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Publication numberUS3195256 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 20, 1965
Filing dateMar 7, 1963
Priority dateMar 7, 1963
Publication numberUS 3195256 A, US 3195256A, US-A-3195256, US3195256 A, US3195256A
InventorsAl Core Elias
Original AssigneeAl Core Elias
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Picture frame
US 3195256 A
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y 20, 1965 E. A. CORE 3,195,256

PICTURE FRAME Filed March 7, 1965 United States Patent 3,115,256 PICTURE FRAME Elias Al Core, 264 E. 180th St., Bronx, NY. Filed Mar. 7, 1963, Ser. No. 263,550 1 Claim. (til. 40-156) This invention relates generally to the field of picture frames adapted to be supported upon a horizontal surface in a generally vertically disposed position, and more particularly to an improved form of such frame particularly adapted for mounting pictures which have been mounted upon a stiffening member.

It is among the principal objects of the present invention to provide an improved picture frame incorporating resilient means for pressing such stiffened picture against the rear surface of a forwardly facing transparent glass member, without the necessity of gluing or otherwise contacting said picture, so that the same may be readily removed when desired.

Another object of the invention lies in the provision of an improved picture frame of the class described, in which the cost of fabrication may be of a reasonably low order, with consequent wide sale, distribution and use.

A further object of the invention lies in the provision of an improved picture frame, in which substantially all of the components may be formed from bent steel wire, and with a minimum of tooling.

Still another object of the invention lies in the provi- I sion of an improved picture frame incorporating collapsible supporting means which may be erected or collapsed as desired, when not in use.

A feature of the invention lies in the unusually attractive appearance of the device as seen from the forwardly facing portions thereof.

Another feature of the invention lies in the fact that the resilient force exerted against the picture may be adjusted.

These objects and features, as well as other incidental ends and advantages, will more fully appear in the progress of the following disclosure, and be pointed out in the appended claim.

In the drawing, to which reference will be made in the specification, similar reference characters have been employed to designate corresponding parts throughout the several views.

FIGURE 1 is a front elevational view of an embodiment of the invention.

FIGURE 2 is a rear elevational view thereof.

FIGURE 3 is a plan view thereof.

FIGURE 4 is a side elevational view thereof.

FIGURE 5 is a vertical central sectional view, corresponding to that seen in FIGURE 4 but showing certain of the component parts in altered relative position.

In accordance with the invention, the device, generally indicated by reference character 10, comprises broadly: a glass pane member 11, a wire frame element 12, a pivotally mounted supporting element 13, and a resilient compression element 14.

The glass pane member 11 may also be formed of transparent synthetic resinous material, and is preferably of rectangular configuration, being bounded by an upper edge 16, side edges 17 and 18, a lower edge 1%, an outer surface 20, and an inner surface 21. An ornamentation member 22 may be optionally secured to either surface 20-21 of the member 11, the same being formed as a 3,l%,25fi Patented July 20, 1965 ice decalcomania transfer or cellulosic material which may be cemented in place. The member 22 includes a rectangular opening 23 bounded by an upper edge 24, a lower edge 25, and side edges 26 and 27. If desired, a circulartype pane member may be employed, the same being indicated in dashed lines in FIGURE 1 in the drawing.

The wire frame element 12 is best seen from a consideration of FIGURES 2, 3 and 4, and includes a pair of upper glass-engaging arms 30 and 31, a centrally disposed frame member 32, and a pair of lower glass-engaging arms 33 and 34, respectively. The upper glass-engaging arms 30-31 are similar and symmetrical, and include a mutual central portion 36, angularly disposed. portions 37, U- shaped portions 38, and a decorative tip 39. The centrally disposed frame member 32 includes an annular ring 41 interconnected by supporting spokes 42 and defining a central opening 43.

The lower glass-engaging arms 33 and 34 are also similar, and symmetrical, being joined by a looped upper portion 47, each arm including an angularly disposed portion 48, a vertical portion 49, and a U-Shaped portion 51 terminating in a decorative tip 51. Secured to and interconnecting angularly disposed portions 48 is a loop member 52 which controls the degree of permissible rotation of the supporting element 13, as well as providing means for locking the same in extended position (see FIGURE 4).

The supporting element 13 is interconnected to the ring 41, and includes a pair of upper loop members 55, a pair of first rectilinear portions 56, a pair of offset portions 57, a pair of second rectilinear portions 58, and a connecting portion 59. As best seen from a consideration of FIG- URE 4, when the supporting element 13 is in extended position as shown in full lines the offset portions 57 have been resiliently flexed past the loop member 52 to retain the same in such condition. When not desired, the resilient force maintaining the same in extended condition may be overcome to move the element 13 to the position shown in dashed lines.

The resilient compression element 14 includes a ring member 62 having a plurality of interconnecting spokes 63. The spokes 63 support an axially extending bolt member 64 having a threaded free end portion 65 extending through an opening 65' in the member 32. Surrounding the bolt member 64 is a conically-shaped coil spring 66, the outer end 67 of which is adapted to bear directly against the inner surface of a picture 15, and the inner or smaller end 6% of which bears against the spokes 42. On the inner side of the member 32 the bolt member 64 is engaged by a washer 69 and a wing nut 70. To install the picture 15, it is necessary only to tighten the wing nut 7t) to a point where the outer end s7 parts contact with the inner surface 21 of the member 11. In the interstice formed therein, the picture 15 may be inserted, following which loosening of the wing nut allows the spring 66 to exert pressure against the inner surface of the picture 15 to press'it against the inner surface of the member 11.

I wish it to be understood that I do not consider the invention limited to the precise details of structure shown and set forth in this specification, for obvious modifications will occur to those skilled in the art to which the invention pertains.

I claim:

In a device for supporting a picture in framed condition, including a transparent planar member, and a wire frame element detachably engaging said transparent. planar member, the improvement comprising: a resilient compression element connected to the wire frame element and having means resiliently pressing against one surface of the planar member, the compression element including a wire loop member, a bolt connected to the loop member and, passing through an opening in the frame element, a nut engaging the bolt, a coil spring surrounding the bolt and disposed between the frame element and the loop member, rotational movement of the nut serving to adjust the force exerted by the ring member against the surface of the planar member.

References Cited by the Examiner UNITED STATES PATENTS 5/51 Herz 40-152.1

0 EUGENE R. CAPOZIO, Primary Examiner.


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