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Publication numberUS3207421 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 21, 1965
Filing dateDec 14, 1962
Priority dateDec 14, 1962
Publication numberUS 3207421 A, US 3207421A, US-A-3207421, US3207421 A, US3207421A
InventorsDonald Kolts, Hunger Helen R
Original AssigneeDonald Kolts, Hunger Helen R
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Reminder device
US 3207421 A
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p 1965 H. R. HUNGER ETAL REMINDER DEVI CE Filed Dec. 14, 1962 FIG. i.

ATTORNEYS United States Patent Office 3,207,421 Patented Sept. 21, 1965 3,207,421 REMINDER DEVICE Helen R. Hunger and Donald Kolts, both of 417 S. Hill Road, Los Angeles, Calif. Filed Dec. 14, 1962, Ser. No. 246,296 1 Claim. (Cl. 229-72) This invention relates to reminder devices and more especially to such devices for use over considerable periods of time such as a month.

Reminder devices are well known and widely used. However there has been a long-felt need in the art for a reminder device suitable for use over extended periods of time, such as a month or more. Most reminder devices of conventional nature are limited to use for periods usually limited to a day or relatively few days or to the hours or fractions of hours of the day. Such reminder devices are generally in the form of printed or display cards or sheets on which must be written the material to be reminded of such as the performing of some act or the establishment of an appointment or the like.

A common recurring event is the periodic taking of pills or capsules such as vitamins, medicines or special items in this category, the times of taking which, while often regular, are not in many cases, taken on consecutive days. A well, known mental quirk is that after the taking of vitamins or pills a person has difiiculty in remembering after even a short period of time whether the particular pills or vitamins for that particular day have been taken. Hence it is rare that a calendar marking with pen or pencil is used and particularly for the reason that no suitable provision is conveniently available for so recording the event of taking such pills or tablets.

The present invention has been developed to provide a tablet or pill-taking reminder device which overcomes these objections and deficiencies in prior art reminder devices and provides a novel pill-taking reminder device which incorporates features of a modified dispenser wherein the pills or capsules are arranged in the holding device and is associated with a page of a calendar in such manner that the pills or capsules for the particular day of the associated month are so arranged that the device will show at all times whether the pills or capsules for each day have or have not been taken in accordance with the prearranged and desired plan.

This is accomplished by the provision of pockets formed on a sheet and disposed in the rank and file arrangement over the rows of days of the week on a calendar page in which pockets the several pills or capsules to be taken during the month are placed at the beginning of the month and from which they are taken on the several predetermined days thereof. These pockets are preferably made of a transparent material so that they at all times show if the pills or capsules for any particular day have or have not been taken. While the invention is directed primarily to facilitate taking of pills, capsules, vitamins and similar articles the pocket can be used for the reception of notes or other articles to which attention is to be directed on the respective days.

It is therefore the primary purpose and objective of this invention to provide a simple, practical and inexpensive remainder device of the character described.

Another object of the invention is to provide an improved reminder device adapted for or to facilitate the taking of pills, tablets, vitamins or the like on predetermined, although not necessarily, uniformly spaced days during a month.

An additional object of the invention is to provide a reminder device, as in the previous objects, which is adaptable to a variety of reminder uses.

Other objects and advantages of the invention will appear and be brought out more fully in the following specification reference being had to the accompanying drawing. In the drawing:

FIGURE 1 is a perspective view of a reminder device incorporating a preferred form of this invention.

FIGURE 2 is a partial view enlarged showing details of construction of the invention.

FIGURE 3 is a sectional view taken along line 33 of FIGURE 2.

Referring more pacticularly to the drawing the reminder device of this invention comprises a rectangular sheet 10 of transparent or translucent material such as cellophane, thermo-plastic or the like. A plurality of strips 12 of similar material are arranged transversely and secured on sheet 10. Strips 12 are initially longer than the width of sheet 10 and are folded to form vertical pleats 14. Strips 12 are then secured to sheet 10 by horizontal stitching 16 and thereafter by means of a series of vertical stitchings 18 a plurality of pockets 20 are formed.

In use the operation of the invention is as follows: Pills, capsules, vitamins or the like are placed in each of the pockets 20 at the start of each month, the number and disposition of the articles being arranged according to a desired program such as alternate days or certain days, as every third, fourth or fifth day. If the pockets 20 are made of a transparent, or translucent material the reminder device will show at all times whether the pills or capsules for any particular day have or have not been taken.

A variation of use of the reminder device is that of placing notes in selected pockets for reminding the user to do or perform some act on specified days or at specified times. A further variation is to insert small articles in the certain of the pockets 20 for disposition in some manner which will be suggested by the nature of the articles, for example a key which may be intended to be used or given to someone on a particular day.

What is claimed is:

A reminder device for a calendar month page comprising strips of transparent plastic material, the strips being of a length to cover a week of the calendar page, superimposing a plurality of the strips over the calendar page in number corresponding to the weeks of the respective month, means to permanently secure the strips directly to the calendar page by rows of horizontal and vertical stitches, the stitches dividing the strips into a plurality of pockets disposed over each of the days on the calendar page, the strips having pleats therein to allow additional material therein to form the pockets, the pockets receiving articles to be reminded of on the several respective days of the month.

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FRANKLIN T. GARRET, Primary Examiner.


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International ClassificationB42D5/00, B42D5/04
Cooperative ClassificationB42D5/047
European ClassificationB42D5/04E