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Publication numberUS3209380 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 5, 1965
Filing dateDec 31, 1964
Priority dateDec 31, 1964
Publication numberUS 3209380 A, US 3209380A, US-A-3209380, US3209380 A, US3209380A
InventorsWatsky Benjamin
Original AssigneeWatsky Benjamin
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Rigid mattress structure
US 3209380 A
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Oct. 5, 1965 B. wA'rsKY RIGID MATTRESS STRUCTURE oaooao OOOOOO Filed Deo. 3l, 1964 Benjamin Watsky QZ/ 2mm ATTORNEY United States Patent O 3,209,380 RIGID MATTRESS STRUCTURE Benjamin Watsky, 1108 Rutland Road, Brooklyn, N.Y. Filed Dec. 31, 1964, Ser. No. 422,807 1 Claim. (Cl. 5-347) This invention relates to mattress constructions and more specifically to a rigid mattress structure capable of supporting a person in a reclining position and unyielding under the weight of the person.

Whereas boards of plywood, iberboard and the like have been used heretofore to rigidify -or otherwise r'educe the yieldability or compressibility of the mattress under the weight of the user and thus achieve rigidity, such boards and similar temporary mattress modifications only partially eliminated the resiliency and give of the mattress. That is, the mere placement of a board beneath the lower surface of the mattress failed to sufficiently preclude the sinking of the person into the mattress and the bone movement resulting therefrom, such bone movement being painful and otherwise undesirable. Also, the placement of a board upon the upper surface of the mattress results in extreme discomfort .to the user by reason of the hardness thereof, rigidiiication by such means being often injurious to the spinal structure of the patient. Additionally, the board arrangement interferes with the normal ventilation requirements of the mattress. That is, the presence of the board, either above or beneath the mattress will block circulation of air to thereby augment the discomfort of the user.

The primary object of the instant invention resides in the provision of a novel mattress structure which obviates the foregoing disadvantages while serving the requirements of a patient suffering with a bone or other bodily disorder which requires firmness when in the position of repose.

Another object lof the present invention is to provide a rigid mattress structure which, although soft to the touch, will not yield substantially under the weight of a person reclining thereupon.

A further object `of this invention resides in the provision of a mattress structure which will permit excellent air circulation and consequent comfort to the user.

Another objcet of the present invention is to provide a mattress which is extremely light in weight.

Another general object of the present invention is to provide a device of the described character which will be simple in structure, easily and economically fabricated, and highly effective in use.

Other objects and advantages of the instant rigid mattress structure will be set forth in part hereinafter and in part will be obvious herefrom, or may be learned by practice of the invention, the same being realized and attained by means of the structure defined and pointed out in the appended claim.

The accompanying drawings referred to herein and constituting a part hereof, illustrate one embodiment of the invention, and together with the descripti-on, serve to explain the principles of the invention.

FIGURE 1 is a perspective of the present mattress structure, the two sections thereof being shown apart and prior to being united;

FIGURE 2 is a fragmentary perspective view of the mattress structure, the two sections thereof being united;

FIGURE 3 is a plan view of one section of the mattr'ess structure, a portion of said section being cut-away to expose the transverse and longitudinal internal air passages thereof;

FIGURE 4 is a cross-sectional view taken along line 4 4 of FIGURE 2; and

FIGURE 5 is an end elevational view of the rigid mat- 3,209,380 Patented Oct. 5, 1965 rice tress structure shown upon a bed boa-rd, box springs being interposed therebetween.

Referring now in detail to the present preferred embodiment of the invention illustrated in the accompanying drawings, FIGURE 1 shows the mattress structure designated generally by numeral 1, which is comprised of two sections 2 and 4, the latter being shown disassembled or prior to being united to form the monolithic structure illustrated in FIGURES 2, 4 and 5 of the drawings. The said sections are preferably identical and are further preferably molded of expanded polystyrene. Although other materials of construction may be utilized, e.g., polyurethane, etc., expanded polystyrene has been found to be most advantageous. The material may be molded to Various densities and for the purpose hereindescribed, a density within the range of l to 20 pounds per cubic foot has been found satisfactory.

Whereas mattresses of the conventional type are extremely heavy and diilicult for Women to turn over or otherwise handle, the instant mattress, by dint of the material utilized, may be readily turned by one individual without strain and in very little time. A material density of between the range of 1 to 14 pounds per cubic foot has also been determined feasible for a mattress Iof the usual -size and, as stated, expanded polystyrene may be conveniently molded to such densities.

Expanded polystyrene, while rigid and substantially unyieldable, is relatively soft to the touch and will not injure the body of the person lying upon a surface molded thereof. Accordingly, such material, essentially because of its rigidity has not heretofore been used in mattress construction. The present mattress, however, constructed thereof, has been found unexpectedly advantageous and especially desirable when constructed in accordance with the following disclosure.

As aforedescribed, the two sections are joined along plane or line 5 as shown, to form a rigid united structure having at surfaces 6 and 8, respectively, and end and side walls 10, 10 and 12, 12, respectively. A first plurality of air channels 14 extend through the united structure as shown and provide communication between the end walls 10, 10. A second plurality of air channels 16 Isimilarly extend through said structure and establish communication between the side walls 12, 12. Said first and second air channels are respectively perpendicularly arranged and each channel is as illustrated, partially disposed within each said sections 2 and 4 and bisected by line or plane 5.

Completely contained within and extending through each section is a plurality of transverse and longitudinal air passages 18 and 20, respectively, said air passages effectuating communication between side edges 22, 22 and end edges 24, 24, said transverse and longitudinal air passages being in perpendicular relation as illustrated.

To the end of carrying the air circulating internally of the mattress structure by reason of the aforedescribed air channels and passages to th'e surfaces 6 and 8 of the mattress, ventilation openings i26 are provided to extend completely through said united structure thereby establishing communication between said upper surface 6 and lower surface 8, said openings being arranged in communication with said air passages and said air channels, and being small enough in diameter so as not to interfere with the comfort of the user.

Accordingly, said ventilation openings 26 accomplish thorough ventilation of the upper and lower mattress surfaces by dint of their placement in spaced arrangement across the entire areas of said surfaces. Further, it will be appreciated that blockage of circulation into the openings disposed through said lower surface 8 will not preclude ample air circulation to the upper surface 6 inasmuch as air may still flow interiorly of the mattress structure through the side and end walls thereof and thence to said upper surface 6 via said ventilation openings.

The mattress construction hereinabove described and preferred is easy to fabricate in view of the two-section construction wherein a single mold cavity may be used to form the entire united structure. Further, if it be desirable for economic reasons to mold the sections with only either the air channels or Vthe air passages coacting -with the ventilation openings, such is also practicable and effective in providing a suitable mattress structure.

t With reference now to FIGURE of the drawings, the mattress structure 1 which has been formed by uniting sections 2 and 4 by applying cementitious material therebetween or by the use of another suitable fastening device, is shown supported upon bed board 28, box springs 30 being interposed therebetween. The mattress structure may be covered by bed sheets and otherwise utilized in the conventional manner.

Although the preferred 'embodiment of the rigid mattress `structure has been described, it will be understood that within the purview of this invention various changes may be made in the forms, details, proportion and arrangement of parts, the combination thereof and mode of operation, which generally stated consists in a device capable of carrying out the objects set forth as disclosed and defined in the appended claim.

What is claimed is:

In a rigid, cellular mattress structure capable of supporting a person in a reclining position and being unyielding under the weight of the person, said mattress being comprised of two identical sections each having side and end edges, said sections being joined along a plane to form a rigid united structure, said structure having upper and lower substantially at surfaces and end and side walls,

said unit'ed structure having a plurality of rst air channels extending therethrough and communicating between said end walls, and a plurality of second air channels extending therethrough and communicating between said side walls, said rst and second air channels being each of substantially equal cross-sectional area and being respectively perpendicularly arranged and intersecting, each channel being partially disposed within each `said identical sections, and each channel being bis'ected by said plane, each section having a plurality of transverse and longitudinally air passages extending through each section and communicating between the side and end edges thereof, each of said air passages respectively being of substantially the same cross-sectional area as said rst and second air lchannels, and a plurality of ventilation openings 'extending through said united structure and establishing communication between said upper and lower surfaces, said ventilation openings being substantially greater in number than the combined number of air channels and air passages, said ventilation openings each being of substantially smaller cross-sectional area than each said air channels and air passages, and said ventilation openings being arranged in communication with respective air channels and air passages.

References Cited by the Examiner UNITED STATES PATENTS 2,315,391 3/43 Blair 5-337 2,371,788 3/45 Weeber 5-347 X 2,807,033 9/57 Austen 5-347 2,979,739 4/61 Krakauer 5--345 t 3,038,175 6/62 Faget et al. 5-345 FRANK B. SHERRY, Primary Examiner.

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