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Publication numberUS3217953 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 16, 1965
Filing dateApr 25, 1963
Priority dateApr 25, 1963
Publication numberUS 3217953 A, US 3217953A, US-A-3217953, US3217953 A, US3217953A
InventorsBahnsen Erwin B
Original AssigneeGeorgia Pacific Corp
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Sheet material dispenser
US 3217953 A
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Nov. 16, 1965 E.B. BAHNsEN 3,217,953

SHEBT MATEBIAL DSPBNsER 5 SheetsSheet 2 F11ed Apri1 25 1963 INVENTOR- ERW... B. BAHSEN BY [nited States Patent ThiS invention felates to a dis )enSer fo1 Sheef ITlaterial Such aS pa ef towe1ing. MoTe pafticu1aTly, the invention relates fo in1proveInenfs in a vvall tyPe cabinet fof diSpenS ing lengths of pa ef of other Sheet Inatefia1 ffoII1 Tol1s of InateTia1,

An inpoftant object of the invention is to pTovide a re1 atively Sinp1e, conpact and econolnical dispenSer vV11ich dispenSeS Sheet nlateTia1 convenienf1y and Te1iably.

A particulaf object iS to provide a dfS enSer Which pfe Sents Sheet n1ateTial to the uSer f()f graSping the end of the InateTial and puHing to Sevef a length of InateTiaL and vVhich f11I1ctions to sever the ITxateria1 pfopefly vVhen if iS puHed in any of Sevefal possible nofIna1vvayS.

Lnothef object iS fo pfovide a C1iSpenser Pfovided vvith Safegnards againSt taInpefing, and particu1afly, vv11ich Te duces the poSSibilifieS fof jaInTning the diSpenSef.

Zn additional object iS to pTovide a dispenSef vVhich in cludeS StfI1ctI11 e fof Supplying Sheet nateTa1 Sin1111taneol1S1y ffom a f1111 fo11 and ffon1 a sfllb fo11 thereon, to IlSe up the latteT aftef the dfspenSef iS TeHed.

A fuTthef obiect iS to pfovide a diSPenSer having iIn proved Inounting IneanS foT the paftS, and vvhich n1ay be aSSen1bled and diSaSSen1bled easi1y and faoidly. An ac ooInpanying obiect iS to pfovide a diSpenSer ConStructed of but a Sman nuInber of paftS.

Anothef obiect is to pTovide a (1ispenSeT including To11- er diSpenSing Ineans, Which elnbodies iInprovenents in the Inounting of th ToHer IneanS and othef paftS, includ ing inlpfoven1entS in the oonstTuction and arTangenlent of beafings o1 the1ike fof the To11ef IneanS.

Another pafticulal object iS to pfovide a new and impfoved Sleeve beafing vVhiCh coopeTateS in accoInplishing the foregoing and other obiectS.

TheSe and othef obiectS, advantageS, and functionS of the invention wi11 be apparent on Tefefence to the Specication and to tho attached draWingS i11UStrating a )refeffed eInbodilnent of the diSpenSer, vVheTein 1ike pafts are identiHed by liko Tefefence SylnbolS in each of the viewS, and vVhefein= FIGURE 1 and FIG. 2 are, Tes ectivel front and side elevational vievvs of the diS enSeT;

FIG- 3 is an en1aTged Side elevationa1 vieW of the C1iS penSer With the coSing thefeof 1oveTed FI(, 4 iS a Sectiona1 and elevationa1 view of the diS- penSer, taken on line 44 of FIG. 3;

F(}. 5 is a Sect1onal and p1an vievV thereof, taken SUb Stantially on lineS 55 of FI(} 7;

FIGS, 6 and 7 aTe, TeSpectively, enlafged ffagn1entary front and Side elevational detail vieWs of one cofnef of the diSpenser, cofTesponding TeSpectively to the vievvs of FIGS. 1 and 2;

FIG. 8 is an enlarged side elevationa1 veW siIT1i1ar to FIG. 3 but vviff1 the casing TefTloved, and alSo i1111Strating Sheet IT1atefial being de1ivefed SiIT1L11faneouS1y ffoIn a fI111 Toll and fron1 a Stub T()11 in tho dispenSef;

FI}. 9 iS an enlafged fragIIlentafy Sectiona1 and elevationa1 vievZ taken on 1ne 9 of FI}. 8 i1111Strating af tic111af1y a guafd elenent and a knife Tnounted theTeon;

FIG, 10 iS an en1aTged fragTnenfary Sectiona1viewtaken on line 11 of FI(. 4, vvith paTtS bToken away;

F1(}. 11 is an enlarged bToken side elevat1onal vievv of a dfive ToHef aSSelT1bly in the diSPenSeT;

FIG. 12 is an exp1oded bToken Side elevationa1 vieW of the drive Toller aS efnbly, vith Split Tings theTeof being shown in perspective;

FIG, 13 is aI1 en1arged and elevationa1 vievv of a sleeve beafing eInp1oyed in th dfive rollef aSSeDb1y;

FI 14 iS a side elevationa1 vieW of the conponents of the beaTing ill11Stfating The Inanner in Wflich tho bealing iS inSeTted into vva1l openings; and

FI(}- 1 is a side elevationa1 view of the beafing in itS u1tifnate posftion in the openingS 1efeTfing to the dfavvingS, eSpeciany FIGS. 1S the invention provideS in1PToveInentS in a Wa11 type diSpenSeT of diSpensing cabinet 10 fof folled sheef Inatefial. The dispenSer inc1udes a ffanle 12, a caSing 14 pivofa1ly Inounted on the fraIT1e, and de1iveTy appratuS 1o Inoonted on the ffaIIle. vVhile the illuStfative en1bodinfent oon Stit11teS a pfefeffed fofm of the invention, it vi11 be Un defStood that the iInpfoven1entS fovided by the inven tion Inay be enp1oyed in otheT envifonfnents.

The fraIne 12 inclUdes a noffnaHy horiZonta1 bottoIn vva11 13, a norII1ally veftica1 back wa11 2, and a pair of 1il(e norInaHy vertica1 Spaced para1lel op oSite Side vva]lS The seveTal vvalIS are foTITled infegally ffon one piece of Sheet Inefa-1 of the like. The Side vvaHs each in clnde a Suppoft p1ate of member 24 integra1 with the bot tom wan 18 and extending upwafdly t-hefeffom. Each of the Side va1ls alSO inc1udes a panel 26 infegTa1 vVith the back wan 21} and exending forwardly thefeffom- 11ange 28 is integfal With the upper n1afgin of the back vva11 and extendS foTvvaTd1y thefeffoln to pfovide a I'in1 thereon.

It is a feature of the invenfion that the ffane 12 Inay be foTIned of one pfece of TTlatefiaJ vvhich iS alSo fabTicated to perforIn a nUInber of other fIInctionS. RefeTTing eSpe ciany to FIGs. and 8, a pair of Spaced pafaHel UpStand ing tabS 3@ are StTUck out ff on1 fhe bottoIn vvan l3', leaving openingS 32 of the SalTle Shape in the wa11. The tabS afe near to and spaced froIn TeSpective Side wal1S 22, and they Serve aS locatofS and spacefS fof a StIlb ToH 32 of Sheet Inatefial festing on the botfon1 wa11. The boftoIn and back vva11S and the tabs pfovide a Teceptacle of coT1 pament 33 for the Stub ToH.

1eferfing a1so to FI(}, 4, hook poTtions 34 afe forned in the back vva11 20, in enlarged openingS 36. A yoke assembly of a yoke 38 and hubS 411 iS oivotany Suppofted on the back vva11 by the hook portionS, The yoke in cllldeS a croSSbar 40 pivotany held by the hook poftionS, and Side aflnS 42 Which rotatably SUppoft the hnbS at the oI1te1^ endS of the affnS. The hubs inc111-de invvaTdly ex tending TinS 44 vhich are feceived vithin the 11S11al coTe tube of a To11 4G of paper tovveling of othef Sheet InatefiaL The riInS ffictionally engage the inner SUT face of the cofe tube, So that the roll iS Totatably SuS pended by the yoke aTmS, The back wan 211 also inc1ndes a pair of Uppef keyhole type n1ounting S1otS 48 adiacent to the Tespective hook portion openingS 3o, and thTee Inounting slots 5@ in the 1oweT half of the WaH.

The Suppoft plate 24 of each side Wal1 22 iS pfovided with a cifcular nlonnting opening 52 in its upper front poftion, and a fectangular opening adjacent to the bottom wall 18. An inwafdly and fotwardly eXtending SpTing n1ount s iS StaInped ffon the Side plate and leaves a corfeSpondingly Shaped opening theTein. A retaining ange 58 iS St ffoIn the Su )poTt plate at its upper 11a1 gin leaving a coffeSponding TeceSS thefein, and the ange eXtends inwardly perpendiculaT to the SUppoTt p1ate.

fefefTing to FIGS. 4, 5 and eSpeciany 111, a pa ef guide eleInent oo is nounted on the bottoIn va11 18 and extendS ffoII1 one Suppoft plate 24 of a side vvall 22 to the opposite suppoft plate, The guide elenfent is spaced foT- vVardly ffoIn the back vvall 2@ and fofn1S fhe ffont boundafy of the Stub fo11 fecepfacle 33- The guide element also defines a delivefy Zone of coInpaftInent on the oppoSite of ffont Sfde thefeof, in vvhich the de1ivefy appafatuS 1o is IIloI1nted. The g11ide ele1Tlent iS conStfucfed in ono piece of Sheet ffleta1 of othef Suitable Inafefial. If in cludes a guide plate oZ cofnfnencing at an uppSf ond thefeof With a downwardl and fearvvardl inclined Section An arCnate Section oo extends downwafdl and fofvafdly thefefl-on1. The plate tefIninafeS in a fevefsely c11fved lip oS, Which oxtendS dovVnvvafdly iI1 ffont of the fofWafd edge of the bottolT1 Wan 18 An integfal hoff Zontal Shouldef of 1edge 70 eXtendS eafvvafd1y ffom the inclined Section o4 at the top of the guide plafe. Tvo hofiZontal Sup oft StfipS 72 eXtend integfally ffon1 the feaf of the shouldef 70, adiacent to the feSpective suppoft plafes Z4p A veftical bafHe plate 74 eXtendS integfaHy ffoln fhe feaf of the Shouldef 70, acfoSS the ffan1e ffoln one SL1 )off Stfi 72 to t he othef, as seen in FIGS. 4 and A guafd elenlent 76 iS fnounted in the delivefy zone at the ffont of the ffaIne 1Z and extendS between the side vvall SU poft plateS 24, on the ffont side of the guide elefnent 60 and Spaced thefeffofn. The guafd e1efflent incllldes an Upvvafdly and feafvvafdly inclined guafd p1ate of paftition 78 having integfal Upsfanding tabS 80 on eithef Side Secufed fo the feSpective side vvaH SUppoft p1ateS 24. The feaf fnafgina1 Section of the gnafd p1ate is bent upwafdly and slotted to pfovide inclined integfal fectangulaf guafd fingefS 84 in aligned Spaced felation thefealong. The uafd plate is Spaced above the bottoIn wall 18 and the lowef poftionS of the guide plate oZ, and itS feaf fnafgin is spaced fofvvafdly ffom the Uppef SeC tion 64 of the guide plate. A Hange 8Z iS infegfa1 With the guafd plate and extendS upwafdly thefeffoIn along itS ffont edge. The guafd plate 7 8 and the gI1ide plate oZ togethef ffon1 a InoveInent path 86 fof conducting Sheet Inatefia1 out of the diS enSef.

Iefeffing especially to FIGS, 9 and 10, a clltting ele Inent 88 is Inounted on the lovvef side of the guafd plate 78 along itS feaf fnafginal Section, The cutting elefnent incllldes a stfip 90 Secufed fo the gIlafd plate, and an in togfal kni-fe b1ade Z depending thefeffom below the guafd fingefS 84 and slightly inclined to the feaf. The knife blade includes a plllfality of Saw teeth conlpoSed of Shoft teeth 9 and Spaced apaft 1ong teeth o The teeth afe fegu1afly affanged along the blade vvith the Shoft teeth affanged in paifS of adjacont teeth and a long tooth foHowing each paif of shoft teeth. The knife blade Z extontS SubStantiany cofnp1etely acfoSs the ffafne in Spaced felafion fo fhe uppef inclined Section o4 of the guide late. The two fofn1 a felatively naffow downwafdl di fecited channel 98 conStituting the initial poftion of the movement path 86, fof downwafd movement of Sheet ITlatefial thefebetveen The downwafd and feafvafd in c1ination of the llppef gnide plate section 64 iS gfeatef than the coffesponding inclination of the knife blade 9Z, So that the Sides of the fesulting channe1 98 divefge in the difection of Inovement of Sheet Inatefial, fof a puf poSe descfibed SubSequent1y. The knife blade iS affanged fof the usef to pun Sheet fflatefial outvvafdly thefeffoIn in a diefent difection, placing the fnatefial undef ten Sio1, fof Sevefing a len gth of Inatefia1 thefeby.

1efeffing especiany to FIGS. 4, and 11-1S, a dfivo follef aSSen1bly 100 is Inounted on the side vva11 Suppoft plates 24 and extendS acfoSS the ffaIne 12 in the delivefy zone above the guafd elefnent 76. The aSSefnbly includeS a cylindfical dfive fod 102 Which tefIT1iIlateS at one end i11 a stub Shaft 104 of feduced (1ia'fnetef, and at the othef end in a tubulaf poftion having an intefnal cylindfical cavity 106. The tub111af end teffninateS if1 a paif of he11cally cut clutch poftionS 108. IUbbef tffeS 110 of the like afe nXedly Secufed on the fod 102 in oqui-diSfanfly S aced felation thefealong. The aSSefnbly includeS a cfank 112 having a handle 114 and a Shaft poftion 11o.

f The Shaft poftion iS feceived Within the Cavity 10o in the fod 102. A tfansVBfSe hole 118 is pfovided in the Shaft poftion, and a clutch pin 120 is feceived thefein in ffic tional engageInent. A coInpfeSSion coil clutch spfing 122 is Inonnfed afonnd the Shaft 1)oftion 11o, betvveen a paif of waShefS 124. A ffiction coil bfale spfing 1Zo having a hook end 12 iS InoUnted afound the dfive fod 102, adjacent to thc efld having the stub Shaft 104. A Sleeve beafing 130 iS 1ocated at each end of the aS Senbly fof InoUnting pufpoSes. one beafing is Inounted on the stllb Shaft 104, and the othef beafing is fnounted on the Shaft poftion 11o of the cfank, Each beafing iS con1poSed of tvvo identical ongitudinal Sections 132, each of vvhich conStituteS one-half of the beafing, aS deScfibed in detail he1 einaftef. The beafin g sectionS afe SecLIfed togethef by Split fingS 134.

. The dfive follef asSenb1y is fotafably nloUnted on fhe Side Wa11 Sup oft plates 24. The dfive fonef coInpfiS ing the dfive fod 102, the Cfank 112, and the tifeS is ioufnaHed at opposite endS in the su poft plate mount ing openingS 2. A Sleeve beafing iS diSpoSed in each n1ounting opening and infefpoSed betWeen the stub Shaft 10 of the cfank Shaff poffion 11o, as the caSe Tnay be, and the SUffounding suppoft plate 24 aut the coffe- Sponding side of the ffan1e 12.

zS Seen in Ff(S. 4, S and 8, the dfive follef asSeInbly 100 is ffloUnfed ovef the feaf edge of the guafd plate 78, belovv a fon 46 of the Sheet fnatefial suppofted by the yoke aSSefnbly 38 and S aCed ffofn the folL and diSpoSed a Shoft diStance fofvvafd1y of the centef of aXfS of the folL The foHef aSSeInbly iS affanged vVifh the tifeS 110 eXtending into the S aCeS befween fhe gllafd ngefS 84. The hook end 128 of the bfake Spfing 126 depends ffom the fod 102 and iS hooked ovef the 1owef edge of the knife blade 92, aS Seen in FG. 10. The clutch spfing 122 biaSeS the clutch pin 120 against the tubUlaf end of the dfive fod 102, fof engagefnent of the pin vvith one of the c1[Itch poffions 108. vhen fhe cfank 1ZZ iS tufned in the clockvvise difecton, as viewed in FIG. 8, the dfive fod and the tifes thefeon ufn in the Sanle difection. In fhe event that the cfank iS tUfned in the oppoSite difection, the ClLltch pin fides ovef fhe clotch poftionS, and fhe bfake Spfing 1Zo pfeventS the dfive fod ffofn tufning Refeffing paftiCU1afly to FIGS, S and 10, an idlef foHef aSSen1bly is novab1y Inounted in the delivefy zone on the gUide elen1ent o0, Which coope-fateS With the Side WaH SUppoff plateS 24. The aSSefnb1y includeS a cylindfical idlef of pinch foHef foZ fnounted above and neaf to the uppef guide plate secfion 64 and fhe Shouldef 70, and n1ovable of shiftable felative thefeto. The idlef follef includeS infegfal StLlb Shaft I)()ffionS 164 exfending ffoIn opposite endS thefeof Iesilient InoUnting IneanS afe pfovided fof yieldably holding the id1ef foHef againSt the tifeS 110 of the dfive fo11ef, With the follef aXeS paf al1el and SubStantia1ly lying in one hofizonfal plane. The nounting n1eanS inclUdes holdefS of beafing blocks loo at fespective endS of the idlef foHef loZ. The holdefs pfefefably afe conStfL1cfed of a plaStic beafing n1atefial such aS nylon, but hey fnay be consffucted of othef ffafefiaL Each holdef haS a tfanSvefSe gfoove 168 on one end, and each gfoove feceiveS one of the idlef fo1lof StIlb ShaftS 1o4 fotatably thefein A loIlgitlldinal bofe 170 iS pfovided in the opposite end of each holdef, and it feceives one end of a coil cofnpfession Spfing 172 thefein. The opposite end of the spfing is feceived afound the ffee end of he spfing n1ount o, to hold the Spfing in place. The holdefs afe Slidable on the Suppoft StfipS 72 vhile fofatably Suppoffing the idlef follef, Inoving fofWafdly and feafvvafd1y thefeon. The holdefs afe fufthef l1eld in p1ace by the adjacent Suppoft plateS 24 and the fetaining anges 58 eXte11ding ovef fhe holdefs, vvhich paffS fofn1 inwafdly opening channelS vith the Sup off StfipS. The feSulfing Shifting of the idlef foHef iS acconlnTodated by the gI1ide elefnent Shouldef 70 below one Side wan 102 of the caSing 14 is n1Ounted on each beafing 130, being Suppofted on the nlinof diaIffetef gfooved section fofned by the poftionS 214, With itS Side wall poftionS afoUnd each pivot o ening 190 beafing thefeon. The Suffounding Side wall poftions afo fecoived betvveen the Second and thifd body poftions 212 and 210 of each beafing 130, vVhich body poftions have gfeafef diaffletefS of thicknesSes than the diaInefef of the piVof openingS 190. The CaSing and the beafings afe pfevenfed ffon1 noving felative to each othof axially of the beafingS by this conStfnction, vVhile the caSing is pivotally n10Vable cifoun1fefentiaHy of the boafingS. The intefengagelnent of the caSing and the beafingS alSo lin1itS inward fnove n1ent of the beafingS in the suppoft plate fnounting open ingS 52. ()utwafd fnovefnent of t he beafingS iS lifnited by the Split fingS 134, Which oxtend fadiany outwafdly ffom the bearingS beyond the pefiphefies of tho n1ounting open ings 52. 118 Seen in FIGS. 5 and 11, the beafings pfo vide StopS fof the dfive fod 102 and the clutch Spfin 122 at TeSpective oppoSite endS of the dfive foHef aSSen1 bly, to inSufe effective cllltching 1efeffing eSpeciany to FI(}S. and lS, the dfive follef aSSen1bly 100, the idlef fo1lef aSSe111bly 100, and the CaSing 14 afe feadily aSSofnbled on the ffanTo 12 and diSaSSen1bled in the foHoWing Inannef. The con1pfesSion Spfings 172 afe n1ounted on the spfing fnonnts 50 and in- Sefted into the bofeS 170 of the holdef 100. The idlef follef stub shaftS 104 afe inSefted into the feSpective holdef gfooveS 108, to coInp1ete the idlef follef aSSeIT1bly.

The suppoft plate n1ounting openings 52 afe affanged to fegiStef vvith the casing Side vvall pivot openingS 100, as inuStfated in FIGS. 14 and lS. The naffow end of each beafing 130, at the coffeSponding ends 200 of the beafing halveS, is collapSed on its feceSSed Side edge pof tions 2020, aS i1lllStfated in FIG. 14. The feSu1ting feduc tiofl in Width of dian1etef in the beafing end aofdS Sui cient cleafance So that the end Inay be inSefted fifst thfoflgh a Inounting opening 52 and then thfongh a pivot opening 190. The fninof diafnetef gfooved Section pfovided by the gfooved poftionS 214 iS feceived in the pivot opening. Sini1afly, the tfanSvefSe beafing Section pfovided by the Second body poIfions 212 is feceived in the n1ounting opening 52. When the beafing halveS afe fetfIfned to theif nofmal poSitionS, vvith the planaf edge poftions Z of the fespective halveS lying 11at on each othef, the beaf ing is in itS asSefnbled poSition as illuStfated in FI(}. lS. Both beafingS 130 afe Inounted in the san1e n1annef.

The dfive fod 102, beafing the tifes 110 and having the bfake Spfing 12o fnoUnted thefeon, iS nlounted in the beafings 130 by 1ifst inSefting the Stub shaft 10 of the fod ffofn within the ffafne into the lefthand beafing as vieWed in FIG. s. The cfank shaft 110 then is inSefted thfough the fighthand beafing ffofn without.

The vvashofS 124 With the cltlfch spfing 122 thefobe tvveen afe Inounted on the innef of the cfank Shaft, Which iS then inSefted into the dfive fod cavity 106. The cllltch pin 120 iS inSefted into the hole 110 in the cfank shaft, between the vaShef and Spfing aSSeInbly and the c111tCh poftions 108. The bfake spfin hook end 123 iS hooked ovef tho lovvef edge of the knife blade 02, betvveon tv/o of its teeth. With the Split fingS 134 in place on the beafings, the delivefy appafatus 16 aS aSSefnbled and feady fof use. The moving paffS thefeof Inay be disassofnbled sin1ply by pulling the clutch pin 120, unhooking the bfake spfing efld 128, and vvithdfavVing the pafts. To feInove the beafings 130, the split fings 134 afe fen1oved, and the beafings afe Withdfavvn thfoI1gh the vVall openings by fevefSing the ITlaflipfllationS illIStfated in FIGS. 14 and 1 The opefation of the dispenSef 10 nlay be Seen on fefef once to FIGS. 610. vvith the casing cloSed, aS iHuStfated in FIGS. 1 and 2, the cfank 112 iS tUfned in the c1ock vvise difection, as vieWed in FIGS. 7 and 8. The sheet n1atefial 174 ffoffl the fI111 fo11 40, and vvhefe applicable, the sheet n1atefial 170 ffoff the stub foll 32, pfevioUSly insefted betvveen the dfive follef aSSeInbly 100 and the idlef follef asSefflbly 100, iS dolivefed downvvafdly ffoln between the foIlofS. The Inatefial entefs the divefgent channel 98 between the knife blade 92 and the uppef uide late section 4, and tfavels downwafdl thefein. The difection of fnovon1ent is changed and the n1atefial is guided fofwafdly in tho ff1oveInent path by tho afcuafe Uide Plate soction 60 and the guafd Plate 78. Ma tefial iS pfoventod ffon1 paSSing betWoen the botfofn of the dfive follef aSSen1bly and the uppef Sido of the guafd fate by the flafd fingefs 84. The pfoxin1ity of the idlef follof 102 and tho guide olefnent Shou1def 70 Pfovont paSSage of nTatefia1 betWeen then1.

Sheet lT1atefia1 iSSueS ffoff1 the diSpensef betvveen the lip 00 along the fofwafd mafgin of the guide plate and the lip on the casing ffont va11 184. The uSef gfasps the ffee end of the Sheet fnatefial, and puHS to place the 111atefial undof tenSion acfoSS the cuffing edge of the kflife b}ade 2 and thefeby Sevef a length of ITlateTial. The fe- SffCtod diSpenSing opening fovided by the lipS 08 and 18 lin1ifS the angleS of difectionS in Which the Sheet fna fefial nTay be pnHed ffon1 the knife blade, to those encoff1- paSSed by the UppefnloSt and 1ovvefn1oSt poSitiof1S i1111S tfafed by two typeS of bfoken linoS 174 in FI(}. 7. The uSer n1ay ull the end u wafdly, downwafdly, of outwafd ly, and in. any event, the knife blade 92 vvil1 effectively Sevef the lTlafefial thefea1ong. The constfuction of the cofting edge to fovide Shoft teeth 94 and long teeth 00 Spaced along the edge coopefateS to pfovide effecfive cut ting of teafing even at the fnaXifnI1fI1 angle to the blade of lovvest poSition of the Sheet fIlatefial being puned, i.e., vVhen it iS puHed downWafdly ffoIn the dispenSef.

I aI)ef tovVel dispenSefs and the like neceSSafily afe Inounted in vafiolls places vvhefe they cannot be watched of all tiffles. ConSequently, they afe Subiect to tafII efing and actS of vandaliSn1 by individuals. one tfouble- Sofne pfoblem iS that cauSed by pefSonS St11111ng the fna tefiaI being diSpenSed back into the dispensef thfough the fnovefnent path 00, so that the fnatefial fnay becofne vvedged in the diSpenSef, pfevent fnfthof dispensing, and poSSibly Caf1Se additional fouling. The divefgent con- Stfuction of the channe1 08 (FIG. 10) foffned vvith the knife blade 2 functionS to fniniInize the poSSibility fof iafnn1ing in thiS Way at a felatively inacceSSible locafion. ThUS, the channel vVidenS away ffom the follefS, so that the fofco in1Pafted to the Sheet IIlafofial in deliveTing the San1e Will ffequently be S1lfcient to dislodge papef ffon1 Vithin the channel. In addition, as descfibed above, the tenSion of the idlef follef nlounting SpfingS 172 is pfede teffnined So that if exceSSive feSiStance to delivefy Should be encountefed, the follefS vvill slip on the Sheet Inatefial thefebetvveen, and no n1ofe fnatefial vvi11 be fofced below tho follofS to aggfavate the pfobleIn.

As the Sheet mafefial iS uSed, the siZe of the femain ing fo11 nlay be detef`n1ined ffon1 time to tifne by1ooking thfough one of the viovving SlofS 180. The foll iS fe laced at any tiITe aftef it is feduced t0 a ceftain size, vVhich iS abont 2 incheS in dian1efof of leSS vvith one fon of papef toweling in cofnInon uSe, fleaSufing aboflt 6 incheS in diafnetef when fulL The Stub f()ll 32 is placed on the botton1 WaH 18, aS Shown in F1C. 8, and a fun TOH 40 is fnofInted on the yoke asseInbly 30 With itS ffee end inseffed between the follefS vvith the Inatofia1 ffofn the St11b foll. Tllefeaftef, double thickneSS IengthS of fnatefial including nfafefial ffom both fons afe dispenSed until the StIlb foH is consunled, When Singlo thickneSS lengths afo diSponSed once fnofe.

The invention thus pfovideS SigniCant ilnpfoveITlentS in a Sheet Inatefial dis enSef and cofnponents thefeof. The diSpenSef iS Sifnple and econofnica1 in constfuction and uSe, afld offeCtiVe and feliable in opefation. Thefe afo but fevV n1oVing paffS, f1ich Undefgo felative1y liftle vveaf, and they may be aSSefnbled and diSaSSefnb1ed eaSily and fapidly. 1 fLI1tiple fnnctionS afe peffoffned by stfuctufal Con1poflentS vhich nlay be fabfiCated in one piece ffom sheet fnetal of ofhef Suitable InatefiaL tefial may be puHed from said knife blade being Hmed thereby to directionS in which the natefial is Sevefed by the knife blade.

5. A dispenSe1 for roHed sheet mateTia1 Which con1- pTises a fraIne including a baSe, an UpvvaTdly eXtending guide IneTnber on Said baSe inclUding a gnide plate Sur n1Ounted by a bafe, said guide Inen1ber denning a delivery Zone on one Side thereof and a Tece tacle including Said baSe on the opposite side thefeof Said feceptacle being adapted for containing a stub Toll of Sheet Inatefial Totatably reSting on Said baSe, Sheet n1aterial delivery IneanS on Said ffaIne in said delivefy zone, IneanS for Totatably Suppofting a full roll of Sheet Inatefial on Said ffame in spaced Telation above Said delivery Ineans and Said guide membef, Whereby Sheet matefial from a fun To11 and a st11b Ton snpported in said ways SiInnltaneously Tnay be suppHed to Said deliveTy IneanS from above foT delivery thereby With Sheet Inaterial from the stub roll being guided theTeto by Said bae, Said guide plate being diSpoSed adiacent Said deHvefy nleanS theTebelow f()T con ducting Sheet material theTeffom in a Inovement path leading Out ()f the diSpense1, a knife blade intefn1ediate the endS of said movement path and Spaced ffom Said guide plate and the two foTnTing the Sides of a channel for InoveInent of sheet Inateria1 therebetvveen in a given direction, Said knife blade being affanged fof the 11Sef t() pun Said sheet InateTial outvvardly thereffoIn in a diffeTent difection foT severing a length of n1aterial thereby, and nleans fofIning a TeStricted deliVery opening at the onteT end of said InoveInent path, the directionS in which said sheet nlaterial may be puned from Said knife blade being liInited theTeby to difections in which the nlateTia1 is severed by the knife blade.

6. diSpenser fo Tolled sheet Inatefial which com- )riSes a ffaIne including a baSe, an upvVardly eXtending gnide n1en1ber on Said baSe including a gnide plate sUrfnounted by a bae, Said gL1ide Inen1bef dening a delivery zone on one Side thereof and a Teceptacle inclllding Said baSe on the op oSite Side theTeof, Said Teceptacle being adapted for containing a StI1b foH of sheet Inatefial Totatably resting on said baSe, Sheet Inateria1 doliveTy IneanS on Safd fTaIne in Said delivefy Zone, said guide plate being dispoSed adiacent said de1iveTy n1eanS thefebelow for condHcting Sheet InateTial therefToIT1 in a In0ve nent path leading 011t of the diSpenSeT, and Ineans fof rotatably suppoTting a full ro11 of Sheet n1 aterial on Said fraIne in S aCd felation above said delivery n1eans and Said gnide member, WheTeby Sheet matefial ffon1 a fuH Toll and a stub ToH Suppofted in said ways sinlultaneouSly Inay be Supplied t0 Said delivery n1eanS ffoII1 above fof deHvery thefeby With Sheet n1ateTial from the Stub TOH being guided thereto by Said bame ReferenceS Ced by he Examinet UNITED STATES PATENTS Re. 17 09Z 10/1928 MarcuSe ZZS3Z X LZ07 958 12/1916 McMuTtrie Z4856 X L408 499 3/19ZZ caSteTHne et al ZZS4l X Z Z1S 0SZ 9/1940 Price et a1 2ZS46 X Z Z88 33Z 6/194Z Steinef et al. ZZ 46 X 2,398,041 4/1946 RusSeH.

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