetic 11 substantially coincident At the periphery of the coslips. Adjacent to the point where the outer edge of the light cosmetic core 14 merges with the tubular cosmetic 11, a small amount of lighter cosmetic will be rubbed off on the lips and blended with the adjacent parts of the darker cosmetic as the lipstick is swept over the lips. Toward the center part of the core 14, a greater amount of lighter colored cosmetic will be rubbed oil? on the lips and blended with the darker cosmetic, with the net result that the tone imparted to the lips from the edge of the lips to the inner margin of the lips will progressively shade from the color of the dark cosmetic toward the color of the lighter cosmetic. In this manner, the outer margin of the lips will have a darker tone which will shade off gradually to the lighter tone imparted to the inner margin of the lips Thus, with a single cosmetic stick, a graduated coloration is imparted to the lips, automatically, without any necessity for blending, and without any practice or skill to achieve the desirable gradation of tone from darkness to lightness running from the outer margin on the lips to the inner portion of the lips where the lips are in contact with each other. In this way, the undesirable appearance of a dark tone where the lips come together is avoided and coloration appears uniform.

Cosmetic as used herein means: Any preparation (except soap) to be applied to the surface of the human body for lending attractiveness, for theatrical makeup, or for cleansing or conditioning the skin, hair, nails, etc.

As will be seen from inspection of FIGURE 2, the sum of the radial widths of the opposite sections of the rod are substantially equal to the diameter of the core.

The foregoing description is merely intended to illustrate an embodiment of the invention. The component parts have been shown and described. They each may have substitutes which may perform a substantially similar function; such substitutes may be known as proper substitutes for the said components and may have actually been known or invented before the present invention; these substitutes are contemplated as being within the scope of the appended claims, although they are not specifically catalogued herein.

What is claimed:

1. A lipstick comprising:

(a) a hollow cosmetic rod whose wall thickness is substantially equal to one-half the diameter of the hollow in the rod;

(b) a cosmetic core of a lighter cosmetic than the cosmetic rod, disposed inside of the hollow cosmetic rod and in intimate contact therewith.

2. A lipstick comprising:

(a) a device according to claim 1 in which,

(1)) the external cross-sectional configuration of the rod is generally circular.

3. A lipstick comprising:

(a) a device according to claim 1 in which,

(b) the rod and core are disposed in general concentricity with each other.

4. A lipstick comprising:

(a) a hollow cosmetic rod whose wall thickness is substantially equal to one-half the diameter of the hollow in the rod;

(b). a cosmetic core of a lighter cosmetic than the cosmetic rod disposed inside of the hollow cosmetic rod and in intimate contact therewith;

(c) the external cross-sectional configuration of the rod being generally circular, and

(d) the rod and core. disposed in general concentricity with each other.

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3/55 Italy.

RICHARD A. GAUDET, Primary Examiner.


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