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Publication numberUS321297 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 30, 1885
Filing dateDec 30, 1884
Publication numberUS 321297 A, US 321297A, US-A-321297, US321297 A, US321297A
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Reversible envelope
US 321297 A
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No. 321,297; Patented June 30, 1885..

N. PETERS, Pbmtwmmgnphen Wmhington. o. a




SPECIFICATION forming part of Letters Patent No. 321,297, dated June 30, 1885.

Application filed December 30, 1884.

I0 all whom may concern.-

Be it known that I, Jnoon Hormmnn, of Cincinnati, Hamilton county, Ohio, have invented a new and useful Improvement in Reversible Envelopes, of which the following is a specification.

My invention relates to a reversiblesafety-envelope that comprises the following features: A pouch, bag, or pocket, whose mouth-margin, having been pasted externally and folded over so as to make a double-ply lip, is creased at two places and doubly perforated, and being folded twice over receives a tape, by which, in connection with such creasing and folding, it is enabled to securely retain any descrip tion of dry contents however finely divided such, for example, as the smallest grain or seed, or any kind of powder. The sheet of paper or blank out of which the envelope is formed extends in the shape of a leaf or fly whose obverse and reverse faces are capable of alternate use for the respective addresses of the shipper and the consignee. Wings upon the sides of this fly, having suitable orifices and fasteningt-ape, enable the fly to be temporart 1y secured with either address exposed to view at will of the sender for the time being, or of being unfastencd with the facility prescribed for open maiLm-atter. The blank out of which this envelope is made consists of asingle sheet of manila or other tough paper out to the peculiar form hereinafter represented.

In using the device, the material to be mailed is deposited in said pocket, whose mouthis then folded twice over and tied down. Accurate folding, so as to bring the eyelets in register for the fastening-tape, is. facilitated by the well-defined shoulder of the aforesaid two-ply portion, formed by pasting together in the manner stated. The construction is such that the folded and tied wings co-operate with the folded and tied bag-mouth to securely seal the receptacleagainst any possible accidental escape of contents, without opposing any difficulty in the way of their examination by the postal authorities.

In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 represents an envelopeembodyin g my invention, the package being shown open, and having that side visible which bears theshippers address. The dotted lines in this figure indi- (Model) cate the contour of the blank out of which the envelope is formed. Fig. Qrepresents the same envelope with its pocket closed, and with that side presented which is to receive the address of the consignee. Fig. 3 shows the package closed. Fig. 4is an enlarged sec tion of the bag-mouth or opening of the pocket.

The broken lines in the several figures indieate creasingplaces.

I provide a blank of manila or other kind of tough paper, so cut out of a single rectangular sheet as to present the contour indicated by the dotted lines A in Fig. 1. Paste being applied to the surfaces a, a, and a, the portion a is turned back on itself so as to form a two-ply thickness at a. The flaps B B are then overlapped and made to adhere to each other at a and to the blank B by their pasted portions a, so as to form a pouch, bag, or pocket, 0, of whichthe said twoply edge constitutes the mouth-margin. At each side of this marginal portion are two orifices or eyelets, D. Previous to being folded and made to adhere, as above, the part a is made to re -ceive two orifices, D, into which is drawn a tape or string, E. The prolongation or flap F has two wings, G G, of which the wing G has two eyes or orifices, D, for atape or tie, E, one of whose ends is capable of engagement in an orifice, 'D, in the other wing. The orifices D D D may be protected by re-enforces or by metallic eyelets. The entire appendage F G G is designed to afford places on its obverse and reverse faces for two distinct addresses, one face (seenin Fig. 2) being devoted to the addresses of the consignee, which are usually written, and the other face (seen in Fig. 1) carrying the shippers address, which may be permanently imprinted. The con siguee-face of the envelope having been addressed, and the pocket having been charged with the goods or samples, the lips of the bag are pressed together and are twice folded at the already-formed crease'marks 1 2,and then tied, as seen at Fig. 2. The address-flap is then folded back against the bag, and its two wings brought round in front of the same and tied, as shown in Fig. 3. it is manifest that when thus folded and tied the wings assist in holding down the folded lips of the bag-mouth flat against the bag, and that they also aid in closing the corners 3 4 against any escape of tom the integral prolongation F,with places for contents. The pasted overlap of the parts a two distinct addresses on its obverse and reand the eyelets D enable secure fastening of verse faces, and whose reversible closing wings the string E, and said overlap also strengthens G G, are provided with the fas'tenings D D I 5 5 the material at the orifices D. E, substantially as set forth.

I claim as new, and of my invention In testimony of which invention I hereunto The reversible retentive safety-mailing enset my hand. velope,consisting of the reversible bag, pouch, Y JACOB HOFFMAN N. or pocket 0, whose mouth is adapted to be se- WVitnesses: 1o cured in the described infolded condition by G120. H. KNIGHT,

the fastenings D D E, and having at its bot- N. RocKHoLD.

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