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Publication numberUS32167 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateApr 23, 1861
Publication numberUS 32167 A, US 32167A, US-A-32167, US32167 A, US32167A
InventorsThomas H. Dodge
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Thomas h
US 32167 A
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Specicatonof Letters Patent No. 32,167, dated April 23, 1861.

To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, THOMAS H. DODGE, of the city of Washington, District of Columbia, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Letter-Paper; and I do hereby declarethe following to be a full, clear, and .exact description of the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, forming part of this specification.

The nature of my invention consists in tinting so much of the blank side of a sheet of letter paper, as that when folded up, in the form of a letter, it will have the appearance of a tinted envelop, as indicated in Figure 3, of the drawings.

It also consists in combining the oiiicial embedded stamp or mark with the blank side of the sheet thus tinted in such alrelative position, as respects the sheet, as when folded up, the stamp will occupy a position at the right upper corner of the folded letter as indicated in red in the drawings, to facilitate the marking out of the stamps in the post-office.

It also consists in combining the stamp, indicated in red, and a white margin D', with the part A, so that the part D,`can be turned out, to receive the filing or other memorandum, as indicated in Fig. 4, thus enabling the letters to be filed in such a manner as to have the original address upon the letter, postmarks and filing, or other memorandum, all upon one side, and within sight at the same time.

The use of envelops, has been found objectionable, for the reason. that the date of mailing a letter, is usually destroyed, as soon as the letter is received, the envelop being thrown away, again the envelop adds much to the weight of a letter. By the use of my invention, all of these objections, and others, which might be mentioned, are obviated, as a sheet of letter paper is made to answer the purpose of -a neat stamped envelop, in addition to its usual functions.

The tint of the sheet, prevents the writing from being read through the paper, thus enabling a lighter quality of paper to be used, while all the original marks and writing upon the letter are preserved for future use.

In the drawings the tinted portions, A, B, and C, F ig. 2, represent the parts exposed in a letter folded, as in Fig. 3. the untinted parts D, cl, and D', d', are folded in.

In order to render the letter when filed as neat and compact as possible, the margin D is left narrower than D, in some cases.

In Fig. l, the entire blank side of the sheet, is represented as tinted, the dotted lines showing the direction and position of the folds and may be made on each sheet when the tinting is made.

The tinting, 1f made in parallel lines as indicated in the drawings will serve as a guide in writing the address upon the letter, and if preferred deeper lines could be made for such a purpose on a wider untinted space or spaces left.

Another advantage of my invention, consists in Vthe fact, that the, part A, -or any other of the tinted part can be made to answer the purpose of a business card, as is now the case with tinted envelops, the letters being formed by leaving portions untinted or making cross tinted lines..

The form of the blank side of the sheet which is folded in can be cut of any desired shape to suit the tastes of different persons in folding up the letter without departing from the principle of my invention.

It will be understood that any desired form of tinted line or lines can be used Vas well as colors. y

IIaving `described my invention what I claim, and desireto secure by Letters Patent, is-" l. Tinting a portion or all of the blank side of letter or note paper for the purpose stated.

2. Combining with the blank side of the sheet of letter or note paper thus tinted, of the oflicial embossed postage stamp or mark, in such relative position as respects the sheet, as that when the same is folded up, the stamp will occupy a position at the right, upper corner of the letter as and for the purposes set forth.

3. Leaving the margin D', in combination with tinting the portion A, as and for the purposes set forth.

In witness whereof, I have hereunto subscribed my name.



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