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Publication numberUS3193949 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 13, 1965
Filing dateOct 15, 1964
Priority dateAug 21, 1963
Publication numberUS 3193949 A, US 3193949A, US-A-3193949, US3193949 A, US3193949A
InventorsAnthony Cortina
Original AssigneeAnthony Cortina
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Replaceable heel for shoes
US 3193949 A
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July 1.3, 1965 A. CORTINA 3,193,949

' REPLACEABLE HEEL FOR SHOES Original Filed Aug. 21. 1963 ANTHONY C ORT/NA ATTORNEY United States Patent C l 2 calms. tei. .ss-42) This application is a division of rny co-pendi g application, Serial No. 303 952, tiled August 2l, i963, for a Re, laceable l-leel for Shoes.

rms invention relates to readily removable shoe heel construction and particularly one which, besides being easily secured and removed, is .firmly fastened both about an edge and to be resistant to rotary movement.

The several constructions, according to this invention, show alternate fastening means for quick removability while giving firm marginal securernent of the heel by a flange, and further reinforcement is usually available from a core extendaD from an edge toward and preferably through the center. Such core braces and offsets the tendency of the heel to be dislodged in a torque or twist of the foot of the wearer.

The invention will be further described in relation to the drawings in which:

EEG. l illustrates a form which the central core is laterally locked as well as reinforced by a slidable bar, the parts being positioned as they will be assembled;

FG. 2 is a longitudinal section through the assembled heel of FEC'. l; and

FlG. 3 is an inner end view of the assembled heel of FlG. l.

As shown in FTGS. l through 3 the heel 96 may be secured to the plate 93 by a latching rod lt. In this modilication the plate 95 as shown in FIG. l has a deep groove or channel lZ pressed into it preferably from side to side, that is, athwart the heel usually at about the center portion, but it could be located somewhat forward or behind it, as desired. The same construction may be used with the latching rod slideable longitudinali along the axes of the shoe, if desired. rille heel body 96 has a corresponding slot lliii cut from to side, or from either side at least a substantial distance inward from a side to receive a latching bar l@ mounted in the heel slot ldd extending as well into and engaging slot M92 of the plate 98. 'She heel is mounted on this plate 9S by sliding it inward from the rear for mounting, as in other modifications described above. rl`he plate 93 may also have a downturned forward plate lZ for its front end which may carry a rear-turned lange 74. rthe flange im lies within and mates into the correspondingly cut away flange housing portion ltltl and flange receiving slot 1232 in the forward end of the heel 73. For mounting of the heel oi llG. l, it is first slid from the rear forward upon the latching plate @il until the forward plate 72 lies and is housed ilush within the cut away portion ld, and the rear-turned flange 174 lies within the groove i252.

ln that assembled position the groves lill?, and l0@ will be aligned for receiving the lateral sliding latching r'o-il ltiti which is slid into locking position from either side ot 'the heel. The center part ot the groove ttl?. may be bored and threaded at to receive a threaded stud 103 which is fastened into the bore litio after first passing through the latching bar lull. ln this manner the stud 1438 prevents the latchinc bar ldd from being displaced, and the bar lod, in turn, braces the heel against any twist or torque. The heel otherwise remains securely fastened -Pateriteei July 13, 1965 to the plate 9S, as described for other modifications above, that is, by the edge of the plate 9? being retained within the groove ld beneath the iiange l2. l

While, as shown, the heel of this modification is fastened by a single latching bar 1%, that bar may be substituted by two bars, one inserted from each side, and each having a fastening screw 163 for securing the same; or alternatively, a single shorter section of a bar may be inserted from either side for a short distance to extend slightly beyond the heel center, to have a substantially equal latching effect to prevent rotary torque. 0f course the screw fastener liia can be substituted by other fastening means; for instance, a fastener 38 as shown in FIG. l may be inserted upward from the bottom of the heel 96 in the dotted line position thereof, the shank of the screw being passed through the latch lil@ and being threaded into the bore litio for screw threaded securement of the assembly. The stud lti may be countersunk below the surface of the heel. Moreover, such screw fastener modification as described in my parent application will be equally suitable for fastening the heel to the plate 9S.

Gther modilications of the constructions shown will occur to those skilled in the art within the spirit of this invention and it is accordingly intended that the several descriptions be regarded as illustrative and not limiting except as dened in the claims appended hereto.

l claim:

1. A readily removable heel structure comprising a heel shaped retaining plate having plane sides rounded at the rear, spacing means for mounting said plate below the heel area or" a shoe body, said retaining plate having side and rear edges extending outwardly of said spacing means for support of a heel thereon, said plate having a deep channel press formed therein, with the channel opening downward thereof, a heel having a ilange disposed inward around the edge of its upper surface cooperative with the spaced edges of the retaining plate for sliding securernent of said heel on said plate with the flange of said heel adapted to be retained between the plate and shoe body, said heel having a deep channel formed inwardly from a vertical side toward the center thereof with its channel opening upward and aligned with the said channel formed in said plate, a fastening plug, said channels being aligned together to house and retain the fastening plug in sliding t therein and securing said heel in engaged position of said ilange upon said retaining plate.

2. The heel as dened in claim l having fastening means securing said plug from disengagement in said channel.

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JORDAN FRANKLN, .Primary Examiner.

FRANK I. COHEN, Examiner.

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