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Publication numberUS3202269 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 24, 1965
Filing dateMar 7, 1963
Priority dateMar 7, 1963
Publication numberUS 3202269 A, US 3202269A, US-A-3202269, US3202269 A, US3202269A
InventorsHerbert Lewis, Moniek Levy
Original AssigneeCuckson Textiles Proprietary L
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Container for textile tapes, ribbons and the like
US 3202269 A
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Aug. 24, 1965 w s ETAL 3,202,269

CONTAINER FOR TEXTILE TAPES, RIBBONS AND THE LIKE Filed March 7, 1963 United States Patent 3,202,269 CONTAINER FOR TEXTILE TAPES, RIBBONS AND THE LIKE Herbert Lewis and Munich Levy, Peurith, New South Wales, Australia, assignors to Cuckson Textiles Proprietary Limited, New South Wales, Australia, a company of Australia Filed Mar. 7,-1963, Ser. No. 263,570 6 Claims. (CL 206- 52) This invention relates to a container for textile tapes, ribbons and like commodities.

In the marketing of these commodities it has been the generally adopted practice to wind a predetermined length into a roll and to pin the outer end. In this relatively exposed state the rolls are oifered for sale. More particularly in the case of India tape considerable soiling of the outer end portion and the edges of the tape frequently occurs. Furthermore, in the dispensing of desired lengths from the roll care is needed in its handling.

The chief object of the invention is to provide an improvement in the form of presentation for sale of rolled textile tapes and ribbons.

According to an embodiment of the invention there is provided a container for a textile tape, ribbon or like commodity comprising a flat base, and a covering member of transparent sheet material. The covering member has a fiat marginal end portion, a pre-formed recess provided in a central portion of the covering member to form a cavity between the covering member and the base for containing the textile tape. Said covering member is provided with a slot extending partially in a wall of the recess and partially in the flat marginal portion for the protrusion of an end of the tape.

A preferred embodiment of the invention is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which:

FIG. 1 is an exploded perspective View of a container according to the invention showing a covering member, a roll of tape, and a flat base member; and,

FIG. 2 is a perspective view of an assembled elongated device incorporating a multiplicity of containers such as that shown in FIG. 1.

In the preferred embodiment of the invention the container consists of a flat cardboard base 3 coated on one 'face with a heat sensitive adhesive 4. A transparent sheet 5 of cellulose acetate or other suitable synthetic material is pre-formed, by the conventional vacuum forming process or other means, with a central recess 6 on one face surrounded by a fiat marginal portion 12. The central recess 6 may be approximately cylindrical but preferably has a frusto conical wall 7 connecting to a circular apex. An axial slot 8 is cut in the wall 7 and may be extended at 9 through the adjacent marginal edge 12 of the sheet.

The container is assembled by placing the roll of tape or ribbon it within the recess 6, which will be of such depth that one side 11 of the tape roll will be level with the marginal edges 12 of the sheet 5. The outer end 13 of the tape is passed through the slots 8 and 9 so that it is externally accessible and the sheet 5 is secured as a cover to the base 3 by the application of heat with pressure to the marginal edges 12 of the covering sheet 5.

In this condition the contents of the container are clearly visible through the covering sheet 5 for display purposes. Furthermore, the container may be employed as a dispenser of its contents by merely drawing the tape end 13 out through the wall slot 8. The possibility of soiling and undesired unwinding of the roll 10 is, therefore, avoided.

The foregoing description refers in the main to one embodiment but it should be understood that modifications thereto are feasible within the scope of the invention. For instance, the base may be elongated as in FIG. 2 and ice contain a multiplicity of rolls. In such an event a single strip of transparent sheet covering 5A may be employed and be preformed to have a required number of recesses 6A for the rolls of tape to be accommodated. The strip of containers may then be supported from a peg 14 for display and when required the lowermost container 15 may be cut from the strip for sale.

It should be appreciated that by forming the slot 8 with a portion 9 thereof in the flat portion as described and illustrated in the drawing, threading of the rolls 10 into their respective recesses 6 is greatly facilitated. It is only necessary that a roll 10 be placed into its respective recess 6 with its free end 13 in registry with the slot extension 9 and then advanced axially into the recess where it will be automatically threaded through the slot portion 8.

What we claim is: v

1. A container comprising a fiat base and a covering member of transparent sheet material having a flat marginal portion secured to said base, a pre-formed recess being provided in a central portion of the covering member to define a cavity between the covering member and the base, a roll of material in said cavity, said covering member including a Wall bounding said recess, a slot being provided in the wall bounding the recess and a slot being provided in said covering member in said flat portion and constituting an extension of the slot in the Wall, said roll of material having a free end protruding through the slot in the wall.

2. A container as claimed in claim 1, comprising a heat sensitive adhesive securing the covering member to the base.

3. A container as claimed in claim 2, wherein the recess is generally cylindrical.

4. A container as claimed in claim 2, wherein the recess has a circular apex and the wall is frusto conical.

5. A container comprising a base of cardboard having opposite surfaces, a coating of heat sensitive adhesive on one of the surfaces of the base, a sheet of transparent synthetic material adapted to cover said one surface of the base, said sheet of material having a generally cylindrical central recess and including walls bounding said recess and a flat marginal portion extending from the walls whereby pressure and elevated temperature applied to said flat portion effects attachment of the covering sheet to the base and defines a cavity between the recess of the covering sheet and the base, a roll of material in said cavity, said sheet of material being provided with a slot extending partially in the wall bounding the recess and partially in the flat marginal portion, said roll of material having a free end extending through the slot.

6. A device comprising a multiplicity of containers comprising a base strip of sheet material, a corresponding strip of transparent sheet material, said sheet of transparent material being provided with a line of pre-formed recesses each constituting a cavity, a roll of material in each cavity, said sheet of material including walls bounding the recesses and a flat portion to which all the walls are joined, said sheet of material being provided with a slot for each recess extending partially in the wall of the particular recess and partially in the flat portion, said sheet material being secured to the base strip at the flat portion of the sheet material, and means adjacent one of the ends of said base strip to permit externally supporting the base strip and sheet of material secured therewith along With the rolls of material contained Within the cavities, whereby individual containers may be severed from the other end of the device when required, eachroll of material having a free end protruding through the slot of the associated recess.

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