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Publication numberUS3206059 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 14, 1965
Filing dateSep 13, 1962
Priority dateSep 13, 1962
Publication numberUS 3206059 A, US 3206059A, US-A-3206059, US3206059 A, US3206059A
InventorsFead William A, Huff Robert M
Original AssigneeHudson Pulp & Paper Corp
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Container lid
US 3206059 A
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P 1965 w. A. FEAD ETAL 3,206,059-

CONTAINER LID Filed Sept. 13, 1962 Fig.2

INVENTORS William Alexander Feud BY Robert Myron Huff Gm 645 ,MAW/M? M01 A TTORNEYS United States Patent "ce 3,206,059 CONTAINER LID William A. Fead, Plaintield, and Robert M. Haiti, Clark, N.J., assignors to Hudson Pulp & Paper Corp, New York, N.Y., a corporation of Maine Filed Sept. 13, 1962, Ser. No. 223,415 2 Claims. (Cl. 220-44) This invention relates to container covers, and more in particular to a cover for a disposable paper cup of the type used for hot and cold drinks and to the combinations of such covers and cups.

An object of this invention is to provide an improved cover for hot drink cups. A further object is to provide an improved lid which provides a spill-proof and slopproof cover for containers. A further object is to provide for the above with a construction which is light in Weight, inexpensive to manufacture, and adaptable to various conditions of use. These and other objects will be in part obvious and in part pointed out below.

In the drawings in which one embodiment of the invention shown:

FIGURE 1 is a top plan View of a lid installed on a paper cup;

FIGURE 2 is a side elevation of the cup and the lid of FIGURE 1; and,

FIGURE 3 is an enlarged sectional view on the line 3-3 of FIGURE 1.

Referring to the drawings, a lid 2 is installed on a paper cup 4 so as to form a thoroughly practical container for drinks such as hot coffee. Cup 4 has a tapered side wall 6 and at the top edge or lip (FIGURE 3) there is a bead 8. Lid 2 is formed from a thin sheet of fairly rigid plastic, and is generally disk shaped with a central vent dome 10 and a peripheral flange 12. Flange 12 snugly receives the beaded top of the cup and has an inner cylindrical wall 14 which engages the inner surface of the cup and an outer frusto-conical outer wall 16 which converges downwardly against the bead 8. An outwardly converging flange 18 projects below wall 16 and may be engaged to remove the lid from the cup. Wall portions 14 and 16 are connected by a rounded portion 20 and a flat portion 22 which form two air spaces 24 and 26, respectively. These air spaces act to break a capillary passageway between the lid and cup wall surfaces and prevent migration of the liquid around the lip of the cup.

Vent dome 10 has a frusto-conical side wall and a flat upper wall 32 at the center of which there is a vent opening 34. At the base of vent dome 10 there is an annular rib 36 which is semi-circular in radial section and projects downwardly below the general plane of the body portion 38 of the lid. There are also five radial ribs 40 and an outer annular rib 42 which are of the same crosssection and project downwardly in the same manner as rib 36. Each of the ribs 40 intersects rib 42, but they are spaced from rib 36 by a flat portion 44.

Vent 34 provides for the passage of air and vapor from and to the cup when the lid is being installed and removed. Furthermore, when the cup is used for a hot liquid such as hot coffee, vent 34 permits the escape of water vapor and air so as to prevent an elevated pressure condition within the cup; and, if the liquid becomes cooled, vent 34 prevents the creation of sub-atmospheric pressure which would interfere with the removal of the lid.

3,206,059 Patented Sept. 14, 1965 Lid 2 is splash-proof or slop-proof in that liquid does not splash or seep out during normal handling of the cup with the lid installed. It has been found that such spilling of liquid results from wave motion on the surface of the liquid. With prior covers having vent openings, the wave motion produced liquid pressure which projected liquid to the vent opening and even spurted out onto the top of the lid. The formation of vapor from hot liquid also causes liquid in the vent opening to seep out. However, the rib construction in lid 2 breaks up the surface Waves and diverts them from the dome 10 and vent opening 34. Dome 10 and rib 36 act as an effective means to prevent the passage of liquid through vent opening 34 during normal usage. Ribs 40 and 42 act to minimize the surface wave motion and tend to direct waves radially so that they are dampened. Ribs 40 and 42 also impart physical strength to the lid.

It is thus seen that the lid 2 provides a thoroughly satisfactory cover for containers, and has particular advantages with hot liquids. The lid may be installed easily and it has been found that hot coffee and the like will not leak from the outer rim or from the vent opening during normal usage. The vent opening 34 is maintained free of liquid under conditions of use which would cause considerable leakage with prior constructions. It has been indicated above that lid 2 is formed of plastic and illustratively this is polystyrene, the original sheet being .0105 inch in thickness. It will be appreciated that other materials such as water-proofed paper may be used and that the thickness of the material and lid size may be varied without departing from the invention.

What is claimed is:

1. A lid for a paper cup or the like having a bead surrounding a top opening, said lid'comprising an integral sheet structure having a peripherial flange portion which snugly receives the bead on the cup and forms a seal therewith and a substantially central dome portion which is substantially frusto-conical and which projects upward- 1y when the lid is positioned upon the cup and has a top wall with a vent opening therewith, said lid also including downwardly-projecting rib portions comprising an annular rib portion surrounding said dome portion and a plurality of radial rib portions which extend between said annular rib portions and said flange portion and which are spaced therefrom at their respective ends, whereby said radial rib portions tend to direct the surface of the liquid within the cup radially and said radial rib portions cooperate with said annular rib portions to break up the wave motion in the liquid and prevent the moving liquid from projecting into said dome portion against said vent opening.

2. A lid construction as described in claim 1 which is formed from a sheet of polystyrene or the like having an original thickness of the order of .0105 inch.

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3,048,317 8/62 Cochrane 220-44 THERON E. CONDON, Primary Examiner.


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Legal Events
Mar 24, 1981ASAssignment
Effective date: 19810112