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Publication numberUS3200536 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 17, 1965
Filing dateAug 1, 1962
Priority dateAug 1, 1962
Publication numberUS 3200536 A, US 3200536A, US-A-3200536, US3200536 A, US3200536A
InventorsSr John J Petitto
Original AssigneeSr John J Petitto
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Device activated by hip movement of a user
US 3200536 A
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1965 J. J. PETITTO, SR 3,200,536

DEVICE ACTIVATED BY HIP MOVEMENT OF A USER Filed Aug. 1, 1962 'fi I INVENTOR JOHN- .L PET/TTQSR. BY W My ATTORNEYS United States Patent M 3,200,536 DEVICE ACTIVATED BY HIP MOVEMENT OF A USER John J. Petitto, Sr., 203 Hedge St., Clarltsburg, W. Va. Filed Aug. 1, 1962, Ser. No. 214,039 lClaim. (CI. 4651) This invention relates to devices of the type adapted to be activated through movement of a users body, and is particularly concerned with the provision of a device adapted to be fastened to a users garment and operated through movement of the users hips.

The device provided hereby finds particular utility when utilized as a toy, but the same can easily function as a therapeutic means, and/or an educational means. More specifically, the present invention is concerned with the provision of a simple toy-type device incorporating a whirling element, and a bracket means providing a whirling axis, whereby the device can be attached to a users garment about the users hips and then through proper movement of the hips, the whirling element thereof can be set in circular motion.

From the standpoint of entertainment, the invention has as a primary object the provision of a new type of toy which can be inexpensively constructed, and which can be attached to a users garment whereby the user can set the whirling element thereof in motion for entertainment purposes. Still further, however, a primary object of the present invention is to provide such a toy which facilities the exercise of certain muscles, and thus which can be used as a therapeutic means for strengthening such muscles. Still further, in this latter connection, the invention finds utility as a means for improving a users coordination.

Another, additional, but different object of the present invention is to provide a toy conforming with the preceding objects which can also serve as an educational device. In this instance, for the instruction in certain types of dancing, such as the dance now known as the twist, it is necessary for the student to fully comprehend and master a certain hip movement. The instant invention serves as a practical means, when properly located, to easily ascertain whether or not the users hip movement is correct, and in accordance with the basic dancing technrque.

The invention lies in the combination, construction, arrangement, and form of various component parts and/ or elements, as will be more fully appreciated after reading the following detailed description. Such description refers to the annexed drawings presenting preferred and illustrative embodiments hereof, and wherein:

FIGURE 1 is a side perspective view of the device constructed in accordance with the present invention;

FIGURE 2 is a side view of the bracket means and swivel joint incorporated in the device provided hereby; and

FIGURE 3 is a front view of the device provided hereby and shown in FIGURES 1 and 2.

Referring now more specifically to the drawings, in FIGURE 1 the device provided hereby is generally designated by the numeral 1 and is shown as attached on a supporting garment element generally designated by the numeral 2. The supporting garment element is shown in phantom, and may comprise, for example, a users belt, the waistband of a users skirt, the waistband of a users trousers, a sash of suitable form, or other garment elements disposed about the users hips. The particular form of garment element used for supporting the device hereof forms no part of the instant invention, although it is to be understood from the outset, that the device provided hereby is adapted to be supported on a garment 32%,536 Patented Aug. 17, 1965 element disposed about a users hips, whereby the same can be activated, as explained more fully below, by hip movement of the user.

In its general aspects, the device 1 is a toy, and comprises a bracket 3 having an inverted U-shaped clamp portion 4 and an arm portion 5 projecting forwardly and outwardly from the clamp portion 4. The clamp portion, as shown, is adapted to be positioned over the garment element 2, regardless of the form of the garment element. The clamp portion serves to maintain the arm portion 5 at least substantially horizontal. Preferably the arm portion carries a depending end flange 6 remote from the clamp portion 4. The depending flange portion has secured thereto and projecting forwardly thereof an eye 7.

A cord 8 is incorporated which has one end thereof secured to the eye 7, and which carries at the other end thereof a ball 9. The coupling between the cord 8 and. the eye 7 preferably is in the form of a conventional knot, as shown, whereby the eye and the knot 10 provide for swivel movement about the eye, and/or a swivel joint therebetween.

The bracket 3 may be formed of various different types of materials, including wood, plastic, metal, or the like. Preferably, the bracket is formed as an integral construction, i.e., with the component elements or parts thereof being integrallysecured together. Moreover, the preferred embodiment contemplates forming the arm 5 with a tapered contour and specifically, whereby the arm 5 tapers from its junction with the clamp portion 4 toward the depending flange 6.

The eye 7, also in accordance with the preferred embodiment, is carried at the end of a threaded shaft 11. Moreover, the depending flange 6 preferably has an aperture therein through which the shaft 11 passes with the eye 7 disposed forwardly of the flange 6. A washer 12 is provided on the forward side of the flange 6 adjacent the eye 7, and a similar washer 13 is provided on the opposite side of the flange 6. The washer 13 serves as a bearing surface for a nut 14 threadably engaged on the shaft 11 to secure the eye in position in a Well known manner. While this construction of the eye and means for securing the same in position has proved satisfactory, it will be readily apparent to those skilled in the art that different forms of eyes can be substituted for that shown in the drawing. For example, the eye may be formed of plastic, and provided with a heat weldable base portion that is readily adapted for heat sealing with the flange 6 when the bracket 3 is formed of a heat weldable plastic. On the other hand, the eye 7 may be welded in position in the event the bracket 3 is formed from metal. Other means of attachment, and other materials, can be used in formation and the particular coupling varied accordingly.

The inverted U-shaped clamp portion 4 defines a recess 15 into which the garment element 2 can pass. This recess 15 is preferably of reduced width adjacent the end of the arm 5 mating or joining with the clamp portion 4. Moreover, the arm 5 preferably is a continuation of the forward Wall 16 of the clamp portion 4, and such wall 16 terminates substantially above the base of the rear wall 17 of the clamp portion. With this particular construction, it has been found that adequate support in operation is provided. However, as with other structural details of the instant invention, the particular form of the clamp can be varied without departing from the scope and spirit of the invention.

The swivel joint provided by the eye 7, and the knot 10 of the cord 8 can also be varied without departing from the invention. For example, the eye and knot construction can be replaced by a mechanical swivel joint of conventional design, and/or the eye 7, again for example, can be secured to a horizontally extending arm free of any depending flange 6. These alternatives may prove feasible in production of the device hereof from certain types of material, but the preferred embodiment shown in the drawings is believed to be most satisfactory since it provides for stability in operation.

Having provided a device such as described above, and shown in the drawings, a user places the same in operative position by inserting the inverted U-shaped clamp portion 4 over a garment element, such as a belt or a waistband. If the device is placed centrally of the body, then the user starts the operation by throwing the ball 9 in a circular path, and thereafter maintaining the same in circular motion by movement of the hips from right to left, or left to right. Alternatively, if the device is placed at the side of the body, adjacent the side of the hip, then the initial operation is started by throwing the ball in a circular orbit, and by maintaining the circular orbit through suitable movement of the hip. In this instance, two devices may be used, one at each side of the body to achieve complex motion.

With an understanding of the construction provided hereby, and the intended mode of operation, it should be apparent that the invention provides a toy which can serve to yield entertainment for youngsters and/ or adults. Moreover, as suggested at the outset of the instant specification, the device hereof can achieve certain therapeutic, as well as educational purposes.

While various modifications can be made to the construction provided hereby, as suggested above, it should be apparent also from the preceding detailed description that the objects set forth at the outset of the instant specification are successfully achieved; "Accordingly, what is claimed is:

An amusement device adapted to be attached to a garment element surrounding a users waist and to extend outwardly from the garment element whereby rotational movement of the users hips sets said amusement device into operation, said amusement device comprising:

a bracket means having an attachment portion at one end thereof;

said attachment portion including means defining a generally U-shaped channel which receives and accommodates said garment element and thereby attaches said amusement device thereto;

said bracket means further including an arm portion extending substantially horizontally outward from said attachment portion and terminating in a downwardly depending flange portion;

rotatable means operable by rotational movement of said users hips; and

connecting means projecting from said flange portion for connecting said rotatable means to said bracket means;

said rotatable means including an elongated cord having first and second ends and a ball means secured to said second end;

said cord first end being attached to said connecting means whereby reciprocating rotary movement of said users hips imparts a motion to said bracket means which motion in turn is transferred to said rotatable means to cause said ball means to swing in a circular orbit about said connecting means.

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DELBERT B. LOWE, Primary Examiner. RICHARD PINKHAM, Examiner.

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