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Publication numberUS3220613 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 30, 1965
Filing dateApr 6, 1964
Priority dateApr 6, 1964
Publication numberUS 3220613 A, US 3220613A, US-A-3220613, US3220613 A, US3220613A
InventorsPalmer Roger S, Strauss Stuart M
Original AssigneePalmer Roger S, Strauss Stuart M
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Remote control holder and actuator
US 3220613 A
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Nov. 30, 1965 R. s. PALMER ETAL 3,220,513


United States Patent 3,220,613 REMOTE CONTROL HOLDER AND ACTUATOR Roger S. Palmer, 480 Hulls Highway, Southport, Conn., and Stuart M. Strauss, 534 Hillside Ave, Alpine, NJ. Filed Apr. 6, 1964, Ser. No. 370,746 3 Claims. (Cl. 222174) This invention relates to a support and activator for pressurized spray containers and more particularly to a device for retaining and activating a pressurized spray container operable from a remote location.

Aerosol spray containers have found wide application as containers for such varied uses in insecticide sprays, fire extenguishers, chemicals, paints, and tree wound dressings, to name but a few. Such containers have found wide acceptance where their contents can be directed to a target within access of the reach of the user thereof. However, in many instances its use has been greately curtailed since access to the target is out of reach of the user, as, for example, great heights, or narrow inaccessible areas.

It is therefore an object of the present invention to provide means for supporting a pressurized spray container, and activating means associated therewith which would permit its use at distances greater than the reach of the user thereof.

Another object herein is the provision of means for supporting and activating a pressurized spray container at heights substantially greater than can be negotiated by a user, and within narrow inaccessible areas which cannot be reached by a user thereof.

size is entirely limited in its use.

It is therefore another object of the present invention to provide means for adjusting a pressurized container support and activator to accommodate cans of varying dimensions with respect to its height, girth and dome dimensions.

'In accomplishing the above and further objects and ad- 'vantages of the present invention, there is provided adjustable retaining means for securing a pressurized container in an upright position. Activating means are provided in conjunction with said retaining means which is adapted to become operable at a distance from the container at the desire of the operator. Provision is further made for securing said device to a standard or pole to appreciably increase the normal reach of the user and thus enable the container and its contents to be focused upon a target at a height or distance normally not heretofore attainable. Provision is additionally made for positioning and utilizing an aerosol container at distances upon a horizontal plane which again is normally unattainable by the user thereof.

The above and further objects, advantages and inventive characteristics of the present invention will be apparent to those versed in the art from the following description of the present invention as illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which like reference characters refer to like parts in the several views and in which:

FIG. 1 is a view in perspective showing the device according to the present invention in which a pressurized container is utilized in conjunction therewith;

FIG. 2 is an elevational view in cross-section of the device shown in FIG. 1; and

FIG. 3 is a view of the device shown as utilized in a horizontal position.

3,220,613 Patented Nov. 30, 1965 ice Referring now to the drawings, the device 10 according to the present invention is comprised of a vertical channelled bracket member 11, provided with vertical side flanges 11a, 11b and having an upper vertical slot 12 and a lower longitudinal slot 13. Slidably aflixed to said member 11 within vertical slot 12, there is provided a downwar-dly disposed lateral flange lip member 14 adapted to be vertically adjusted within slot 12 by securing means such as a bolt 15 and nut 16.

Medially along bracket member 11 there is provided a lateral flange 17 struck from bracket 11 and substantially at right angles thereto. Said flange 17 is provided with an aperture 18 adapted to receive an elongated threaded bolt 19 therethrough. Retaining means, such as a pin 20, is passed through the girth of bolt 19 at the undersurface of flange 17 so as to secure bolt 19 against withdrawal therefrom and to effect a downward movement of the sliding assembly comprising an L-shaped angle flange 21 and an upwardly and angularly disposed lateral flange 25, when bolt 19 is rotated counterclockwise to release its grip on bead 51 as presently to be described.

A substantially L-shaped angle flange 21 is slidably secured to bracket 11 along the outer surface thereof within longitudinal slot 13 by the provision of a bolt 22 and nut 23. The horizontal portion of the L angle flange 21 is further provided with an internally threaded aperture 24 in alignment with aperture 18 of flange 17 and is adapted to receive therethrough threaded bolt 19. Thus the flange 21 becomes a sliding assembly when screw 19 is turned. Disposed upon the inner surface of bracket 11 and retained by bolt 22 and nut 23 there is provided an upwardly and angularly disposed flanged lip member 25 adapted to retain a container 50 presently to be described.

At the uppermost portion of bracket -11 there is provided a horizontal lever 30 hingedly secured to bracket 11 by a pivot pin 31 passing through an eye 32 of lever 30,

and aperture 33 of bracket 11. Horizontal lever 30 is of upper circumferential bead 52 which is secured by flange 14. The conventional nozzle mechanism 53 is positioned so as to be in contact with the undersurface of lever 30. In order to effect the required positioning of container 50, lateral flange 14 may be adjusted as required so as to compensate for varying sizes of the dome portion 54 of container 50. By rotating bolt 19 the L-shaped flange 21 is carried upwardly, carrying with it upwardly and angularly disposed flange 25 so as to create a vise-like securement of container 50 along the circumferential head 52. An operating cord 55 secured to an eye 56 at the outer end of lever 30 effects actuating of the nozzle mechanism 53 when a downward pull is applied to lever 30 by cord 55.

Bracket 11 is provided with a plurality of apertures 26 through which screws 27 are adapted to pass for securement to a pole 28 of the conventional type, but not restricted to any particular cross-sectional configuration such as round, square or the like.

It will be evident from the foregoing that any target desired to be reached will be dependent upon the length of pole 28.

In order to effectuate reaching an inaccessible target upon a horizontal plane, there is provided a horizontal lever 60 secured to pole 28 at the bottom of bracket 11. At the outer end of lever 60, an eye 61 is provided through which operating cord 55 passes so as to maintain the container 50 in an upright operating position.

Where it is desired to utilize the device 10 of the present invention, vertical bracket member 11 is secured to pole 28 at right angles thereto. The provision of lever 60 will enable operation of the nozzle mechanism 53 from a position at right angles thereto.

It will be noted that the side flanges 11a and 11b of vertical bracket member 11 prevent lateral movement of the container 50 when secured within said bracket 11.

his to be understood that although the present invention has been described and shown in the drawings with respect to one embodiment, it is to be noted that various modifications and adaptations may be made without constituting a departure from the spirit and scope of the invention as herein described and defined. For example, the sliding assembly comprising the L-shaped angle flange 21" and upwardly disposed lateral flange 25 may be fabricated as a single piece and may assume a substantially squared S configuration, the upper arm of said S-shaped member serving as the L-shaped angle flange 21, the lower arm of said S-shaped member serving as the upwardly disposed lateral flange 25, and the medial portion thereof adapted to be slidably aflixed within slot 13.

We claim:

1. A remote control holder and actuator for a pressurized spray container having a valve mechanism at the top thereof to control the discharge of the contents therefrom comprising:

(a) an elongated vertical bracket member having an upper vertical slot and a lower longitudinal slot;

(b) actuating means hingedly secured at one end thereof to said bracket member at the top thereof, said means being in contact with the valve mechanism of said container;

(c) remote triggering means secured to said actuating means at the opposite end thereof for activating said actuating means;

((1) adjustable securing means slidably affixed to said bracket member within the slots thereof for fixedly securing a container therebetween;

said adjustable means comprising:

(1) a downwardly disposed slidable flange member disposed in abutting relationship with said bracket along the inner surface thereof, and having an aperture in alignment with said vertical slot;

(2) a bolt member extending through said slot and aperture for securement of said downwardly disposed flange to said bracket;

(3) a horizontal flange having an aperture therethrough extending from said bracket medially therealong;

(4) an upwardly disposed slidable flange member disposed in abutting relationship with said bracket along the inner surface thereof, and having an aperture in alignment with said longitudinal slot;

(5) an L-shaped angle member having apertures in the vertical and horizontal portions thereof and disposed in abutting relationship with said bracket along the outer surface thereof, and in alignment with said upwardly disposed flange;

(6) a bolt member extending through said slot in the vertical portion of said L-shaped bracket through the longitudinal slot and. through the aperture of said upwardly disposed flange; and

(7) tension locking means extending through the aperture of said horizontal flange and the aperture of said L-shaped angle member in the horizontal portion thereof;

(e) an elongated pole member;

(f) guide means secured to said bracket member at the bottom thereof adapted to initiate said triggering means from a position at right angles to said container; and

(g) means for aflixing said bracket member at the bottom thereof at right angles to said pole member at the top thereof.

2. A remote control holder and actuator according to claim 1, wherein said tension locking means comprises an elongated threaded bolt member.

3. A remote control holder and actuator according to claim 2, wherein said guide means comprises a horizontal member fixedly secured to said bracket member at one end thereof; said horizontal member having an aperture at the other end thereof to receive said triggering means therethrough.

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